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This is a list of large wind farms in the United States, with an installed generating capacity of 120 megawatts (MW) or more.


Operating or under construction

Part of the Biglow Canyon Wind Farm, with a turbine under construction
Fenton Wind Farm at sunrise
Shiloh Wind Power Plant. The surrounding land is used for sheep grazing and growing hay.
Large wind farms in the United States[1][2]
Farm Installed
Adair Wind Farm 174 Iowa
Altamont Pass Wind Farm 606 California
Ashtabula Wind Farm 196 North Dakota
Barton Wind Farm 160 Iowa
Barton Chapel Wind Farm 120 Texas
Benton County Wind Farm[3] 130.5 Indiana
Big Horn Wind Farm 200 Washington
Biglow Canyon Wind Farm 275 Oregon
Blue Canyon Wind Farm 225 Oklahoma
Blue Sky Green Field Wind Farm 145 Wisconsin
Brazos Wind Ranch 160 Texas
Buena Vista (Storm Lake) 193 Iowa
Buffalo Gap Wind Farm 523 Texas
Buffalo Ridge Wind Farm 225 Minnesota
Bull Creek Wind Farm 180 Texas
Camp Grove Wind Farm 150 Illinois
Camp Springs Wind Energy Center 130 Texas
Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm 662 Texas
Carroll Wind Farm 150 Iowa
Cedar Creek Wind Farm 300 Colorado
Centennial Wind Farm 120 Oklahoma
Century Wind Farm 150 Iowa
Champion Wind Farm 126 Texas
Colorado Green Wind Farm 162 Colorado
Crystal Lake Wind Farm 350 Iowa
Desert Sky Wind Farm 160 Texas
Dutch Hill/Cohocton Wind Farm 125 New York
Elbow Creek Wind Project 122 Texas
Elk River Wind Farm 150 Kansas
Endeavor Wind Farm 150 Iowa
Fenton Wind Farm 206 Minnesota
Forest Creek Wind Farm 124 Texas
Forward Wind Energy Center 129 Wisconsin
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm 750 Indiana
Glacier Wind Farm 210 Montana
Goodland I 130 Indiana
Green Mt. Energy Wind Farm 160 Texas
Gulf Wind Farm 283 Texas
Hackberry Wind Project 165 Texas
Harvest Wind Farm 52 Michigan
High Winds Wind Farm 162 California
Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center 736 Texas
Inadale Wind Farm 197 Texas
Intrepid Wind Farm 160 Iowa
Judith Gap Wind Farm 135 Montana
Kibby Wind Power Project 132 Maine
King Mountain Wind Farm 281 Texas
Klondike Wind Farm 400 Oregon
Langdon Wind Energy Center 159 North Dakota
Lone Star Wind Farm 400 Texas
Locust Ridge Wind Farm 128 Pennsylvania
Maple Ridge Wind Farm 322 New York
Marengo Wind Farm 140 Washington
McAdoo Wind Farm 150 Texas
Milford Wind Corridor Project 203 Utah
Mount Storm Wind Farm 264 West Virginia
NedPower Mount Storm I 164 West Virginia
New Mexico Wind Energy Center 204 New Mexico
Nobles Wind Farm 201 Minnesota
Panther Creek Wind Farm 458 Texas
Peetz Wind Farm 400 Colorado
Peñascal Wind Farm 202 Texas
Pine Tree Wind Farm 120 California
Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm 293 Iowa
Pomeroy Wind Farm 196 Iowa
Pyron Wind Farm 249 Texas
Red Hills Wind Farm 123 Oklahoma
Roscoe Wind Farm 781[4] Texas
San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm 619 California
Sherbino Wind Farm 750 Texas
Shiloh Wind Farm 300 California
Smoky Hills Wind Farm 249 Kansas
Stanton Energy Center 120 Texas
Stateline Wind Project 300 Oregon
Story County Wind Farm 150 Iowa
Sweetwater Wind Farm 585 Texas
Tatanka Wind Farm 180 North and South Dakota
Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm 690 California
Trent Wind Farm 150 Texas
Turkey Track Wind Farm 169 Texas
Twin Groves Wind Farm 396 Illinois
Walnut Wind Farm 153 Iowa
Wethersfield Wind Park 124 New York
Whispering Willow Wind Farm 200 Iowa
Windy Point/Windy Flats 400 Washington
White Creek Wind Power Project 204 Washington
Wild Horse Wind Farm 229 Washington
Wildorado Wind Ranch 160 Texas
Woodward Wind Farm 159 Oklahoma
Wyoming Wind Energy Center 144 Wyoming

Proposed wind farms

Proposed large wind farms
Farm Capacity (MW) State
Banner County Wind Farm 2,000 Nebraska
Beech Ridge Wind Farm 186 West Virginia
Buzzards Bay Wind Farm (offshore) [5] 300 Massachusetts
Cape Wind (offshore) 420 Massachusetts
Delaware Offshore Wind Project 600 Delaware
Garden State Offshore Energy Wind Park[6] 350 New Jersey
Golden Hills Wind Project[7] 300 Oregon
Hartland Wind Farm 500-1,000 North Dakota
Long Island Offshore Wind Park[8] 144 New York
McAdoo Wind farm [9] 150 Texas
Meadow Lake Wind Farm[10] 1,000 Indiana
Pampa Wind Project 4,000 Texas
Pine Canyon Wind Farm[11] 150 California
Pine Tree Wind Project[11] 120 California
Rim Rock Wind Farm 309 Montana
Shepherds Flat Wind Farm 909 Oregon
Tehachapi Renewal Project 4,500 California
Titan Wind Project 5,050 South Dakota
Top of the World Windpower Project 200 Wyoming
Valley City/Lake Ashtabula Wind Farm[12] 200 North Dakota

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