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Little Women

VHS cover of the film
Directed by Mervyn LeRoy
Produced by Mervyn LeRoy
Written by Louisa May Alcott (novel)
Victor Heerman
Sarah Y. Mason
Andrew Solt
Starring Elizabeth Taylor
June Allyson
Janet Leigh
Margaret O'Brien
Mary Astor
Peter Lawford
Rossano Brazzi
Music by Adolph Deutsch
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s) March 10, 1949
Running time 121 min.
Country United States
Language English

Little Women (1949) directed by Mervyn LeRoy is based on Louisa May Alcott's novel of the same name. The screenplay was written by Sally Benson, Victor Heerman, Sarah Y. Mason, and Andrew Solt. The original music score was composed by Adolph Deutsch.


Changes from the novel

In this version, Beth March (Margaret O'Brien) is portrayed as being several years younger than Amy March (Elizabeth Taylor), while in the book she is a year older. The chapters where Laurie and Amy fall in love in Europe have been omitted. Instead of first meeting at a Christmas party, Jo and Laurie first see each other when the March girls are taking their breakfast to the Hummels, and Jo visits Laurie while he is sick and confined to the house before as well. When they do attend the party, all four of the girls go, rather than just Meg and Jo as presented in the novel. They leave early because Beth is upset over hearing that Mrs. March had plans to marry them off well, instead of Meg's spraining her ankle. Also, at the beginning of the book, when the March sisters are each given a dollar to spend at their pleasure, they decide to all buy something for their mother, or "Marmee", as she is called. In the film, whle they enventually do buy presents for their mother, they inititally purchase things for themselves. In the book, Amy is pulled out of school when her teacher, Mr. Davis, strikes her across the hand with a ruler when she hides limes in her desk; but in the movie, she is in trouble for drawing pictures on her slate, and she is not struck. Several scenes are left out, such as the group picnic or when Amy falls through the ice after following Jo and Laurie to the rink. Jo and Laurie, while they are best friends in the book, Jo even having a special nickname for him ("Teddy"), have a much left intimate relationship in the film.




Actor Role
Elizabeth Taylor Amy March
June Allyson Josephine 'Jo' March
Janet Leigh Margaret 'Meg' March/Brooke
Margaret O'Brien Elizabeth 'Beth' March
Mary Astor Marmee March
Peter Lawford Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence
Rossano Brazzi Professor Bhaer
Richard Stapley John Brooke
Sir C. Aubrey Smith Mr. Laurence

Selznick version

David O. Selznick was originally going to produce the film. Filming began in September 1946 but Selznick decided he could not tackle a major production so soon after the ordeal of filming Duel in the Sun (1946) so he sold the property and script to MGM. The cast for the David O. Selznick version included Jennifer Jones (Jo), Diana Lynn (Amy), Bambi Linn (Beth), Rhonda Fleming (Meg), and Anne Revere (Marmee).

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