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The following is a list of cities that currently have tram / light-rail systems as part of their public transport system, also listing new systems under construction or planned, where reliable information is available.

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 People's Republic of China

 Hong Kong





Light rail transit systems in Japan

Proposed Light Rail Systems in Japan

 North Korea



 South Korea


  • Keelung – Keelung Light Rapid Transit (proposed)




  • Algiers – scheduled to re-open in 2009 [1]
  • Oran – scheduled to re-open in 2009 [2]


  • Cairo – trams, connects suburb Heliopolis which has tram, another suburb Heluan also has tram, but not connected with Cairo. See Trams in Greater Cairo
  • Alexandriatrams, Alexandria Tram



 South Africa









 Czech Republic

Light rail transit systems in the Czech Republic




Light rail transit systems in France (July 2006)


Light rail transit systems in Germany (Dec. 2006)

Light rail (Stadtbahn or Strassenbahn)





 Isle of Man


Light rail transit systems in Italy (July 2006)






Light rail transit systems in Spain and Portugal



Complete list: [13]



Light rail transit systems in Spain and Portugal (July 2007)







 United Kingdom

For a more extensive list including closed systems, see List of town tramway systems in the United Kingdom

Proposed light-rail systems in United Kingdom

Southampton & Portsmouth - Solent Metro in the Urban South Hampshire





 New Zealand

North America



 United States

Light Rail Transit systems in the contiguous United States

Current and future (under construction) light-rail systems

Proposed light rail or modern-streetcar systems

Heritage streetcar systems



  • Havana to Matanzas - interurban tram

 Dominican Republic

 Puerto Rico

South America




  • Lima – Heritage Tram, see Trams in Greater Lima

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