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Lito y Polaco
Birth name Rafael Sierra & Rafael Omar Polaco Molina
Born September 30, 1979 (Lito) November 1, 1976 (Polaco)
Origin Carolina, Puerto Rico
Genres Rap, Reggaeton, Gangsta rap, Hardcore rap
Associated acts Daddy Yankee

Rafael Sierra (Lito) (born September 30, 1979) and Rafael Omar Polaco Molina (Polaco) (born November 1, 1976) comprise a duo reggaeton group from Carolina, Puerto Rico.


Musical career

They formed part of the original members of DJ Eric Industry, alongside MC Ceja, Glory, Felo Man and his father TNT. Both Lito and Polaco were in the process of recording their debut solo albums entitled De La Calle Pa La Calle and El Táltaro respectively, this last one has never been released. In Late 2007 on a radio show it was announced that the legendary duo will return with a new album "La Institucion".

Current Duo


Polaco began his career in 1992 alongside Prieto Valdez on the cd called The Noise from DJ Negro. They both formed the duo Polaco & Prieto until Polaco and DJ Eric's crew started a lyrical war against DJ Negro and The Noise crew, and that is when Prieto broke from the duo. Prieto started a small war with Polaco after his song "Que Ellos Se Creen" which was featured on The Noise 7 in 1997. Polaco responded in the song "Que Vas Hacer" which came out on the production Gargolas 2 in 1999. Although having not gotten along with him for many years Polaco seems to have resolved his differences with Gringo even to the point of supporting him by making a guest appearance on Gringo's solo album El Independiente.

Lito MC Cassidy

Lito MC Cassidy got his start in 1994 when he became a part of DJ Eric's first production Street Style Vol.1. The 2 where signed onto Pina Records in 2000 and became part of the Pina Records vs Buddha's Family War soon after that. Around that time, Polaco met Tempo in an infamous street fight next to Ponce. They have several other competitors besides Buddha's Family War, including Baby Rasta y Gringo, Voltio, Eddie Dee and Tego Calderón[citation needed].


Previous Feuds

On Underground times, Lito & Polaco dissed a lot of rappers, especially, Tempo and the "Buddha's Clan", during the war between Pina Records and Buddha's Family.

Current Feuds

  • Raphy Pina (Lito Only)


Discography As A Duo

As Lito MC Cassidy



Singles As A Duo

  • Jenga Jenga (1998)
  • Testimonio De La Calle (2001)
  • Maniática Sexual (2001)
  • Mundo Frío (2002)
  • Piensan (2002)
  • Rosando Con Mi Piel (feat. Nicky Jam) (2002)
  • Esta Noche Quiero Darte (feat. Speedy) (2002)
  • Mírate Al Espejo (2002)
  • La Gritona(2002)
  • Si Ella Es Brava (2003)
  • Los Cerdos (2003)
  • Ojos de Diabla (feat. Divino) (2004)
  • Gata Traicionera (feat. Jacob) (2004)
  • Ella Vive Sola (feat. La Secta AllStar) (2004)
  • Mis Chavos (2008)

Lito MC Cassidy's Singles

  • Bocon (2005)
  • Vender Droga (2005)
  • Me Converti en un Criminal (2006)
  • Los Matamos Como En Hollywood (ft. Toxic Crow, Cromo) (2006)
  • Hot Shit (2006) (Tiraera a Raphy Pina)
  • Te Sacamos Alas (2009)

Polaco's Singles

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