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Location of China

This article is a list of universities in the People's Republic of China by provincial-level divisions.

By the end of 2004, China had 2,236 colleges and universities, with over 20 million students enrolled.[1] More than 6 million Chinese students graduated from university in 2008.[2] The "Project 211" for creating 100 universities began in the mid-1990s,has merged more than 700 institutions of higher learning into about 300 universities. The University of International Business and Economics in Beijing was the first of such example.

Corresponding with the merging of many public universities, has been the rapid expansion of the private sector since 1999. As of 2006, private universities accounted for around 6 percent of student enrolments, or about 1.3 million of the 20 million students enrolled in formal higher education.[3]



The following notation is used:

  • National: administered directly by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • National (other): administered by a ministry other than the MOE
  • Ω: National Key Universities
  • Provincial: Public university administered by the province
  • Municipal: Public university administered by the municipality
  • Private: Privately owned and funded university


Autonomous regions


Special administrative regions


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