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In most Theravada countries it is the custom for Buddhists to hold elaborate festivals to honor 29 Buddhas. For example, in various parts of Myanmar, festivals are held to pay homage to 29 Buddhas, especially in the fair weather season. The twenty-eight Buddhas are said to have attained enlightenment from the time Gautama Buddha attained his first definite prophecy (assurance that one will definitely become a Buddha one day) from Dipankara Buddha. Unless as also Gauthama Buddha has preached, there lived innumerable buddhas in the past kappas. According to most Buddhist traditions, Maitreya Bodhisattva is expected to be the next Buddha.

The reclining Buddha image at Wat Suthat in Thailand depicts the spiritual leader on the verge of death.
Standing Buddha, ancient region of Gandhara, northern Pakistan, 1st century AD
The names of 29 Buddhas
Pāli name
1 Taṇhaṅkara
2 Medhaṅkara
3 Saraṇaṅkara
4 Dīpankara
5 Koṇḍañña
6 Maṅgala
7 Sumana
8 Revata
9 Sobhita
10 Anomadassi
11 Paduma
12 Nārada
13 Padumuttara
14 Sumedha
15 Sujāta
16 Piyadassi
17 Atthadassi
18 Dhammadassi
19 Siddhattha
20 Tissa
21 Phussa
22 Vipassi
23 Sikhi
24 Vessabhū
25 Kakusandha
26 Koṇāgamana
27 Kassapa
28 Gautama
29 Maitreya

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