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Map of metropolitan France

This is a list of places in France having standing links to local communities in other countries. In most cases, the association, especially when formalised by local government, is known as "town twinning" (though other terms, such as "partner towns" or "sister cities" are sometimes used instead), and while most of the places included are towns, the list also comprises villages, cities, districts, counties, etc. with similar links.




Greece Argos, Greece
England Burgess Hill, England
Germany Wendelsheim, Germany
Germany Neubiberg, Germany
England Penkridge, England
Germany Windberg, Germany
Germany Albersweiler, Germany
Germany Wendelsheim, Germany
Germany Großkrotzenburg, Germany
Germany Idar Oberstein-Kirchenbollenbach, Germany
Germany Wachtendonk, Germany
Spain Antequera, Spain
United States Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
Germany Dinslaken, Germany
Wales Llanelli, Wales
Spain Toledo, Spain
Russia Tuapse, Russia
Germany Gundremmingen, Germany
Switzerland Aigle, Switzerland
Germany Wilburgstetten, Germany
Germany Fahrenkrug, Germany
Italy Villeneuve, Italy
Germany Allstedt, Germany
Germany Schwörstadt, Germany
Germany Kriftel, Germany
SpainCastro-Urdiales, Spain
Germany Menden-Lendringsen, Germany
Germany Gau-Bickelheim, Germany
Italy Moscazzano, Italy
Germany Neresheim, Germany
United States Baton Rouge, United States
Portugal Coimbra, Portugal
Italy Perugia, Italy
United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Germany Tübingen, Germany
United States Fairbanks, United States
Russia Kislovodsk, Russia
Italy Milena, Italy
England Audley, England
Germany Großhabersdorf, Germany
Germany Görisried, Germany
Italy La Maddalena, Italy
Germany Schonungen, Germany
Italy Ceneselli, Italy
Germany Aldenhoven, Germany
Germany Niesky, Germany
England Ulverston, England
Italy Aosta, Italy
Germany Winnenden, Germany
Spain Girona, Spain
Germany Ringsheim, Germany
England Basingstoke and Deane, England
Mali Koutiala, Mali
Germany Quakenbrück, Germany
Portugal Cantanhede, Portugal
Armenia Oshakan, Armenia
Italy San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Germany Vaterstetten
Italy Vico Equense, Italy
Germany Krostitz, Germany
Poland Białobrzegi, Poland
Italy Menaggio, Italy
Germany Delmenhorst, Germany
Germany Schwerte-Ergste, Germany
Belgium Hamois, Belgium
Germany Neuweiler, Germany
Germany Ürzig, Germany
Italy Montecarlo, Italy
Germany Mylau, Germany
Italy San Daniele del Friuli, Italy
Germany Johannesberg, Germany
Germany Kelheim, Germany
Germany Eckental, Germany
Germany Mering, Germany
Germany Annweiler am Trifels, Germany
Italy Gorgonzola, Italy
Belgium Faimes, Belgium
Romania Baleni, Romania
Germany Boppard, Germany
Mali Fana, Mali
Japan Suwa, Japan
Italy Vinci, Italy
Germany Kinheim, Germany
Germany Kirchgellersen, Germany
England Dolton, England
Germany Hillerse, Germany
England Darlington, England
Germany Dortmund, Germany
Germany Görlitz, Germany
Germany Nordwalde, Germany
Germany Worms-Heppenheim, Germany
England Herrenburg-Gültstein, Germany
Germany Bad Brückenau, Germany
Germany Schwarme, Germany
Germany Nussloch, Germany
Scotland Largs, Scotland
Germany Forbach-Bermersbach, Germany
Germany Sexau, Germany
Germany Weißenberg, Germany
Germany Haren, Germany
Netherlands Vlagtwedde, Netherlands
Italy Chiusi, Italy
Germany Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Germany Weinheim-Hohen, Germany
Germany Walheim, Germany
Mali Bamako, Mali
Netherlands Haarlem, Netherlands
Germany Osnabrück, Germany
Italy Pisa, Italy
Spain Seville, Spain
England Wigan, England
Germany Ansbach, Germany
England Bury, England
Canada Chicoutimi, Canada
Russia Guelendjik, Russia
Germany Hildesheim, Germany
United States Hoffman Estates, United States
Mali Ségou, Mali
Romania Turda, Romania
Spain Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Spain Panticosa, Spain
Germany Bobingen, Germany
Germany Bayreuth, Germany
England Cheltenham, England
Germany Rudolstadt, Germany
Canada Sainte-Thérèse, Canada
Italy Vicenza, Italy
Germany Gaggenau, Germany
Poland Białobrzegi, Poland
Germany Worbis, Germany
Germany Backnang, Germany
Italy Barge, Italy
England Chelmsford, England
Germany Aken an der Elbe, Germany
Poland Gizaki, Poland
Germany Schöneck, Germany
Germany Flossburg, Germany
Denmark Aalborg, Denmark
Republic of Ireland Kinsale, Ireland
United States Newport Beach, United States
Greece Olympia, Greece
Italy Desenzano del Garda, Italy
Germany Schwäbich Gmünd, Germany
Italy Collegno, Italy
Greece Eleftheroupolis, Greece
Tunisia Hammam-Lif, Tunisia
England Lewisham, England
United States Lexington, Massachusetts, United States
Czech Republic Olomouc, Czech Republic
Russia Protvino, Russia
Germany Rheinickendorf, Germany
Israel Sderot, Israel
Italy Turin, Italy
Belgium Boussu, Belgium
Germany Freudenburg, Germany
Belgium Boussu, Belgium
Italy Thiene, Italy
Germany Hausach, Germany
Romania Panciu, Romania
Italy Samone, Italy
Italy Gardone Riviera, Italy
Germany Goslar, Germany
Italy Pescara, Italy
  • Arceuil
Hungary Kecskemét, Hungary
Germany Gomaringen, Germany
Switzerland Arconciel, Switzerland
Germany Osterwieck, Germany
Germany Menden-Halingen, Germany
Germany Hürth, Germany
Germany Hettstadt, Germany
England Abingdon, England
Germany Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany
Germany Bad König, Germany
Italy Alessandria, Italy
Scotland Clydebank, Scotland
Germany Dessau, Germany
Italy Bellona, Italy
Germany Ulm Wiblingen, Germany
Germany Babenhausen, Germany
Germany Ahaus, Germany
Germany Fulda, Germany
Greece Kalymnos, Greece
Russia Pskov, Russia
Mauritius Sagne, Mauritania
Italy Vercelli, Italy
Belgium Verviers, Belgium
England Wisbech, England
United States York, United States
Germany Osterode am Harz, Germany
England Stalybridge, England
Germany Oberelsbach, Germany
Germany Hude, Germany
Germany Kröpelin, Germany
Germany Wörrstadt, Germany
Germany Miltenberg, Germany
Germany Freising, Germany
Germany Wadgassen, Germany
Germany Höchenschwand, Germany
Germany Chemnitz, Germany
Germany Herten, Germany
England Ipswich, England
Belgium Oudenaarde, Belgium
Italy Dongo, Italy
Germany Bromskirchen, Germany
Germany Freihalden, Germany
Germany Völklingen-Ludweiler, Germany
Italy Roccastrada, Italy
Germany Bogen, Germany
Germany Schwarzach, Germany
Germany Hainsfarth, Germany
Germany Hattenheim, Germany
Germany Bollendorf, Germany
Germany Harsefeld, Germany
Italy Bernareggio, Italy
Germany Wachtberg-Berkum, Germany
Italy Falerone, Italy
Italy Montappone, Italy
Italy Cutigliano, Italy
Germany Bad Waldsee, Germany
Germany Spandau, Germany
Germany Assweiler, Germany
Germany Schöppenstedt, Germany
Republic of Ireland Ballina, Ireland
Germany Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Italy Sora, Italy
Germany Einhausen, Germany
Germany Hohenstein Strinz-Margaretha, Germany
Italy Cesenatico, Italy
Netherlands Delfzijl, Netherlands
Germany Schwarzenbek, Germany
Switzerland Sierre, Switzerland
Portugal Alcobaça, Portugal
Poland Bełchatów, Poland
Germany Dieburg, Germany
England Horndean, England
England Wadhurst, England
Italy Empoli, Italy
Germany Jena, Germany
Germany Sarstedt, Germany
Italy Sperlonga, Italy
Switzerland Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland
Germany Schwanfeld, Germany
Scotland Haddington, Scotland
Germany Vlohto, Germany
Netherlands Assen, Netherlands
Poland Czeladź, Poland
Belgium Verlaine, Belgium
Italy Fossalta di Portogruaro, Italy
Germany Memmingen, Germany
Germany Iserlohn-Letmathe, Germany
Germany Hattinger, Germany
England Penryn, England
Belgium Dison, Belgium
Italy Gualdo Tadino, Italy
Germany Bleckede, Germany
Germany Taben-Rodt, Germany
Germany Quedlinburg, Germany
Germany Beverungen-Dalhausen, Germany
Germany Utting, Germany
Germany Bocholt, Germany
Germany Hermannsburg, Germany
England North Baddesley, England
Germany Schnürpflingen, Germany
Norway Lillehammer, Norway
France Puilboreau, France
Belgium Aywaille, Belgium
Germany Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany
England Stevenage, England
Germany Hatten, Germany
Netherlands Zundert, Netherlands
Italy Greve in Chianti, Italy
England Redditch, England
Germany Worms, Germany
Germany Heidesheim am Rhein, Germany
Germany Roßtal, Germany
Germany Cochem, Germany
Belgium Pepinster, Belgium
Germany Johannesberg, Germany
England Colchester, England
Greece Ioannina, Greece
United States New Haven, United States
Italy Siena, Italy
Spain Tarragona, Spain
Germany Wetzlar, Germany
England Doncaster, England
Ukraine Thorez, Ukraine
Poland Zgorzelec Dolno, Poland
Germany Sulzfeld, Germany
Germany Heemsen, Germany
Belgium Brugelette, Belgium
Germany Aindling, Germany
England Crediton, England
Germany Korbach, Germany
France Saint-Gaudens, Haute-Garonne
Jersey Saint Helier, Jersey
England Fen Edge, England
Germany Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany
Germany Besigheim, Germany
Belgium Quaregnon, Belgium
Italy Sinalunga, Italy
Germany Hohentengen, Germany
Romania Mihai Bravu, Romania
Italy Caprese Michelangelo, Italy
Germany Gars am Inn, Germany
England Middleham, England


Belgium Eeklo, Belgium
England Newbury, England
Belgium Izegem, Belgium
Denmark Ribe, Denmark
England Billingham, England
Switzerland Onex, Switzerland
England Settle, England
England East Bergholt, England
Russia Tambov, Russia
Switzerland Saillon, Switzerland
Switzerland Chardonne, Switzerland
Switzerland Les Planchettes, Switzerland
England Petersfield, England
Greece Corfu, Greece
Scotland Inverness, Scotland
England Dorchester, England
Netherlands Eindhoven, Netherlands
Denmark Viborg, Denmark
United States Bayonne, United States
Georgia (country) Kutaisi, Georgia
England Bardney, England
United States Tempe, United States
Switzerland Vétroz, Switzerland
England Burgh le Marsh, England
England Berkhamstead, England
Belgium Malmedy, Belgium
Switzerland Delémont, Switzerland
England Stafford, England
Ukraine Zaporojie, Ukraine
Switzerland Chamblon, Switzerland
Italy Faenza, Italy
Canada Repentigny, Canada
England Haslemere, England
Belgium Tournai, Belgium
United States Charlottesville, United States
Germany Freiburg, Germany
Finland Kuopio, Finland
Russia Tver, Russia
England Hastings, England
Belgium Kortrijk, Belgium
Germany Schwerte, Germany
England Burley, England
England Stockport, England
Germany Heilbronn, Germany
Spain Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain
Russia Stavropol, Russia
Hungary Szekszárd, Hungary
United States Augusta, United States
Portugal Cascais, Portugal
Poland Trzebinia, Poland
Ethiopia Debre-Berhan, Ethiopia
Russia Petrodvorets, Russia
Belgium Thuin, Belgium
England Lewes, England
Romania Sighişoara, Romania
Italy Urbino, Italy
Germany Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany
Germany Weimar, Germany
Germany Potsdam, Germany
Russia Serpukhov, Russia
  • Bois-Plage-en-Ré (Le)
Italy Lazzate, Italy
England Colney Heath, England
England Horncastle, England
Belgium Thy-le-Château, Belgium
Algeria Algiers, Algeria
Israel Ashdod, Israel
Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan
England Bristol, England
Morocco Casablanca, Morocco
Japan Fukuoka, Japan
Peru Lima, Peru
United States Los Angeles, United States
Spain Madrid, Spain
Germany Munich, Germany
Portugal Porto, Portugal
Canada Quebec City, Canada
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
People's Republic of China Wuhan, China
Denmark Hobro, Denmark
Switzerland Saxon, Switzerland
England Hammersmith and Fulham, England
United States Irving, United States
Netherlands Zaanstadt, Netherlands
Romania Constanţa, Romania
Poland Gdańsk, Poland
England Woolpit, England
England Folkstone, England
Germany Rheinbrohl, Germany
England Aylesbury England
Germany Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Ukraine Chernihiv, Ukraine
Poland Sulejówek, Poland
Russia Iochkar-Ola, Russia
England Peterborough, England
Germany Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
England Dunstable, England
England Luton, England
People's Republic of China Suzhou, China
Netherlands Velsen, Netherlands
Switzerland Boussens, Switzerland
Denmark Haderslev, Denmark
  • Braine-sur-Vesle
Belgium Braine-le-Comte, Belgium
Belgium Virton, Belgium
Morocco Fes, Morocco
Scotland Fraserburgh, Scotland
Germany Friedberg, Germany
Romania Hordae, Romania
Republic of Ireland Leixlip, Ireland
Spain Mequinenza, Spain
Poland Parzcew, Poland
Russia Ryazan, Russia
Algeria Béjaïa, Algeria
Spain Cádiz, Spain
Romania Constanţa, Romania
United States Denver, United States
Germany Kiel, Germany
England Plymouth, England
People's Republic of China Suzhou, China
Italy Tarento, Italy
England Sway, England
Wales Ammanford, Wales
Germany Rosenheim, Germany
Belgium Jemappes, Belgium
England New Alresford, England
England Dunstable, England
Poland Guimaraef, Poland
Canada Joliette, Canada
Germany Lauf, Germany
Ukraine Melitopol, Ukraine
Mali Sikasso, Mali
Greece Lindos, Greece
Scotland Cumbernauld, Scotland
Belgium Merbes-le-Château, Belgium
Poland Olkusz, Poland
Poland Jugow Dolno, Poland
England Reigate and Banstead, England
England Sawbridgeworth, England
Poland Mszczonow, Poland
Switzerland Oron-la-Ville, Switzerland


Switzerland Chur, Switzerland
Belgium Spa, Belgium
Greece Nikos Kazantzakis, Greece
United States Alexandria, Virginia, United States
England Portsmouth, England
England Coventry, England
United States Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Belgium Flobecq, Belgium
Latvia Riga in Latvia.
England Saint Burian, England
Poland Jaworzno, Poland
England Northiam, England
England Saint Yves England
Greece Vori, Greece
England Gravesham, England
United States Houma, Louisiana, United States
France Algolsheim, France
Belgium Olne, Belgium
United States Beverly Hills, California, United States
Israel Tel Aviv, Israel
England Kensington and Chelsea, England
Switzerland Saanen, Switzerland
Switzerland Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
England Selby, England
Republic of Ireland Carrickmacross, Ireland
Belgium Staden, Belgium
Switzerland Vevey, Switzerland
Netherlands Eersel, Netherlands
Switzerland Carrouge, Switzerland
Poland Klodzko Dolno, Poland
Greece Argyroupoli, Greece
  • Castilon-la-Bataille
Greece Episkopi, Greece
Rwanda Huye, Rwanda
Spain Linares, Spain
England Wakefield, England
Belgium Wielsbeek, Belgium
Belgium Colfontaine, Belgium
Germany Wedel, Germany
United States New Port Richey, United States
  • Celle-sur-Belle
Germany Amstetten, Germany
United States Columbia, Maryland, United States
England West Lancashire, England
  • Cerrans-Foulletourt
England Chapel Saint Leonard, England
Belgium Ferrières, Belgium
England Letchworth, England
  • Chalette-sur-Loing
Ukraine Dnierprovski, Ukraine
Italy Saronno, Italy
Denmark Næstved, Denmark
Italy Novara, Italy
Germany Solingen, Germany
England St Helens, England
England Ilkeston, England
Bulgaria Razgrad, Bulgaria
Italy Turin, Italy
Switzerland Fislisbach, Switzerland
Belgium Boussu, Belgium
Belgium Gozée, Belgium
United States Aspen, United States
Switzerland Davos, Switzerland
England Welwyn, England
England Dukinfield, England
Netherlands Warmond, Netherlands
Nicaragua Jalapa, Nicaragua
Italy Torviscosa, Italy
United Kingdom Epsom and Ewell, England
  • Chapelle-des-Marsis (La)
United Kingdom Ingleton, England
  • Charité-sur-le-Loir (La)
United Kingdom Branston, England
United Kingdom Calne, England
United Kingdom Chichester, England
Peru Cuzco,Peru
Belgium Sombreffe, Belgium
Russia Mojaisk, Russia
Switzerland Perroy, Switzerland
Germany Gütersloh, Germany
Burkina Faso Bittou, Burkina Faso
Poland Olsztyn, Poland
Switzerland Evolène, Switzerland
England Knebworth, England
Spain Castellón de la Plana, Spain
England Corby, England
Scotland Hamilton, Scotland
Burkina Faso Kaya, Burkina Faso
CanadaNew Brunswick Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada
Poland Piła, Poland
Germany Velbert, Germany
Netherlands Landsmeer, Netherlands
England Wellington, England
Belgium Walcourt, Belgium
Belgium Esneux, Belgium
England Ashton-under-Lyne, England
Germany Heppenheim, Germany
England Lyndhurst, England
England Poole, England
England Uffington, England
Belgium Aywaille, Belgium
Vietnam Dong Da, Vietnam
Spain Dénia, Spain
England Solihull, England
Romania Dorohoi, Romania
Germany Oldenburg, Germany
Belgium Bièvre, Belgium
Italy Bucine, Italy
Republic of Ireland Cashel, Ireland
England Desborough, England
Netherlands Esch-Haaren, Netherlands
Spain Falset, Spain
Germany Helsted Tarmsted, Germany
Denmark Holmegaard-Naestved, Denmark
Latvia Kandavas, Latvia
Finland Kannus, Finland
Greece Kolindros, Greece
Austria Lassee, Austria
Cyprus Lefkara, Cyprus
Slovakia Medzev, Slovakia
Slovenia Moravce, Slovenia
Malta Nadur, Malta
Hungary Nagycenk, Hungary
Sweden Ockelbo, Sweden
Estonia Polva, Estonia
Portugal Samuel, Portugal
Czech Republic Strary Podvorov, Czech Republic
Poland Strzyżów, Poland
Luxembourg Troisvierges, Luxembourg
Lithuania Zagare, Lithuania
England Downham Market, England
England Scunthorpe, England
England Ashburton, England
Belgium Étalle, Belgium
England Sudbury, England
Scotland Aberdeen, Scotland
Germany Regensburg, Germany
Portugal Braga, Portugal
England Salford, England
Belarus Homyel, Belarus
Belgium Ferrières, Belgium
England Southwark, England
United States Beaverton, Oregon, United States
South Korea Cheonan, South Korea
Germany Trossingen, Germany
United States Denison, Texas, United States
Spain Valdepeñas, Spain
Germany Königswinter, Germany
Scotland Perth, Scotland
Switzerland Vouvry, Switzerland
England Abingdon, England
Austria Eisenstadt, Austria
Hungary Győr, Hungary
England Hyde, England
Italy Lucca, Italy
United States Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Germany Schongau Germany
Belgium Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Switzerland Assens, Switzerland
England Oswestry, England
Cyprus Idahlion, Cyprus
Switzerland Cottens, Switzerland
Belgium Comines-Carneton, Belgium
England Bury Saint Edmunds, England
Germany Landhurst, Germany
United States Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Greece Rhodes, Greece
England Trysull and Seisdon, England
Belgium Quaregnon, Belgium
England Ross-on-Wye, England
Belgium Chimay, Belgium
Scotland Pitlochry, Scotland
Germany Georgenthal, Germany
England Alford, England
  • Conteleu
England New Milton & District, England
Wales Llandrindod Wells, Wales
Belgium Estaimpuis, Belgium
England Ware, England
England Harpenden, England
  • Coucy-le-Château Auffrique
England Framlingham, England
Belgium Langemark-Poelkapelle, Belgium
Netherlands Valkenisse, Netherlands
Belgium Fleurus, Belgium
Belgium Jodoigne, Belgium
  • Coulomiers
England Leighton-Linslade, England
England Irchester, England
Togo Anié, Togo
Republic of Ireland Port Laoise, Ireland
England Enfield, England
Poland Radymno Podkarpackie, Poland
Germany Meinhard Frieda, Germany
Portugal Pampilhosa da Serra, Portugal
Poland Barlinek Zchodnio, Poland
England Winslow, England
England Alveston, England
Belgium Landelies, Belgium
England Ilkley, England
Republic of Ireland Bleanavon, Ireland
Germany Dornstadt, Germany
  • Coutry
Greece Pallini, Greece
Scotland Falkirk, Scotland
Belgium Belœil, Belgium
England Braishfield, England
Japan Saga, Japan
  • Cussey
Belgium Anthisnes, Belgium


Belgium Ligny, Belgium
England Chorleywood, England
United States Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Wales Llanidloes, Wales
Germany Frankfurt Nieder Eschbach, Germany
England Wirksworth, England
Ukraine Klichkovtsy, Ukraine
Italy Borgomarteno, Italy
Germany Bad Mergentheim, Germany
Romania Cluj-Napoca, Romania
England York, England
United States Dallas, Texas, United States
Russia Volgograd, Russia
Belgium Dinant, Belgium
England Newquay, England
Italy Madone, Italy
Portugal Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal
Ukraine Boghis, Ukraine
England Shepshed, England
Burkina Faso Dédougou, Burkina Faso
United Kingdom Harrow, England
United States Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Poland Puławy, Poland
Germany Recklinghausen, Germany
Belgium Seraing, Belgium
Poland Mielec, Poland
England Bourne, England
Russia Liubertsy, Russia
England Willenhall, England
England Hove, England
Germany Bautzen, Germany
Poland Tokarnia, Poland
Switzerland Vucherens, Switzerland
Germany Krefeld, Germany
Latvia Riga, Latvia
England Middlesbrough, England
Germany Rostock, Germany
Germany Regensburg, Germany
Belgium Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Germany Untereisesheim, Germany


England Matlock, England
Switzerland Eiken, Switzerland
Belgium Nazareth, Belgium
Belgium Enghien, Belgium
United States Saranac Lake, New York, United States
Belgium Zonnebeke, Belgium
Burkina Faso Fada N'gourma, Burkina Faso
England Clevendon, England
Germany Ettlingen, Germany
Belgium Gembloux, Belgium
Germany Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
United States La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States
England Loughborough, England
England Peacehaven, England
Belgium Welkenraedt, Belgium
  • Equisheim
United States Castroville, Texas, United States
Belgium La Louvière, Belgium
England Bude, England
England Banbury, England
Netherlands Wierden, Netherlands
Switzerland Ligerz, Switzerland
Belgium Oupeye, Belgium
Belgium Les Bons Viliers, Belgium
Poland Turek, Poland
Greece Vonitsa, Greece
Republic of Ireland Trim, Ireland
Russia Kachira, Russia
England Rugby, England
England Hertford, England
England Bexley, England
Belgium Bassenge, Belgium


Greece Naousa, Greece
England St Neots, England
  • Favers
Switzerland Horn, Switzerland
Belgium Bernissart, Belgium
England Keyworth, England
Switzerland Cressier, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
England Louth, England
England Ludlow, England
England Barton-upon-Humber, England
England Wem, England
Belgium Tongrinne, Belgium
England Chippenham, England
Germany Obenkirchen, Germany
Poland Brenna, Poland
England Ripon, England
Germany Naurod, Germany
Germany Konstanz, Germany
England Richmond, England
England Elstree-Borehamwood, England
Spain Crevillent, Spain
Poland Krotoszyn, Poland
Romania Diosig, Romania
United States Palatine, Illinois, United States
Burkina Faso Gaoua, Burkina Faso
Ukraine Brovary, Ukraine
England Heathfield and Waldron, England
Belgium Herve, Belgium
Brazil Belém, Brazil
England Bewdley, England
Belgium Wellin, Belgium
Greece Serres, Greece
Germany Bad Münstereifel, Germany
England Ashford, England
Germany Bernburg, Germany
United States Fridley, Minnesota, United States
  • Francoville-la-Garenne
England Potters Bar, England
United States Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
England Spilsby, England
Switzerland Corminbeuf, Switzerland


Denmark Gladsaxe, Denmark
England Sutton, England
Belgium Spa, Belgium
Greece Kalyvia, Greece
England Castle Donington, England
  • Geipolsheim
United States Hondo, Texas, United States
England Wincanton, England
Switzerland Le Locle, Switzerland
England Broughton Asley, England
England Baschurch, England
Belgium Anderlues, Belgium
Switzerland Gimel, Switzerland
Belarus Novopolotsk, Belarus
  • Gleize
Benin Keron, Benin
Denmark Ry, Denmark
England Hayling Island, England
Republic of Ireland Rush, Ireland
England Dorking, England
Belgium Limbourg, Belgium
  • Grand-Luce (Le)
England Cherry Willingham, England
  • Grande-Motte (La)
England Hornsea, England
Poland Suwałki, Poland
Belgium Sivry-Rance, Belgium

Granville is a founding member of the Douzelage, a town twinning association of 23 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.[2][3]

Spain Altea, Spain[3]
Germany Bad Kötzting, Germany[3]
Italy Bellagio, Italy[3]
Republic of Ireland Bundoran, Republic of Ireland[3]
Poland Chojna, Poland[3]
Denmark Holstebro, Denmark[3]
Belgium Houffalize, Belgium[3]
Austria Judenburg, Austria[3]
Finland Karkkila, Finland[3]
Hungary Kőszeg, Hungary[3]
Malta Marsaskala, Malta[3]
Netherlands Meerssen, the Netherlands[3]
Luxembourg Niederanven, Luxembourg[3]
Sweden Oxelösund, Sweden[3]
Lithuania Prienai, Lithuania[3]
Greece Preveza, Greece[3]
Portugal Sesimbra, Portugal[3]
England Sherborne, England[3]
Latvia Sigulda, Latvia[3]
Czech Republic Sušice, Czech Republic[3]
Estonia Türi, Estonia[3]
Slovakia Zvolen, Slovakia[3]
Iceland Faskrudsjördur, Iceland
  • Gravenchon
England Street, England
Switzerland Thônex, Switzerland
Palestinian territories Bethlehem, Palestine
Italy Catania, Italy
Moldova Chişinău, Moldova
Algeria Constantine, Algeria
Italy Corato, Italy
Germany Essen, Germany
Germany Halle an der Saale, Germany
Austria Innsbruck, Austria
Lithuania Kaunas, Lithuania
England Oxford, England
Hungary Pécs, Hungary
United States Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Israel Rehovot, Israel
Tunisia Sfax, Tunisia
Germany Stendal, Germany
People's Republic of China Suzhou, China
Greece Ano Syros, Greece
Scotland Abernethy, Scotland
Germany Philippsburg-Huttenheim, Germany
Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland
Belgium Courcelles, Belgium
Switzerland Bottens, Switzerland
Belgium Kluisbergen, Belgium
England Callington, England
England Porthleven, England
Switzerland Torre, Switzerland
Wales Linlithgow, Wales


Germany Landau, Germany
Greece Kalampaka, Greece
Poland Pniewy, Poland
Belgium Gesves-Haltinne, Belgium
Poland Chrzanów, Poland
Scotland Loanhead, Scotland
Poland Kalisz, Poland
Saint Petersburg, Russia
England Southampton, England
Belgium Ferrières, Belgium
United Kingdom Omagh, Northern Ireland
England Southampton, England
Belgium Soignies, Belgium
England Burgate, England
Belgium Wortham, Belgium
  • Hellemmes
Belgium Chaudfontaine, Belgium
  • Hem
England Mossley Greater Manchester, England
Portugal Aljustrel, Alentejo Portugal
Germany Wiehl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Poland Konin, Poland
Belgium Wavre, Belgium
Wales Llanllwchaiarn, Wales
Wales Newton, Wales
England Purton, England
Russia Tikhvine, Russia
United States Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
England Havering, England
Belgium Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
Germany Sinzig, Germany
Italy Pederobba, Italy
Switzerland Hochfelden, Switzerland
England Sandwich, England
Germany Wörth am Main, Germany
  • Hopital Camfrout (L')
England Feock, England
Poland Elk Warmimalopolskiensko, Poland
England Pangbourne, England
Poland Goldap Warminsko, Poland


Germany Niederwerrn, Germany
Germany Köln-Lövenich, Germany
Germany Gemünden, Germany
Germany Ingersheim, Germany
Germany Gochsheim, Germany
Germany Weilerbach, Germany
Germany Gunzenhausen, Germany
Switzerland Pazzallo, Switzerland
Germany Uelzen, Germany
Germany Neumarkt, Germany
People's Republic of China Chongwen, China
Togo Dapaong, Togo (1989)
Armenia Echmiadzin, Armenia
Belgium Frameries, Belgium (1979)
South Korea Guro, South Korea (2005)
England Hounslow, England (1982)
United States Huntsville, Alabama, United States (2006)
Italy Macerata, Italy (1982)
Israel Nahariya, Israel (1994)
Spain Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain (1990)
Germany Weiden, Germany (1954)
Germany Radolfzell, Germany
England Newick, England
Germany Laudenbach, Germany
Germany Brandenburg, Germany
Russia Kransaya Presnia, Russia


Scotland Dalkeith, Scotland
Germany Eddelak, Germany
Belgium Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Belgium Erquelinnes, Belgium
Belgium La Louvière, Belgium
England Buckingham, England
Scotland Bothwell, Scotland
United States New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Greece Tsagkarada, Greece
England Tetford, England
England East Hotahly and Halland, England


Republic of Ireland Cill Na Martra, Ireland
Germany Hirschau, Germany
Germany Bosselshausen Kirrweiler, Germany
Germany Nohra, Germany
Germany Kapsweyer, Germany


Netherlands Kedichem, Netherlands
Netherlands Linden Beers, Netherlands
Belgium Écaussinnes, Belgium
England Southborough, England
United States Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States
Cuba Santiago, Cuba
Belgium Oreye, Belgium
England The Lizard, England
England Bideford, England
Belgium Manage, Belgium
  • Landuidic
Belgium Great Comard, England
Spain Viviero, Spain
England Alnwick, England
  • Langorian
Greece Fiki, Greece
England Beaconsfield, England
England Wadebridge, England
England Winchester, England
England Boston, England
Poland Rumia, Poland
Belgium Estaimpuis, Belgium
Poland Wegorzewo Warminsko, Poland
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kahamba, DR Congo
Spain As Pontes de García Rodríguez, Spain
Belgium Chastre, Belgium
Greece Lefkada, Greece
Switzerland La Brévine, Switzerland
Netherlands Lopik, Netherlands
Poland Jarocin, Poland
Austria Bruck an der Mur, Austria
Germany Hohenlimburg, Germany
France La Valette-du-Var, France
Lithuania Pasvalys, Lithuania
Poland Rybnik, Poland
England Wendover, England
  • Ligeuil
England Hungerford, England
England Sonning, England
United States Buffalo, New York, United States
Germany Cologne, Germany
Germany Erfurt, Germany
Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
England Leeds, England
Belgium Liège, Belgium
Palestinian territories Nablus, Palestine Authority
Morocco Oujda, Morocco
Netherlands Rotterdam, Netherlands
Israel Safed, Israel
Senegal Saint-Louis, Senegal
Italy Turin, Italy
Spain Valladolid, Spain
Belgium Fontaine-l'Evêque, Belgium
United States Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Belarus Hrodna, Belarus
Japan Seto, Japan
England Taunton, England
England South Molton, England
England Haringey, England
England Burwell, England
Wales Fishguard, Wales
Spain Ribadeo, Spain
Greece Iria, Greece
Belgium Vedrin, Belgium
Czech Republic České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Germany Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
Republic of Ireland Galway, Ireland
Latvia Ventspils, Latvia
Spain Vigo, Spain
Germany Büdingen, Germany
Belgium Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium
England Royston, England
England Radlet and Aldenham, England
Switzerland Villeret, Switzerland
England Mildenhall, England
Italy Genazzaro, Italy
Switzerland Mex, Switzerland
Germany Ilmenau, Germany
Finland Sonkajarvi, Finland
  • Lunéville-sur-Orge
Georgia (country) Mtskheta, Georgia
Cyprus Lefkara, Cyprus
Belgium Lincent, Belgium
England Wallingford, England
England Butingford, England
Israel Beersheba, Israel
England Birmingham, England
Romania Craiova, Romania
Brazil Curitiba, Brazil
Germany Frankfurt, Germany
Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden
Philippines Muntinlupa, Philippines
People's Republic of China Guangzhou, China
Georgia (country) Kutaisi, Georgia
Germany Leipzig, Germany
Poland Łodz, Poland
Italy Milan, Italy
Canada Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hungary Pécs, Hungary
United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
United States St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Bulgaria Varna, Bulgaria
Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
Japan Yokohama, Japan


England Wantage, England
England Shifnal, England
Hungary Eger, Hungary
United States Macon, Georgia, United States
Poland Pori, Poland
England Keelby, England
Russia Pervomaiski, Russia
England Sandy, England
England Saint Neot, England
Belgium Pecq, Belgium
England Swanmore, England
Germany Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
Italy Voghera, Italy
England Bolton, England
Western Sahara Haouza, Western Sahara
Germany Paderborn, Germany
Russia Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Japan Suzuka, Japan
Greece Volos, Greece
England Hillingdon, England
England Barrow upon Soar, England
Germany Freinsheim, Germany
United States El Monte, California, United States
England Ealing, England
Scotland Errol, Scotland
Canada Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada
England Hatfield, England
England Kington, England
Poland Olecko Warminsko, Poland
Belgium Binche, Belgium
England Oadby and Wigston, England
Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Poland Gdańsk, Poland
Italy Genoa, Italy
Scotland Glasgow, Scotland
Israel Haifa, Israel
Germany Hamburg, Germany
Japan Kobe, Japan
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
People's Republic of China Shanghai, China
United States Warwick, New York, United States
Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
Greece Nafplion, Greece
Germany Enneptal, Germany
Belgium Vilvoorde, Belgium
England Hythe and Dibden, England
England Devizes, England
Switzerland Moudon, Switzerland
England Reading, England
Netherlands Lieshout, Netherlands
England Faringdon, England
England Spelthorne, England
Switzerland Montreux, Switzerland
Netherlands Noordwijk, Netherlands
Russia Sochi, Russia
Belgium Genappe, Belgium
England Redruth, England
Poland Tarnowskie-Gory, Poland
Wales Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales
Greece Mathosinos, Greece
England Bexhill, England
England Gloucester, England
Luxembourg Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Czech Republic Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
United States Kansas City, Missouri, United States
  • Meuden
England Rushmoor, England
Slovakia Brezno, Slovakia
England Rushmoor, England
Belgium Ciney, Belgium
England Didcot, England
United States Gonzales, Louisiana, United States
England Swineshead, England
England Forest Row, England
Italy Villa Nova del Battista, Italy
Belgium Tubize, Belgium
  • Mollay-Littry (Le)
England Bovey Tracey, England
England Welton, England
Netherlands Simpelveld, Netherlands
England Crowborough, England
United States Pawhuska, Oklahoma, United States
Russia Timirazevski, Russia
United States Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Germany Ludwigsburg, Germany
United States Racine, Wisconsin, United States
Spain Onda, Spain
Germany Sulz am Neckar, Germany
Switzerland Ayer, Switzerland
United States Harrison, New York, United States
Poland Ruda Śląska, Poland
England Denton, England
Netherlands Coevorden, Netherlands
Belgium Sprimont, Belgium
England Hassocks, England
  • Montmorency Beaufort
United States Beaufort, North Carolina, United States
Spain Barcelona, Spain
Israel Tiberias, Israel
Germany Heidelberg, Germany
United States Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Russia Mytichtchi, Russia
England Slough, England
Germany Barsinghausen, Germany
  • Mont-Saint-Aigon
England Edenbridge, England
Belgium Arendonk, Belgium
Switzerland Baulmes, Switzerland
Belgium Momigines, Belgium
Belgium Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Wales Rhosyr and Aberffraw, Wales
Belgium Verviers, Belgium
Belgium Halle, Belgium
England Willingham-by-Stow, England
England Norton, England
Germany Chemnitz, Germany
England Dornach, England
Romania Timişoara, Romania
England Nettleham, England
Guadeloupe Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe
France Vigy, France
England Woodbridge, England


United States Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Germany Karlsruhe, Germany
Belgium Liège, Belgium
Russia Novgorod, Russia
England Watford, England
Wales Cardiff, Wales
Romania Cluj-Napoca, Romania
United States Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Germany Saarbrücken, Germany
United States Seattle, Washington, United States
Georgia (country) Tbilisi, Georgia
Italy Aosta, Italy
Germany Weilheim, Germany
England EcclesSalford, England
Italy Grosseto, Italy
England Isleham, England
England Whitchurch, England
United States Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Germany Hanau, Germany
Belgium Uccle, Belgium
England Windsor and Maidenhead, England
  • Neuvic-sur-l'Isle
England Whitchurch, England
Hungary Erzsébetváros, Hungary
Germany Koblenz, Germany
England Saint Albans, England
Spain Alicante, Spain
Madagascar Antananarivo, Madagascar
South Africa Cape Town, South Africa
Colombia Cartagena, Colombia
Italy Cuneo, Italy
Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland
Poland Gdańsk, Poland
People's Republic of China Hangzhou, China
United States Houston, Texas, United States
Japan Kamakura, Japan
Canada Laval, Quebec, Canada
Gabon Libreville, Gabon
United States Louisiana (state), United States
Philippines Manila, Philippines
United States Miami, Florida, United States
Israel Netanya, Israel
France Nouméa, New Caledonia
Germany Nuremberg, Germany
Thailand Phuket, Thailand
Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
France Saint-Denis, France
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Italy Sorrento, Italy
Hungary Szeged, Hungary
Greece Thessaloniki, Greece
Ukraine Yalta, Ukraine
England Preston, England
Togo Atakpamé, Togo
Poland Biaŀa Podlaska, Poland
Germany Coburg, Germany
Spain Gijón, Spain
Germany Springe, Germany
Spain Tomelosso, Spain
England Wellingborough, England
Poland Będzin, Poland
Germany Baiersbronn, Germany
England Midhurst, England
Switzerland Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
United States Crestview, Florida, United States
United States Maryland (state), United States
Australia Gold Coast, Australia
France Nice, France
England Haughley and Wetherden, England
Poland Lomianki, Poland
Poland Szczecinek Zchodnio, Poland
England Broughton, England
England Hitchin, England
Belgium Sambreville, Belgium
Switzerland Nyon, Switzerland


Switzerland Pully, Switzerland
England Thurmaston, England
Germany Mutterstadt, Germany
England Tutbury, England
Wales Llangedwyn, Wales
Scotland Kelso, Scotland
England Northallerton, England
Netherlands Breda, Netherlands
Belgium Diest, Belgium
United States Orange, California, United States
England Washingborough, England
Scotland Dundee, Scotland
Spain Tarragona, Spain
Poland Kalisz, Poland
United States Wichita, Kansas, United States
Norway Kristiansand, Norway
Russia Klin, Russia
Italy Campi Bisenzio, Italy
Romania Turnu Severin, Romania
Canada Cantley, Quebec, Canada
Switzerland La Tour-de-Peliz, Switzerland
Switzerland Charmey, Switzerland
Romania Târgovişte, Romania
England Angmering, England
Belgium Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
Germany Nürtingen, Germany
England Great Ayton, England


Luxembourg Steinsel, Luxembourg
Iceland Grundarfjörður, Iceland
England Romsey, England
Russia Dzerzhinsky, Russia
Switzerland Payerne, Switzerland
England Crowland, England
  • Paris
Algeria Algiers, Algeria
Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Germany Berlin, Germany
Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Egypt Cairo, Egypt
United States Chicago, Illinois, United States
Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
Japan Kyoto, Japan
Canada Montréal, Québec, Canada
Russia Moscow, Russia
Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Pakistan Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan
Italy Rome, Italy
United States San Francisco, California, United States
Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
South Korea Seoul, South Korea
Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
United States Washington, D.C, United States
England Whitwell, Rutland, England
Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
Switzerland Les Bayards, Switzerland
Côte d'Ivoire Daloa, Côte d'Ivoire
Germany Göttingen, Germany
Japan Kofu, Japan
United States Mobile, Alabama, United States
Italy Pistoia, Italy
Portugal Setúbal, Portugal
Wales Swansea, Wales
People's Republic of China Xi'an, China
Spain Zaragoza, Spain
Spain Covarrubias, Spain
Belgium Seneffe, Belgium
Poland Tarnobrzeg Podkarpackie, Poland
Belgium Bastogne, Belgium
Switzerland Boécourt, Switzerland
Spain Girona, Spain
United States Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
United States Pensacola, Florida, United States
England Beccles, England
Belgium Louveigné, Belgium
England Market Drayton, England
Switzerland Bonfol, Switzerland
England Braintree, England
Germany Rüdersdorf bei Berlin, Germany
Switzerland Bugny, Switzerland
England Lowestoft, England
England Bembridge, England
England Woking, England
England Launceston, England
England Helston, England
England Lostwithiel, England
England Stithians, England
England Saltash, England
  • Plougernau
England Saint Germans, England
England Millbrook, England
England Saint Erth, England
Belgium Ramilles, Belgium
England Hartland, England
England Redruth, England
Portugal Coimbra, Portugal
Romania Iaşi, Romania
United States Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
Germany Marburg, Germany
Chad Moundou, Chad
England Northampton, England
Russia Yaroslavl, Russia
England Keighley, England
Germany Schopfheim, Germany
Belgium Stavelot, Belgium
Netherlands Veghel, Netherlands
England Ringwood, England
Switzerland Martigny-Combe, Switzerland
England Constantine Kerrier, England
Bangladesh Kalaroa, Bangladesh
England Harlaxton, England
Netherlands Geleen, Netherlands
England Sevenoaks, England
Republic of Ireland Muinebeag, Ireland
England Haverhill, Suffolk, England
Belgium Auvelais, Belgium
England Cawsand, England
Switzerland Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
England Eye, England
England Hayle, England
Germany Kitzingen, Germany
Portugal Lousã, Portugal
Spain Ripoll, Spain
Germany Wewelsburg, Germany
Switzerland Préverenges, Switzerland
Italy Tortona, Italy
Netherlands Zevenaar, Netherlands
Germany Weilburg, Germany
England Wetherby, England
Netherlands Tilburg, Netherlands
England Tonbridge, England


Belgium Doische, Belgium
Belgium Morlanwelz, Belgium
Germany Kempten, Germany
England Looe, England
Switzerland Boncourt, Switzerland


England Barnet, England
England Great Yarmouth, England
Belgium Waterloo, Belgium
Belgium Ramillies, Belgium
Belgium Cerfontaine, Belgium
England Andover, England
United States Arlington, Virginia, United States
England Canterbury, England
England Bodmin, England
Switzerland Gruyères, Switzerland
United Kingdom Exeter, UK (since 1956)
United States Rochester, USA (since 1958)
Germany Erlangen, Germany (since 1964)
Czech Republic Brno, Czech Republic (since 1965)[4]
Japan Sendai, Japan (since 1967)
Belgium Leuven, Belgium (since 1980)
Algeria Setif, Algeria (since 1982)
Republic of Ireland Cork, Ireland (since 1982)
Kazakhstan Almaty, Kazakhstan (since 1991)
Mali Plateau Dogon, Mali (since 1995)
Poland Poznań, Poland (since 1998)[5]
Romania Sibiu, Romania (since 1999)
People's Republic of China Jinan, China (since 2002)
Vietnam Huế, Vietnam (since 1992, cooperation)
France Rennes-les-Bains, France (since 1985)
United States Aspen, Colorado, United States
Belgium Engis, Belgium
Germany Rietberg, Germany
  • Rilleux-la-Pape
Benin Natitinga, Benin
England Elland, England
Spain Guadalajara, Spain
Italy Montevarchi, Italy
England Great Yarmouth, England
Germany Papenburg, Germany
Spain Torrelavega, Spain
Germany Lübeck, Germany
United States New Rochelle, New York, United States
Russia Petrozavodsk, Russia
Greece Afandou, Greece
Finland Oulainen, Finland
Netherlands Assen, Netherlands
Denmark Hørsholm, Denmark
England Woodhall Spa, England
Greece Veria, Greece
England Castle Point, England
Ukraine Darnitza, Ukraine
Ukraine Ouman, Ukraine
England Todmorden, England
Belgium Profondeville, Belgium
Denmark Velje, Denmark
Switzerland La Sagne, Switzerland
England Wincanton, England
England Bradford, England
Poland Sosnowiec, Poland
Belgium Verviers, Belgium
Poland Gdańsk, Poland
Germany Hannover, Germany
England Norwich, England
Canada Lac de la Croix, Quebec, Canada
Andorra Encamp, Andorra
Malta Kirkop, Malta
Poland Libiaz, Poland
Poland Myślenice, Poland
Germany Balingen, Germany
England Gosport, England
Ukraine Truskavets, Ukraine
Germany Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany
Uzbekistan Bukhara, Uzbekistan
England Elmbridge, England
Switzerland Fribourg, Ireland
Denmark Helsingør, Denmark
Austria Kitzbühel, Austria
Belgium Leuven, Belgium
Russia Sergiyev Posad, Russia
Romania Timişoara, Romania
England Michelmersh and Timsbury, England


Malta Sliema, Malta
Germany Bückenburg, Germany
  • Saffre
England Winterton, England
England Carnforth, England
Switzerland Mex, Switzerland
Switzerland Villiers, Switzerland
Poland Wieliczka, Poland
England Emsworth, England
Netherlands Pijnacker, Netherlands
United States Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
England Cookham, England
  • Saint-Bonnet-le-Chateau
England Bishop's Waltham, England
Switzerland Ayent, Switzerland
Greece Agia Paraskevi, Greece
Russia Koltsovo, Russia
England Tadcaster, England
England Rotherfield, England
  • Saint-Christol-les-Alpes
England Stilton, England
Switzerland Hermance, Switzerland
Switzerland Meisterschwanden, Switzerland
Germany Bad Godesberg, Germany
Spain Boadilla del Monte, Spain
Italy Frascati, Italy
Belgium Kortrijk, Belgium
United States St. Cloud, Florida, United States
United States St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States
England Windsor, England
Cyprus Morfou, Cyrpus
Russia Kievski, Russia
Belgium Arlon, Belgium
Italy Cattolica, Italy
Croatia Crikvenica, Croatia
Canada Lorraine, Quebec, Canada
United States Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
Senegal Meckhe, Senegal
Czech Republic Krnov, Czech Republic
Algeria Annaba, Algeria
Slovakia Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Tunisia Ben Arous, Tunisia
England Coventry, England
United States Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Italy Ferrara, Italy
Germany Geltendorf, Germany
Canada Granby, Quebec, Canada
Poland Katowice, Poland
Ukraine Luhansk, Ukraine
Israel Nazerat Illit, Israel
Portugal Oeiras, Portugal
Greece Patras, Greece
Madagascar Toamasina, Madagascar
Poland Warsaw, Poland
Canada Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Germany Wuppertal, Germany
People's Republic of China Xuzhou, China
Belgium Arbre–Profondville, Belgium
  • Saint-Étienne-de-Rouvray
Ukraine Nova Kakhivka, Ukraine
  • Saint-Fiacre-sur-Mer
Switzerland Echichens, Switzerland
Hungary Balatonföldvár, Hungary
Germany Gaienhofen, Germany
Germany Klein Rönnau, Germany
England Bransgore, England
England Little Aston, England
England Stanford in the Vale, England
Netherlands Zierikzee, Netherlands
England Botley, England
Austria Mondsee, Austria
Canada Saint-Sulpice, Quebec, Canada
Switzerland Val-d'Illiez, Switzerland
Belgium Nivelles, Belgium
Switzerland Sembrancher, Switzerland
Belgium Manage, Belgium
United States Roanoke, Virginia, United States
Belgium Saint-Ghislain, Belgium
England Waltham Forest, England
England Bishop's Castle, England
Switzerland Cheyres, Switzerland
England Hurstpierpoint, England
Germany Philippburg, Germany
Belgium La Louvière, Belgium
  • Saint-Médard en Jalles
Germany Merzig, Germany
  • Saint-Michel sur Orge
Czech Republic Žzmberk, Czech Republic
England Sunderland, England
England Deal, England
Germany Detmold, Germany
Belgium Ypres, Belgium
Russia Podolsk, Russia
Bulgaria Rousse, Bulgaria
England Salford, England
Switzerland Saint-Oyens, Switzerland
  • Saint-Palais sur-mer
Germany Steisslingen, Germany
  • Saint-Père-Marc-en-Poulet
Belgium Nandrin, Belgium
Belgium Clavier, Belgium
Spain Cariñena, Spain
Germany Spanenberg, Germany
England Lane End, England
Poland Pleszew, Poland
England Ivybridge, England
Belgium Jodoigne, Belgium
Poland Ciesyn Lubelskie, Poland
England Hebden Bridge, England
England Rotherham, England
Greece Kalives, Greece
Germany Ahrensbök, Germany
  • Saint-Séverin-en-Charente
Belgium Saint-Séverin-en-Condroz, Belgium
England Calstock, England
Belgium Kraainem, Belgium
Germany Seeshaupt, Germany
Belgium Ghent, Belgium
Armenia Jermuk, Armenia
  • Saint-Valéry en Caux
Scotland Inverness, Scotland
England Colden Common, England
England Camborne, England
England Lichfield, England
United States Bellport, New York, United States
England Harrold ans Carlton, England
Spain Cuevas del Almanzora, Spain
England Salisbury, England
Belgium Nivelles, Belgium
Russia Vladimir, Russia
Mali Timbuktu, Mali
Germany Xanter, Germany
Greece Antikyra, Greece
Ukraine Thorez, Ukraine
Poland Wodzislaw Slaski, Germany
Belgium Brunehaut, Belgium
England Huntingdon, England
England Eccleshall, England
Netherlands Markelo, Netherlands
  • Sansais-la-Garette
Belgium Crisnée, Belgium
Israel Netanya, Israel
  • Sarge-les-Le Mans
England Holton-le-Clay, England
United States Ashland, Oregon, United States
Netherlands Gouda, Netherlands
Greece Kallithea, Greece
Belgium Modave, Belgium
Germany Bosau, Germany
Belgium Phillippeville, Belgium
United States Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Germany Verden, Germany
England Broughton, England
Belgium Paliseul, Belgium
Belgium La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium
England Caistor, England
Wales Crickhowell, Wales
England Leamington Spa, England
England Scopwick and Kirkby Green, England
Poland Zabrze, Poland
Ukraine Sevastopol, Ukraine
Belgium Bertogne, Belgium
  • Seiche-sur-le-Loir
Germany Erlenbach, Germany
Spain Oña, Spain
United States Orlando, Florida, United States
Switzerland Grenchen, Switzerland
Switzerland Sion, Switzerland
Belgium Ciney, Belgium
Belgium Marchin, Belgium
England Chester, England
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Belgium Beauraing, Belgium
Ukraine Berdiansk, Ukraine
England Somerton, England
Germany Bad Berka, Germany
Belgium Stavelot, Belgium
Germany Kandern, Germany
England Odiham, England
Czech Republic Ivančice, Czech Republic
Scotland Monifeith, Scotland
Spain Palos de la Frontera, Spain
England Broxbourne, England
England Cheshunt, England
Switzerland Metzlere-Mariastein, Switzerland
Belgium Saint-Hubert, Belgium
United States Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Germany Dresden, Germany
Morocco Fes, Morocco
Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
Haiti Jacmel, Haiti
England Leicester, England
Russia Novgorod, Russia
Israel Ramat Gan, Israel
Germany Stuttgart, Germany
England Crickdale, England
England Surrey Heath, England
Spain Colmenar Viejo, Spain
Germany District of Göttingen, Germany
England Hackney, England
Germany Hann. Münden, Germany
Israel Holon, Israel
Serbia Kragujevac, Serbia
Austria Villach, Austria
Germany Wipperfürth, Germany


United Kingdom Stockbridge, United Kingdom
Greece Trikala, Greece
Switzerland Porrentruy, Switzerland
Switzerland Bussy-Chardonney, Switzerland
Belgium Theux, Belgium
Netherlands Bodegraven, Netherlands
United States Binghamton, New York, United States
England Long Wittenham, England
England Bridgnorth, England
Belgium Mons, Belgium
Germany Eberbach, Germany
Gabon Port-Gentil, Gabon
England Seaton, England
England Sandown, England
Morocco Khemisset, Morocco
Germany Mannheim, Germany
Russia Kronstadt, Russia
United States Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Italy La Spezia, Italy
United States Atlanta, Georgia
Italy Bologna, Italy
England Bristol, England
People's Republic of China Chongqing, China
Spain Elche, Spain
Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine
Israel Tel Aviv, Israel
United States Cary, North Carolina, United States
Belgium Rixensart, Belgium
Poland Jastrzebie Zdroj, Poland
Belgium Mouscron, Belgium
England Rochdale, England
United States Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
United States Springfield, Missouri, United States
Japan Takamatsu, Japan
Canada Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
Greece Portaria, Greece
England Dunston, England
Spain Mondoñedo, Spain
Belgium Rixensart, Belgium
Belgium Rumillies, Belgium
Belgium Perbais, Belgium
Belgium Silly, Belgium
England Barnstaple, England
Netherlands Alkmaar, Netherlands
Poland Zielona Góra, Poland
England Chesterfield, England
Belgium Tournai, Belgium
England Allington and Sedgebrook, England
Belgium Bastogne, Belgium
England Bury, England
Russia Smolensk, Russia




Belgium Ouffet, Belgium
Switzerland Morcote, Switzerland
Switzerland Martigny, Switzerland
Belgium Lierneux, Belgium
England Clanfield, England
Italy Agrigento, Italy
Germany Düren, Germany
Poland Glewice, Poland
England Medway, England
Russia Moscow, Russia
Sweden Nacka, Sweden
Hungary Obuda, Hungary
Hungary Salgótarján, Hungary
People's Republic of China Yichang, China
Russia Novocherkassk, Russia
Belgium Hamois, Belgium
Hungary Hódmezõvásárhely, Hungary
England Wimborne Minster, England
England Fareham, England
Belgium Mons, Belgium
Greece Makrinitsa, Greece
England Comberton, England
Belgium Court-Saint-Étienne, Belgium
Belarus Orcha, Belarus
Montenegro Herceg Novi, Montenegro
United States Belvidere, Illinois, United States
Switzerland Savièse, Switzerland
Spain Angles, Spain
England Stamford, England
Belarus Jodino, Belarus
United States La Vergne, Tennessee, United States
England Great Shelford, England
England Stowmarket, England
England Yarm, England
Australia Canberra, Australia
Japan Nara, Japan
Russia Pushkin, Russia
Switzerland Palézieux, Switzerland
Italy Fontanetto Po, Italy
Switzerland Morges, Switzerland
Belgium Berloz, Belgium
Switzerland Avry, Switzerland
England Worcester, England
Switzerland Veyras, Switzerland
Germany Bad Tölz, Germany
Germany Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Germany
Scotland Dunfermline, Scotland
Germany Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Spain Logroño, Spain
England Berkshire, England
Netherlands Schiedam, Netherlands
Portugal Barcelos, Portugal
Germany Bitterfeld, Germany
Turkey Develi, Turkey
People's Republic of China Dongxihu, China
Morocco El Jadida, Morocco
England Hereford, England
Lebanon Kahale, Lebanon
Poland Kamienna Gora, Poland
Spain Miranda de Ebro, Spain
Germany Rendsbourg, Germany
France Ronvaux, France
Algeria Sig, Algeria
France Wittelsheim, France
Poland Mikołajki, Poland
  • Villedomer
England Stapleford, England
Hungary Dunaújváros, Hungary
England Droylsden, England
Greece Chaidari, Greece
Belgium Tournai, Belgium
Greece Gytheio, Greece
England Eastleigh, England
Spain Ávila, Spain
Italy San Donà di Piave, Italy
Côte d'Ivoire Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire
Scotland Troon, Scotland
Germany Neustadt bei Coburg, Germany
Spain Abanilla, Spain
Belarus Mahilyow, Belarus
Russia Khabarovsk, Russia
Armenia Apovian, Armenia
Israel Bat Yam, Israel
England Bishop's Stortford, England
Belgium Châtelet, Belgium
England Fordingbridge, England
England Lambeth, England
Belgium Montigny-le-Tilleul, Belgium
Belgium Chanxhe, Belgium
England Lymington, England
United States Greece, New York, United States
England Burnley, England
Belgium Hamois, Belgium
Belgium Braives, Belgium
Scotland Kirriemuir, Scotland
  • Voue
England Ludford, England
Switzerland Boudry, Switzerland


Poland Sulecin Lubuskie, Poland
Belgium Beyne-Heusay, Belgium
Poland Siemianowice, Poland
Poland Tarnowskie-Gory, Poland
Belgium De Pinte, Belgium
Germany Möhnesee, Germany
Germany Ahnatal, Germany
Germany Tangermünde, Germany
Germany Heidenrod, Germany
Germany Burstadt, Germany
Germany Ensdorf, Germany
Germany Landscheid-Niederkail, Germany
Germany Beverungern-Werden, Germany
Germany Illingen, Germany
Germany Grävenwiesbach, Germany


Germany Lauf, Germany


Germany Mendig, Germany
Germany Fassberg, Germany
Germany Wackersberg, Germany
Germany Ebersberg, Germany
Germany Hemmingen, Germany
Scotland Lesmahagow, Scotland
Germany Ivenack, Germany
Germany Bendorf, Germany
Romania Gherla, Romania
Senegal Kafountine, Senegal






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