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This is a list of traditional windmills in the American state of New York.

Location Name of mill
and coordinates
Type Built Notes Photograph
Amagansett Amagansett Mill Smock 1815A Moved within Amagansett 1829.A
Amagansett Amagansett Mill Smock 1829A Burnt down 1924.A
Amagansett Amagansett Mill Smock
Babylon Bulk's Mill Smock 1929A
Bay Shore Conover Mill Smock 1880A
Bridgehampton Beebe Mill Smock 1830s Moved within Bridgehampton 1889
Bridgehampton Beebe Mill Smock 1889 Moved within Bridgehampton 1915
Bridgehampton Beebe Mill
40°56′03″N 72°18′05″W / 40.93417°N 72.30139°W / 40.93417; -72.30139
Smock 1915 BeebeWindmill.jpg
East Hampton Gardiners Island Mill Smock 1771A Moved within East Hampton 23 May 1795.A
East Hampton Gardiners Island Mill
41°05′28″N 72°06′40″W / 41.09111°N 72.11111°W / 41.09111; -72.11111
Smock 1795 Gardiners Island Windmill.jpg
East Hampton Hayground Mill 1801 Moved within East Hampton 1950.A
East Hampton Hayground Mill 1950A Hayground-windmill.jpg
East Hampton Hook Mill
40°57′56″N 72°11′02″W / 40.96556°N 72.18389°W / 40.96556; -72.18389
Smock 1806 Eh-windmill.jpg
East Hampton Wainscott Mill
40°56′01″N 72°14′16″W / 40.93361°N 72.23778°W / 40.93361; -72.23778
Smock 1940A Wainscott-windmill.jpg
East Hampton Schellinger Mill Smock 1804A Moved within East Hampton 1850.A
East Hampton Hunting Miller's Mill Smock 1850A Moved within East Hampton, 1917.A
East Hampton Pantigo Mill Smock 1917A
East Hampton Mulford Farm MillA Smock
Glen Island Orient Mill Smock 1910A
Hampton Bays Good Ground Mill Smock 1860A Moved to Southampton 1890.A
Hempstead Hofstra Mill Smock 1903A
Hewlett Hewlett Mill Smock 1791A
Huntington Sammis Mill Vertical axle mill 1825A
Morris Island (two mills)[1]
Morristown McConnell's Mill
Stone Mill

44°35′22″N 75°38′42″W / 44.58944°N 75.645°W / 44.58944; -75.645
Napoli Gladden Mill
42°14′07″N 78°53′44″W / 42.23528°N 78.89556°W / 42.23528; -78.89556
Oakdale Bourne's Mill Tower 1911A
Orient Orient Mill Smock 1810A Moved to Glen Island 1910.A
Sag Harbor Beebe Mill Smock 1820 Moved to Bridgehampton 1830s
Sag Harbor Corwith Mill Smock 1800A Moved to Water Mill 1814.A
Shelter Island Shelter Island Mill
41°04′33″N 72°20′08″W / 41.07583°N 72.33556°W / 41.07583; -72.33556
Shelter Island Good Ground Mill Smock 1807A Moved to Hampton Bays 1860A
Shelter Island Sylvester's Mill Smock 1839A
Southampton Burnt down prior to 1813A
Southampton Smock 1813A Moved to Wainscott 1840.A
Southampton Good Ground Mill Smock 1890A
Southampton Windmill Lane Mill Smock 1712A Moved to Mill Hill, Southampton 1890.A
Southampton Mill Hill Mill, Southampton College Smock 1890A Southampton-college-windmill.jpg
Southampton Shinnecock Hills Mill Smock 1916A
Southold Mill Hill Mill Smock 1810A Moved to Shelter Island 1839.A
Wainscott Wainscott Mill Smock 1840A Moved to East Hampton 1940A
Water Mill Water Mill Windmill
40°54′34″N 72°21′15″W / 40.90944°N 72.35417°W / 40.90944; -72.35417
1800 Watermill-convent.jpg
Water Mill Corwith Mill Smock 1814A


Known building dates are in bold text. Non-bold text denotes first known date. Iron windpumps are outside the scope of this list unless listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Note A: Leeds, Gerald A, and Pulling, Anne Francis (1999). Windmills and Water Mills of Long Island. Charleston, SC: Arcadia. ISBN 0-7385-0288-X.  


  1. ^ Mock Mill, never a working windmill


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