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Little Bear
Genre Family
Format Children's series
Created by Else Holmelund Minarik
Maurice Sendak
Written by Nancy Barr
Starring Kristin Fairlie
Jennifer Martini
Elizabeth Hanna
Janet-Laine Green
Andrew Sabiston
Dan Hennessey
Country of origin  Canada
People's Republic of China China
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 65
Location(s) Toronto, Ontario
Running time approximately 30 mins
Production company(s) Nelvana
Distributor Paramount Television
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run November 6, 1995 – August 7, 2001

Little Bear is a children's television series. Originally produced by Nelvana for Nickelodeon, it currently airs on Treehouse TV in Canada and Nick Jr. in the United States. A direct-to-video full-length feature film was also created after the series ended.

It is based on the Little Bear series of books which were written by Else Holmelund Minarik, and illustrated by Maurice Sendak.

Most of the characters are moderately anthropomorphic animals, exhibiting both animal and human behaviors, but generally dealing with human problems and concerns. However, Little Bear's friend, Emily, and her grandmother are human and Tutu, their dog, is mostly a normal pet. Other characters in the series include Little Bear and his parents Mother and Father Bear, his paternal uncle Rusty, his two grandparents, the eponymously named animals Duck, Cat, Owl and Hen, in addition to many recurring minor characters.

Reruns of Little Bear can currently be seen on Nick Jr.



Little Bear - Little Bear is a small grizzly bear cub, an animal version of a six-year-old boy. Throughout the series, he has grown somewhat, as his voice is slightly deeper, and he doesn't take naps as often. He is the only character whose parents are shown. Little Bear lives in a stucco, timber, plaster, and brick house. He is always kind and loves to explore. He and all his other animal friends are, and always play barefoot and without clothes, while the adult characters such as Mother and Father Bear are usually seen wearing shoes and clothes.

Owl - Owl is someone who is sometimes pompous, but very wise. He lives in a treehouse. Although Owl enjoys fun games, he'll only participate if the gameplay is sensible.

Duck - Duck is a domesticated duck with yellow feathers and a long neck. Slow and smart at the same time, Duck is one who gets herself into comical situations. She lives in a nest.

Hen - Hen is a fussy, feisty chicken who lives in a large chicken coop. She is classy and sophisticated and enjoys cleanliness, though her several nieces and nephews often mess up her spotless house. However, she never turns down the opportunity for fun. Hen has also been shown to be fond of opera.

Cat - Cat is a laid back, slothful, pompous feline who enjoys prowling at night, playing tricks on passersby, and eating. When he and his friends must get to a certain place in the woods, Cat often leads them through one of his shortcuts, which once seemed longer but it was not his fault that Little Bear and Owl took a wrong turn one paricular time. Cat promptly led them out of the forest when they ended up where they began.

Mitzi - Mitzi is a mischievous, sometimes rather unthoughtful monkey who lives in a tree house in the forest around Little Bear's home. She feels bad after slighting somebody's feelings or misleading them (as when she played for keeps by declaring "keepsies" too fast to be understood, and won all of Little Bear's marbles).

No Feet - No Feet is a green garden snake that lives in Mother Bear's garden.

Frog - Frog is a frog that dispenses zen-like wisdom between his meditations.

Mermaid - Mermaid is a mermaid who Little Bear occasionally meets when he goes to the lake, she is friendly and takes Little Bear to see places underwater.

Emily - Emily is a good friend of Little Bear's. She is a seven-year-old human girl who moved into a cottage in the forest with her Grandmother and her dog Tutu. She is the oldest and likes to be in charge. Although she is sometimes bossy, she is very kindhearted. Emily's most prized possession is her doll named Lucy, which she takes everywhere. She is considered Little Bear's best friend.

Granny - Granny is Emily's grandmother. She has visited many places around the world and has shown to have a great imagination.

Mother Bear - Mother Bear is Little Bear's mother. She seems to enjoy cooking and is always there to help Little Bear if he needs it. Her actual name is Mother Bear, as in one of the episodes Little Bear discovers a heart with MB + FB on it, and then below LB, which his parents had drawn on the tree a long time ago.

Father Bear - Father Bear is Little Bear's father. He is a fisherman and sometimes takes Little Bear out fishing.

Tutu - Tutu is Granny's dog. She acts very hyper and like she understands humans. Also, according to Granny, she only speaks French.

Grandfather Bear - Grandfather Bear is Little Bear's grandfather and Mother Bear's father. He once worked at a circus with his wife.

Grandmother Bear - Grandmother Bear is Little Bear's grandmother and Mother Bear's mother. She likes to cook and tell stories.

Cub - Cub only appears in The Little Bear Movie. He is a wild dark brown bear who lives in the wilderness with his parents. Unlike Little Bear, he walks more on all fours than upright, though he does walk on two paws. He can sometimes be a bit mean, but he becomes a good friend of Little Bear.

Rusty Bear - Rusty is Father Bear's younger brother. He mentions that he lives in the woods, and that he would prefer to live there because it is quiet and peaceful. He is a very big bear, slightly taller and huskier than Father Bear. He has a deep voice, wears overalls, and has a red handkerchief around his neck. He is seen in only a few of the Little Bear episodes.

Little Ick - Little Ick is a baby raccoon and only appears in an episode where his mother went to visit his grandmother and dropped him off with Mother Bear. Little Bear and Little Ick form a bit of a sibling relationship together like Little Bear feeling left out because Mother Bear seems to be paying more attention to Little Ick. Little Ick also causes sorts of trouble for Little Bear. Little Ick is the baby raccoon's nickname from Little Bear because "Ick" is the only thing the baby can say.

Marshmallow - Marshmallow is a baby white skunk. She is "adopted" by Owl and Little Bear in an episode and plays with Duck, Little Bear, Owl, and Cat in the episode "Little Footprints."

Episodes and Movies

  1. What Will Little Bear Wear? (Pilot) / Hide and Seek / Little Bear Goes to the Moon
  2. Birthday Soup / Polar Bear (This episode was based on the Nelvana logo used in this series when the paint spilled on Little Bear) / Gone Fishing
  3. Up All Night / A Flu / Exploring*
  4. Fishing with Father Bear / Little Bear's Bath / Father Bear Comes Home*
  5. Little Bear's Wish / Little Bear's Shadow / A Present for Mother Bear
  6. To Grandmother's House / Grandfather Bear / Mother Bear's Robin
  7. Hiccups / Date with Father Bear / Pudding Hill
  8. Little Bear's Mermaid / Father Bear's Flying Flapjacks / Maracas
  9. Family Portrait / Little Bear's New Friend / Emily's Visit
  10. Duck, Babysitter / Little Bear's Band / Hop Frog Pond
  11. Little Bear and the Wind / Goblin Story / Not Tired
  12. Grandfather's Attic / Little Bear's Egg / Party at Owl's House
  13. The Rain-Dance Play / Your Friend, Little Bear / Fall Dream
  14. Little Bear the Magician / Doctor Little Bear / Bigger Little Bear
  15. Little Bear's Trip to the Stars / Little Bear's Surprise / Little Bear and the North Pole
  16. Little Bear Meets No Feet / Campout / Emily's Balloon
  17. Cat's Shortcut / Little Bear's Bad Day / Captain Little Bear
  18. Building a House for Emily / Emily Returns / Little Sherlock Bear
  19. Little Bear's Tooth / Little Red Riding Hood / Little Bear and the Cupcakes
  20. Snowball Fight / Winter Solstice / Snowbound
  21. Little Bear's Garden / Prince Little Bear / A Painting for Emily
  22. Follow the Leader / Little Scarecrow Bear / Little Bear and the Baby
  23. Rafting on the River / Little Bear's Kite / Night of the Full Moon
  24. Auntie Hen / Play Ball / Lucy's Okay
  25. Between Friends / The Blueberry Picnic / Lucy Needs a Friend
  26. Picnic on Pudding Hill / Little Bear's Walkabout / Secret Friend
  27. Owl's Dillemma / School for Otters / Spring Cleaning
  28. A Whale of a Tale / Mitzi Arrives / Granny's Old Flying Rug
  29. Little Bear Sings a Song / A House for Mitzi / Up a Tree
  30. The Big Bear-Sitter / The Top of the World / The Campfire Tale
  31. Mitzi's Little Monster / Simon Says / Applesauce
  32. Father Bear's Nightshirt / How to Scare Ghosts / Search for Spring
  33. Out of Honey / Message in a Bottle / Little Bear's Sweet Tooth
  34. Where Lucy Went / Monster Pudding / Under the Covers
  35. Gingerbread Cookies / Marbles / The Garden War
  36. The Red Thread / Princess Duck / Little Bear Meets Duck
  37. Mother Nature / Dance Steps / Who Am I?
  38. Emily's Birthday / The Great Race / Circus for Tutu
  39. Clever Cricket / Leaves / Big Bad Broom
  40. Pillow Hill / Diva Hen / Father Bear's Little Helper
  41. I'll Be You, You'll Be Me / Frog In My Throat / Little Bear the Puddle Jumper
  42. Family Bath Time / Winter Wonderland / Mitzi's Mess
  43. Moonlight Serenade / Caterpillars / Goblin Night
  44. Sleepover / Sand Castle / Happy Anniversary
  45. The April Fools / Balloonheads! / Mother Bear's Button
  46. Little Bear and the Ice Boat / Baby Deer / Invisible Little Bear
  47. Valentine's Day / Thinking of Mother Bear / I Spy
  48. Blue Feather / Thunder Monster / Duck Soup
  49. The Little White Skunk / Mother's Day / Little Footprints
  50. Rainy Day Friends / Little Goblin Bear / Picnic on the Moon
  51. Little Bear and the Sea Monster / The Hat Parade / Finding Fisherman Bear
  52. A Kiss for Little Bear (The Painting / The Kiss / The Wedding)
  53. Duck Loses her Quack / Feathers in a Bunch / Detective Little Bear
  54. The Sky is Falling! / Father's Day / Fisherman Bear's Big Catch
  55. The Dandelion Wish / The Broken Boat / Duck Takes the Cake
  56. Magic Lemonade / Silly Billy / Good Night, Little Bear
  57. First Frost / Hello Snow / Duck and the Winter Moon
  58. Little Bear Talks to Himself / Who Do I Look Like? / Mister Nobody
  59. I Can Do That! / Pied Piper Little Bear / The Big Swing
  60. The Greatest Show in the World / Lucky Little Bear / Little Bear's Tall Tale
  61. Opposites Day / Wish Upon a Star / Sleepy Head Monster
  62. Little Bear's Favorite Tree / Something Old, Something New / In A Little While
  63. We're Lost! / Little Little Bear / Duck's Big Catch
  64. Little Bear Scares Everyone / The One That Got Away / Where Are Little Bear's Crayons?
  65. How to Love a Porcupine / A Houseboat for Duck / How Little Bear Met Owl
  66. The Little Bear Movie

The episodes marked with the footnote (*) were later aired differently: A Flu / Exploring / Fishing with Father Bear and Up All Night / Little Bear's Bath / Father Bear Comes Home

Voice Cast

Actor Role
Kristin Fairlie Little Bear
Amos Crawley Owl
Tracy Ryan Duck
Andrew Sabiston Cat
Dan Hennessey Father Bear
Janet Laine-Green Mother Bear
Tara Strong Tutu / Melody
Elizabeth Hanna Hen
Jennifer Martini Emily
Rick Jones No Feet
Sean McCann Grandfather Bear
Diane D'Aquila Grandmother Bear
Kyle Fairlie Cub / Rabbit
Alison Sealy Smith Cub's Mother
Maurice Dean Wint Cub's Father

Canadian Live and New York Musical Theatrical Version

In Canada, Little Bear has been turned into a live theatrical show, "Little Bear: Winter Tales" which originally toured across Canada in 2007. The show is due to tour Canada again in late 2009. Villains Tonight has been Replace by Little Bear and the Wonderful Magic Lamp it's coming at Disney Cruise Line in December 9, 2010. [1]

Both tours are presented by Paquin Entertainment, and were produced by Koba Entertainment.


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