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Little Rock Zoo
Date opened 1926
Location Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Land area 33 acres (0.13 km2)
Coordinates 34°44′47″N 92°19′56″W / 34.7464°N 92.3321°W / 34.7464; -92.3321Coordinates: 34°44′47″N 92°19′56″W / 34.7464°N 92.3321°W / 34.7464; -92.3321
Number of animals 725
Number of species 200
Memberships AZA

The Little Rock Zoo is located in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. It is the only zoo in the state and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The zoo was founded in 1926 and is presently home to more than 725 animals representing over 200 species. The newly restored Over the Jumps carousel, a fully-restored antique carousel, made its home at the Little Rock Zoo in October of 2007. A new African penguin exhibit will open in the fall of 2010. The Zoo is split into two zones, North and South.


The Zoo is home to many animals and most of them are spread out throughout the zoo into different areas according to their environment, species, or diet. These exhibits are made to fit the animal's needs and mimic their surrounding environment as effectively as possible to ensure that the animal is comfortable and not stressed in it's new home.

This list includes some of the major exhibits at the Little Rock Zoo.

  • Big Cats - This exhibit includes some of the largest predatory felines in the world. The exhibit features the African Lion, Malayan Tiger, and Jaguar. The exhibit provides the cats with plenty of trees and space and surrounds them in a natural canyon-like enclosure.
  • Elephant Barn - The Elephant Barn is home to the mascots of the Little Rock Zoo, two Asian Elephants named Mary and Ellen. The Elephant Barn is extremely large in order to house these gigantic animals. These two elephants also have a large stretch of yard to walk around in outside. There is a large viewing window for the visitors in the front and large banners on the sides that have famous quotes from historic figures citing the majesty and importance of elephants.
  • Great Apes - This exhibit features the Western Lowland Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and Orangutan. The exhibit features a walkway that is suspended above the ape's enclosure. The ground is covered in grass and includes trees and rope for the apes to climb.

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