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This is a list of the youngest known birth mothers younger than 12 years of age. It does not include 12-year-olds as birth mothers this age (or older) are relatively common.


Cases by age of mother

Age 5

  • 1939: Precocious puberty allowed Lina Medina of Tricapo, Peru to become pregnant at 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days old; she gave birth to a 2.0 kg (4.4 lb) son, named Gerardo, by caesarean section on May 14, 1939 in Lima. Her parents, who assumed their daughter had a tumor, took her to a hospital, where she was determined to be seven months pregnant. Although Medina's father was arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse, he was later released due to lack of evidence, and the identity of who impregnated Medina was never uncovered.[1][2]

Age 8

  • 2006: A girl from Huanuco, Peru, gave birth to a baby weighing 2 kg (4.4 lb) by caesarean section at a hospital in Lima in December 2006. Her ninth birthday occurred a couple of days later. She became pregnant after being raped by two of her cousins.[3][4]

Age 9

  • 1957: Hilda Trujillo gave birth to a girl weighing over 6 lb (2.7 kg) at a hospital in Lima, Peru in December 1957. Her 22-year-old cousin, who was staying in her family's one-room house at the time, was arrested for rape.[5]
  • 2001: Wanwisa Janmuk gave birth in February 2001 to a girl at a hospital in Phetchabun, a northern province of Thailand. The father was her 27-year-old husband; Thai law allows for the arranged marriages of minors by their parents.[6]
  • 2004: A Singaporean girl gave birth to a boy in 2004 after being impregnated by a fellow student at her school. Her mother initially thought she had a urinary tract infection, but, upon taking her to the doctor, learned she was already six months pregnant. The baby was placed for adoption.[7]
  • 2005: A girl gave birth to a baby boy by caesarean section at a hospital in Butare, Rwanda, in December 2005. The child, who underwent breast development at age six and menarche at age eight, became pregnant after being raped by her family's domestic servant.[8]
  • 2006: A girl of the Apurinã, an indigenous people from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, gave birth to a baby girl weighing 2.2 kg (4.8 lb) by caesarean section at a hospital in Manaus in July 2006. Police are investigating the case.[9][10]
  • 2010: A 9-year-old girl from Songyuan in north-east China gave birth to a healthy 2.75kg baby on January 27, 2010. A case has been registered with the police in this regard.[11][12]

Age 10

  • 1834: Sally Deweese of Butler County, Kentucky, was reported by Dr. D. Rowlett to have delivered a baby girl weighing 7.75 pounds (3.52 kg) on April 20, 1834. Deweese allegedly developed breasts within weeks of birth and began menstruating at 12 months.[13]
  • 1979: A girl aged 10 gave birth to twins six weeks premature, both weighing 3 lb 6 oz, at a hospital in Indianapolis. She is thought to have been the youngest mother of twins at the time.[14]
  • 2000: A girl from Bolivia gave birth to a baby girl weighing 2.5 kilograms (5.5 lb) by caesarean section at a hospital in Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 25, 2007. A 28-year-old was arrested on a charge of rape.[15][16]
  • 2005: A girl from Calama, Chile, gave birth to a baby boy by caesarean section at a hospital in Antofagasta, Chile on April 13, 2005. The child became pregnant after having been raped by her father at age nine. Her parents, who both came from Bolivia, were jailed.[17][18][19]
  • 2005: A girl gave birth to a baby girl at a hospital in Sion, Switzerland in August 2005. She had immigrated to Switzerland from Cameroon with her siblings when her mother married a Swiss citizen. A 68-year-old man who was in a relationship with the mother admitted to having molested the girl but a DNA test found that he was not the father of the girl's child.[20][21][22]
  • 2006: A girl in Abbeville, South Carolina gave birth by caesarean section in 2006 after having been raped by then-26-year-old William Edward Ronca. Ronca admitted to having molested the girl over a two year period and was sentenced to 25 years in prison as a result. The baby was placed for adoption.[23]
  • 2006: A girl from Charleroi, Belgium gave birth in 2006. After the child began gaining weight, her mother put her on a diet, but when the girl visited a doctor, it was discovered that she was nine months pregnant. The father was a then-13-year-old boy who attended the same school as the girl. News of the birth did not become publicly known until 2007.[24]
  • 2006: A girl from Jaral del Progreso, Guanajuato, Mexico gave birth naturally to a baby girl weighing 2.3 kilograms (5.1 lb) on April 3, 2006. She became pregnant after being raped by a 47-year-old neighbour, who was sentenced to 11 years, 6 months in prison for the crime.[25][26]
  • 2007: A girl from San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico gave birth to a baby boy on July 2, 2007. Her pregnancy was the result of a rape committed by the 65-year-old landlord of the house which her parents rented. The man was jailed.[27][28][29][30]
  • 2008: In St. Anthony, Idaho, U.S., a girl gave birth to a 6 pounds (2.7 kg) baby at Madison Memorial Hospital. 37-year-old Guadalupe Gutierrez-Juarez was jailed on one felony count of rape.[31]

Age 11

  • 1972: A girl gave birth at the age of 11 years, 10 months at Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital in Aylesbury, England. The father was the young girl's stepbrother.[32]
  • 2002: A girl from Bridgeport, Connecticut gave birth after being raped by a 75-year-old man, who was arrested on April 17, 2002.[33]
  • 2004: A girl gave birth to a baby boy weighing 8.4 lb (3.8 kg) at a hospital in Kharkov, Ukraine in January 2004. The girl, who is currently the youngest mother in Ukraine, is suspected to have been impregnated by a 26-year-old neighbour, who fled in the fear of facing prosecution.[34]
  • 2005: Valentina gave birth to a boy in Moscow, Russia, after she was impregnated by her 14-year-old boyfriend.[35]
  • 2006: A girl of African origin gave birth to a baby boy at a hospital in West London, United Kingdom on May 5, 2006.A 37-year-old man was arrested.[36]
  • 2007: A girl from Valhalla Park, Cape Town, South Africa gave birth to a baby boy on July 12, 2007. An elderly security guard was arrested in connection with rape. She agreed to give the baby up for adoption on the condition she could visit him once a month.[37]
  • 2007: A girl from Lockland, Ohio, gave birth to a child on November 4, 2007. Her mother's boyfriend, Michael Chaffer, was sentenced to 28 years in prison on charges of felonious assault and two counts of rape. The baby is under the care of relatives.[38]
  • 2009: Kordeza Zhelyazkova, a Roma school girl, gave birth to a healthy daughter in Bulgaria on her wedding day. Nineteen-year-old husband Jeliazko Dimitrov, with whom the child was allegedly conceived a week after meeting, now faces up to six years in jail for having sex with a minor. [39][40]
  • 2010: An unidentified girl in Texas gave birth without complications to a healthy baby boy. No information was available regarding the father's identity. "My daughter and (her) baby are fine, and the baby is absolutely beautiful," said the mother of the 11-year-old girl.[41]

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