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This list of the tallest buildings in South America ranks skyscrapers in order by height. South America has historically seen a relatively modest demand for skyscrapers. Most of the continent's high-rises are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Venezuela, and the tallest buildings are located in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Caracas, Montevideo and Bogota, all of which are the biggest financial centers of these countries.

The majority of the continent's tallest buildings are residential. Office buildings have not historically been built taller than residential buildings in the region, though this scenario may well change in the next decades, as South America has been experiencing substantial economic growth.

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Ranking criteria and buildings

The first skyscrapers of at least 100 metres (330 ft) height in South America were built in the 18920s, and included the Palacio Barolo in Buenos Aires, the Palacio Salvo in Montevideo, the Martinelli Building in São Paulo.

Alternative lists of high buildings are maintained by the nongovernmental US organization Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. These lists, first defined and compiled in 1996, rank buildings in four categories: height of structural or architectural top; height of highest occupied floor; height to the top of roof; height to top of any part of the building. Currently Parque Central Torre tops all categories except highest point, where the Torre Colpatria is highest, and height of highest occupied floor, which goes to the El Faro towers.

In the 1990s, local and foreign investment lead in a massive regeneration effort, recycling and refurbishing the west side warehouses into elegant houses, offices, lofts, private universities, luxurious hotels and restaurants that conform to a gallery of options for this new district in a city that grew up turning its back to the river. State-of-the-art multiplex cinemas, theatres, cultural centres, luxurious hotels and office and corporate buildings are located mostly in the east side. Puerto Madero breathes international flair, one of the new trendy barrios of Buenos Aires, it has become habitat of young professionals and there is an increasing interest as a destination for foreign buyers, particularly those with high income who are looking for premium properties.

Tallest skyscrapers by architectural detail

Name Image Location Country Height
ft / m
Floors Year
Torre Gran Costanera Render03nocturna4rj.jpg Santiago  Chile 300 m
985 ft
70 2012
BD Bacatá Bd bacata.jpg Bogotá  Colombia 240 m
66 2013
Parque Central Torre Parque Central tower2.jpg Caracas  Venezuela 225 m
738 ft
56 1979
Hotel Único Buenos Aires Buenos Aires  Argentina 250 m
722 ft
66 2012
Torre Colpatria Bogota-christmas-2005.jpg Bogota  Colombia 192 m
630 ft
50 1979
Titanium La Portada Titanium La Portada - Abril 2009.jpg Santiago  Chile 191.7 m
629 ft
52 2009
Centro de Comercio Internacional Bogotaview.jpg Bogota  Colombia 190 m
623 ft
50 1974
Centro Financiero Confinanzas[1] Caracas  Venezuela 190 m
623 ft
44 1994
Company Business Towers São Paulo  Brazil 189 m
620 ft
47 2011
Cali Tower Torre de Cali 1.jpg Cali  Colombia 183 m
600 ft
44 1980
Banco Mercantil[2] Mercantil torre.jpg Caracas  Venezuela 179 m
587 ft
40 1982
Torre Coltejer Coltejer-Medellin.jpg Medellín  Colombia 175m
574 ft
37 1972
Torre Renoir II Buenos Aires  Argentina 175 m
574 ft
49 2010
Torre Cavia Lpfigueroa.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 173 m
568 ft
48 2008
Ciudadela San Martín Torre Norte Bogota San Martin.JPG Bogota  Colombia 171 m
562 ft
47 1983
Mirante do Vale Mirante do vale Building(by felipe mostarda).JPG São Paulo  Brazil 170 m
558 ft
51 1960
El Faro Towers El Faro 06.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 170 m
558 ft
46 2004
Edifício Itália Itália Building in São Paulo (By Felipe Mostarda).JPG São Paulo  Brazil 165 m
541 ft
45 1965
Costanera Center Torre 2 Santiago  Chile 165 m
541 ft
41 2010
Rio Sul Center Torre RioSul 02.jpg Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 162 m
531 ft
50 1980
Altino Arantes Building Banespa (By Felipe Mostarda).JPG São Paulo  Brazil 161.2 m
529 ft
36 1947
Edificio Avianca Torre Avianca Bogotá.JPG Bogota  Colombia 161 m
528 ft
41 1969
Mulieris towers Torres Mulieris desde Villaflor.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 161 m
528 ft
44 2008
Torre del Café Torre del Café-Medellin.JPG Medellín  Colombia 160 m
525 ft
36 1975
Centro Financiero Provincial[3] Torre Provincial 1.jpg Caracas  Venezuela 160 m
525 ft
40 1984
Repsol-YPF tower Repsol and Riverview towers.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 160 m
525 ft
36 2008
Costanera Center Torre 1 Santiago  Chile 158 m
518 ft
41 2010
Torre Norte Torre Norte.jpg São Paulo  Brazil 158 m
518 ft
38 1999
Begônias Building CidadeJardim.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 158 m
518 ft
41 2008
Jabuticabeiras Building CidadeJardim.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 158 m
518 ft
41 2008
Magnólias Building CidadeJardim.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 158 m
518 ft
41 2008
Resedá Building CidadeJardim.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 158 m
518 ft
41 2008
Telecommunications Tower Torreantel.JPG Montevideo  Uruguay 158 m
518 ft
35 2002
Le Parc tower Torre Le Parc (Palermo).jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 157 m
515 ft
51 1995
Château Puerto Madero Torres Chateau y El Faro.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 155 m
509 ft
48 2009
WTorre São Paulo São Paulo  Brazil 151 m
495 ft
35 2008
E-Tower E-Tower (By Felipe Mostarda).jpg São Paulo  Brazil 150 m
92 ft
39 2005
Birmann 21 Birmann 21 (By Felipe Mostarda).jpg São Paulo  Brazil 149 m
488 ft
24 1996
West Side Barueri  Brazil 147 m
482 ft
37 2008
Sede do BankBoston BankBoston and Hyatt Hotel - by Lucas.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 145 m
475 ft
35 2002
Galicia Central Tower Banco de Galicia Buenos Aires.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 145 m
475 ft
33 2006
Le Parc Puerto Madero Towers Le Parc Puerto Madero.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 145 m
475 ft
37 2007
Jardins do Rosarinho Recife  Brazil 144 m
472 ft
38 2002
Torre Telefónica Chile TorreTelefónicaChile.jpg Santiago  Chile 143 m
469 ft
33 1996
Banco do Brasil Building Avenida Sao Joao, Sao Paulo 2006.jpg São Paulo  Brazil 143 m
469 ft
24 1955
105 Lélio Gama St. Carioca2.JPG Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 143 m
469 ft
40 1980
Libertador 4444 Palermo Panorama.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 142 m
466 ft
46 1993
Alas Building Edificio Alas.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 141 m
463 ft
41 1955
Edifício Santos-Dumont Rio.Flamengo.2.jpg Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 141 m
463 ft
45 1975
Eldorado Business Tower Eldorado Business Tower.jpg São Paulo  Brazil 141 m
463 ft
36 2007
Canarios Building São Paulo  Brazil 141 m
463 ft
40 2008
Yacht Towers Torres del Yacht Noviembre 2009.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 141 m
463 ft
44 2010
Edifício Copan Edificio Copan.jpg São Paulo  Brazil 140 m
459 ft
40 1953
BankBoston Tower Bkb tower 15-11-2005.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 140m
459 ft
33 2001
Capitalinas Towers Córdoba  Argentina 140 m
459 ft
40 2011
Ventura Corporate Tower Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 140 m
459 ft
38 2008
Plaza Centenário PlazaCentenário.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 139 m
455 ft
34 1995
Mandarim Building EdifícioMandarim.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 137 m
449 ft
42 2006
Dolfines Guaraní Torres Dolfines Guaraní.jpg Rosario  Argentina 136 m
446 ft
45 2009
Renoir Alvear Palace Hotel Buenos Aires  Argentina 136 m
446 ft
41 2012
Torre Renoir I Torre Renoir 1.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 135 m
443 ft
41 2007
Barão de Iguape Building 03-11-2008 005"Barão de Iguape Building"( By Felipe Mostarda ).JPG São Paolo  Brazil 133 m
436 ft
37 1959
Château Libertador Residence Construcción de la Torre Chateau.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 133 m
436 ft
40 2008
Martinelli Building EdMartinelli-SP.jpg São Paulo  Brazil 130 m
427 ft
30 1930
Ipiranga 165 Antigohotelhilton.JPG São Paulo  Brazil 130 m
427 ft
36 1968
São Paulo Hilton Hotel Hilton de São Paulo ¹.jpg São Paulo  Brazil 130 m
427 ft
30 1999
Grande São Paulo Building 24-08-2008 009(Felipe Mostarda).JPG São Paulo  Brazil 129 m
424 ft
40 1971
Mercantil Finasa 24-08-2008 009(Felipe Mostarda).JPG São Paulo  Brazil 129 m
424 ft
35 1974
Mirabilia Towers Mirabilia Towers.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 129 m
24 ft
45 2008
Catalinas and Alem Plaza Laminar, Catalinas Plaza, and Alem Plaza.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 127 m
417 ft
32 1996
Marriott Santiago HotelMarriott.jpg Santiago  Chile 127 m
417 ft
49 1999
Centennial Tower Buenos Aires  Argentina 126 m
414 ft
45 2004
Alto Palermo Plaza Towers Blue Sky Las Heras Park.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 126 m
414 ft
35 1995
Demetrio Elíades Building Edificio Demetrio Elíades 1970.JPG Mar del Plata  Argentina 125 m
410 ft
40 1969
Edificio Citibank[4] Caracas  Venezuela 125 m
410 ft
28 1999
Quartier Boulevard Tower Buenos Aires  Argentina 125 m
410 ft
38 2008
Torre Aqualina Torre Aqualina 2008-06-27.jpg Rosario  Argentina 125 m
410 ft
40 2009
Torre CorpBanca[5] Caracas  Venezuela 125 m
410 ft
28 1999
Torre Movilnet[6] Bello Monte, Caracas.jpg Caracas  Venezuela 125 m
410 ft
28 1999
Torre Sindoni[7] Torre Sindoni5.jpg Maracay  Venezuela 125 m
410 ft
30 1999
São Paulo World Trade Center São Paulo  Brazil 124 m
407 ft
26 1966
Torre Alcorta Lpfigueroa.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 123 m
404 ft
29 2008
San Martín 344 Buenos Aires  Argentina 122 m
400 ft
29 2000
Carlos Pellegrini Tower Torre UIA 1975.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 121 m
397 ft
31 1974
Westin Libertador Hotel Lima  Peru 120.8 m
396 ft
30 2010
Kavanagh Building Kavanagh building 15-11-2005.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 120 m
394 ft
30 1936
Libertador 380 Buenos Aires  Argentina 120 m
394 ft
35 1985
Torre Caballito Nuevo Buenos Aires  Argentina 120 m
94 ft
34 2010
Cosmos Building Palacios Cosmos 1970.JPG Mar del Plata  Argentina 119 m
391 ft
38 1964
Bulnes Tower Buenos Aires  Argentina 119 m
391 ft
37 1999
Ruggieri Tower Buenos Aires  Argentina 119 m
391 ft
37 1999
Bellini Tower Buenos Aires  Argentina 116 m
381 ft
37 2007
Punta Divisadero Tower Rosario -Argentina- 09.jpg Rosario  Argentina 115 m
377 ft
37 2002
Quartier Demaria Polo in Palermo.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 115 m
377 ft
30 1996
Manhattan Tower Av buenos aires.jpg Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 114 m
374 ft
33 2000
Chacofi Building Buenos Aires  Argentina 113 m
370 ft
29 1980
Riverview Towers Buenos Aires-Puerto Madero-Hilton-River View.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 112.8 m
369 ft
34 2003
Embarcadero Tower Rosario  Argentina 112 m
367 ft
38 2010
Promenade Palermo Buenos Aires  Argentina 112 m
367 ft
33 2007
Intercontinental Plaza Buenos Aires  Argentina 111 m
364 ft
26 1996
Ángela Tower Cordoba Torre Angela.JPG Córdoba  Argentina 110 m
360 ft
30 1983
Bouchard Tower Torre Bouchard desde Alem.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 110 m
360 ft
30 1994
Catalinas Norte Tower Torre Catalinas Norte.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 110 m
360 ft
30 1975
Torre Intecons Intecons02.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 110 m
360 ft
28 2010
Renaissance São Paulo Hotel Renaissence Hotel ².JPG São Paulo  Brazil 110 m
360 ft
26 1994
Centro Civico de Lima Centro civico-sheraton.jpg Lima  Peru 109 m
357 ft
34 1974
Chocavento Tower Chocavento.jpg Lima  Peru 107 m
351 ft
25 2001
Prourban Tower Buenos Aires - Retiro - Plaza Cataluña - Torre Prourban (Rulero) - 20090829.jpg Buenos Aires  Argentina 107 m
351 ft
29 1983
Wilson Tower Wilson Tower Asunción Py.jpg Asunción  Paraguay 107 m
351 ft
33 1993
Torre La Buenos Aires Torre La Buenos Aires.JPG Buenos Aires  Argentina 105 m
345 ft
31 1987

Notable buildings of São Paulo

São Paulo features a variety of commercial and residential buildings, so there are also many modern buildings such as the Sede do BankBoston and the Torre Norte. These buildings are neighbors because the Torre Norte that was completed in 1999 with the Nações Unidas Complex, and the Sede do BankBoston concluded in 2002 that was part of BankBoston. There are other skyscrapers in Sao Paulo on one of the most modern as the Plaza Centenário , E-tower, Eldorado Business Tower, Birmann 21 and other skyscrapers of South America.

Name Location Year of completion Description
Sede do Bank Boston São Paulo 2002 For now, the most modern building in São Paulo and Brazil.
Birmann 21 São Paulo 1996 2nd most modern building in Brazil, located in Pinheiros, São Paulo.
Plaza Centenário São Paulo 1995 3rd most modern building in Brazil. In 1995 construction completed, making it the 1° skyscraper in Brazil.
E-Tower São Paulo 2005 This building modern in vila olímpia, São Paulo.
Eldorado Business Tower São Paulo 2007 For new building constructed in parking of eldorado shopping, in São Paulo.
Torre Norte São Paulo 1999 Is building for Nações Unidas Complex in São Paulo.

Sede do BankBoston is a great skyscraper located in Brooklyn, near the Marginal Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was inaugurated in 2002, and has 145 meters in height and 35 floors, making it one of the largest skyscrapers in the country. the bankboston logo at the top of the building is 11 meters tall.the bankboston logo at the top of the building was removed in 2006 when banco itau bought the Brazilian unit of bankboston.

Birmann 21 is a skyscraper located in the Marginal Pinheiros, in the region of pine in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Known to harbor the headquarters of Editora Abril, is the sixth tallest building in Sao Paulo, and the 13th highest in Brazil.located on the border of the city's peripheral highway in an area still waiting to be developed, the building establishes a strong statement on the skyline. the northern façade, in contrast to the glazed south one, has a much heavier look due to granite and marble cladding, and smaller windows; a solution to limit cooling needs inside.

Plaza Centenário is a skyscraper city of Sao Paulo located on Avenue of the United Nations, where there was also the construction of several commercial buildings of high standard. The Centennial Plaza building, the facade of metal and glass, is a modern monument and the future. Its 32 floors and 139 meters in height give it prominence even being in a region with other large buildings. Its architect, Carlos Bratke, his work included among the 10 highest buildings in Sao Paulo, in spite of that, with construction of new buildings, today he became the 12th highest in the city, and was also the 34th tallest building of Brazil. In addition to a cyber cafe and an auditorium, on top of the building there is even a helipad. The Centennial Plaza is one of the more "intelligent" buildings in Sao Paulo. Pioneering work in the country, the building received about 40 thousand square meters of aluminum composite panels. The work of 77,500 meters, took eight years to be built.this all-aluminum tower has a nickname "robocop".

E-Tower is a building of offices located in São Paulo Vila Olympia, near the Marginal Pinheiros river. The building was designed by Aflalo & Gasperini and has features that qualify as the last generation [lacks sources?], Both in aspects such as construction of facilities. Under the project, there is still a gap in the program needs and the provision of services available within the building.Despite all these innovations, which drew attention in the first place is the height of the building, with 150 meters, it is the 12th tallest skyscraper in Brazil, and the 5th highest in the city of Sao Paulo. The measure was defined by the traffic corridor of the marginal helicopters - the designers and entrepreneurs wanted more. The creation of a tall tower and slim was one of the requests of the client. To the project structure of reinforced concrete - which articulates the scale of the façade with internal gateways locked into the core - has been used a mockup of the building and volumes of buildings lindeiras to assess, within a tunnel of wind, efforts that the E-Tower suffer with the wind action. These data were also employed in the installation detailing, forfeited, in most cases, the unitised system, with panels vary from 3.75 x 2.5 meters. Although the system is not a novelty in the country, the closings of E-Tower are pioneers, because the panels, in addition to the frames, containing the external coating on plates of granite.

Eldorado Business Tower is a skyscraper located in Rebouças avenue in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The building features a modern structure and well verticalized. It has 141 meters in height and 36 floors.eldorado business tower is a leadership in energy and environmental design (leed) green building. there are eight parking floors on this building, four below ground and four above ground. there is one parking space for each 32m² of office area. connected to shopping eldorado by an elevated footbridge. there is an 24 x 24 m helipad on the roof, capable of receiving aircraft up to 10 tons. six of the 29 elevators will be the fastest in Brazil, reaching speeds of 6 m/s. the tower is composed of a four storey garage building and a 36 storey office tower. the entrance lobby features a 7.1 meter floor to floor height. the municipality granted permission for occupation on October 25, 2007. connected to Shopping Eldorado by a footbridge.

Torre Norte the highest of the resort, is one of the largest buildings in Brazil, with 158 meters in height and 152 thousand m² of built area. Currently, the tower is home to several multinational companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. architects: alberto botti and marc rubin of the 24 elevators, 18 are for the office floors and 5 are for the floors under ground. torre norte is the third tallest building in são paulo. each floor has 1880m² of usable area. the lobby is 7.2 meters high. considered to be one of the most technologically advanced commercial buildings in Latin America. the full height from the 5th level underground to the top of the helipad is 176 meters.

Panoramic the buildings in São Paulo, Brazil.

Hotels & Residences

Mandarim Building, is for a more skyscraper residential of Brazil.
Hotel Hilton de São Paulo, is a more luxury hotel of São Paulo.

São Paulo features two notable luxury hotel and residential complexes: the Mandarim Building and the Hotel Hilton de São Paulo.

Name Location Country Year of completion
Mandarim Building São Paulo  Brazil 2006
Hotel Hilton de São Paulo São Paulo  Brazil 1999

Mandarim Building is the tallest residential building in Sao Paulo. It is the 39th highest in Brazil, and the 13th highest in Sao Paulo. It is located in the district of Itaim Bibi, almost on the verge of Marginal Pinheiros, next to other large buildings in the city.when complete this will be sao paulo's tallest residential building.the same concept of life design was used in its smaller brother Mandarim in rio de janeiro.the building height, from the 3rd floor underground, to the top of the structure is 150 meters. the inauguration ceremony was held on April 27, 2006.the lobby and common areas are finished in polished marble and granite, with hardwood and brass accents.the designing of the tower was closely supervised by the city hall of New York, due to the historical value of the music hall buildings.former United States president bill clinton once planned to rent an office in the building but later changed his mind when he learned that the cheapest office available cost twice as much as he was willing to pay.

Hotel Hilton de São Paulo is for Torre Leste had to be redesigned internally to house a luxury hotel, the Hilton - Morumbi.It is one of the major hotels in the city. Its new headquarters is located in the business center and the United Nations has received distinguished guests such as U.S. President George W. Bush, during whose stay he was transferred to the region's Berrini-Marginal Pinheiros, near the district of Morumbi. It is also the new Hilton São Paulo Morumbi occurring recordings of the series The Apprentice, by Roberto Justus.

The biggest Commercial Complexes of South America

Nações Unidas Complex, is complex more commecial of South America.
Parque Central Complex, is 2° complex more commercial of south America.
Centeco Plaza, is 5° complex more commercial of South America.

In São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Caracas is there are 5 commercials complexes, one of which is the biggest of all is the Nações Unidas Complex, and the second Parque Central Complex, the third São Paulo World Trade Center, the fourth Ventura Corporate Complex , and fifth and final Nacional Complex Tribunal. These are the largest commercial complex in South America.

Name Location Country Year of completion
Nações Unidas Complex São Paulo  Brazil 1999
Parque Central Complex Caracas  Venezuela 1979
São Paulo World Trade Center São Paulo  Brazil 1994
Ventura Corporate Complex Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 2008
Cetenco Plaza São Paulo  Brazil 1975

Nações Unidas Complex is a commercial complex located in the city of Sao Paulo in the suburb of Brooklyn, in the district of Itaim Bibi. It is located between the avenues United Nations and Luis Carlos Berrini, with the main entrance avenue Berrini, currently one of the most valued of São Paulo. It has 277446.18 meters of built area, including shopping center and the towers west, north and east. The project was completed in 1989 just around the years 2000, due to economic problems.

Parque Central Complex towers consist of twin 56-story towers. The buildings are located in Caracas, Venezuela. The towers are the tallest buildings in the country, with a height of 225 m (738 ft).tallest building in caracas and Venezuela, along with its Parque Central Torre Oeste-twin tower .on October 17, 2004, at least ten floors of the building caught fire. the main focus of the fire was in the 34th floor and flames reached the 44th floor of the building. from 2005–2006, the tower was renovated, the structure was reinforced, and new security systems were installed.

São Paulo World Trade Center the construction of the tallest building in Latin America and the developer, Delfino, built the skyscraper complex mainly with his "Constructora Delpre". The public observatory on the 52nd floor is the highest in the city. The tower has 15 elevators which travel at 5 meters per second. 3000 tons of steel and 6000 cubic meters of concrete were used in the tower's construction. During December the lights on the top have the colors of the Colombian flag.

Ventura Corporate Complex in the center of Rio de Janeiro, the avenue between Chile and Lavradio the street in front of the Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro. It was built by Camargo Correa in partnership with Tishman Speyer, who together invested 500 million reais. The building has won the seal green-building, by presenting streamlined and intelligent use of water. Moreover, the special glass provide natural lighting and not so warm inside the building, reducing expenses with chilled air and light. Together with the Ventura Corporate Tower II, the venture will strengthen the corridor's commercial avenues Chile, formed by the BNDES, Petrobras and Caixa Economica Federal. The tower is 140 meters tall, with 36 floors and heliport.

Cetenco Plaza In 1988, with the enactment of the current Constitution, known as the Citizen Constitution, the courts were established Regional Federal - TRFs, aiming to replace and regionalize the jurisdiction of the defunct Federal Court of Appeals, determining that the establishment of its headquarters would be regulated by statutory law (arts. 106 and 107). In sequence, the Constitutional Act of the Transitional Provisions - ADCT created the five TRFs and established the six-month deadline for installing each of them (Article 27, Paragraph 6). Given the constitutional precepts, the TFR edited the Resolution 1 of 06/10/1988, setting the seats and the jurisdictions of the five TRFs. Thus, it is established Regional Federal Court of the Third Region would have its headquarters in Sao Paulo and jurisdiction only over the states of Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul The small jurisdiction, compared to the other TRFs is due to the large volume of cases in the TRF 3, representing 50% of the shares ajuizadas Federal Court in the country. Initially, in 1989 the FRR 3 was installed on the 11th floor of the Forum Minister Pedro Lessa, the body of the first instance of the Federal Court of Sao Paulo. After reforms, the Court was transferred to the city center, the building of Fepasa, located at Rua Libero Badaró. In 1999, in exchange with the Caixa Economica Federal, the FRR 3 rose to occupy the south tower of Cetenco Plaza Building, one of the most vistosos of Avenida Paulista, where he remained since.

Panoramic of buildings in Downtown São Paulo.

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