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Elizabeth Trotta (born 28 March 1937) is a conservative American journalist and commentator, best known for contributions to various Fox News programs.


Trotta was born in New Haven, Connecticut. Her parents, Gaetano "Thomas" Trotta, a successful pharmacist, and the former Lillian Theresa Mazzacane, were both Catholics who had emigrated from Italy.[1]

Trotta is a Fox News contributor and the former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times.[2] She began her career in 1965, covering the Vietnam War as a correspondent for NBC News and later working for CBS News.[3] Trotta has taught Journalism at Stern College of Yeshiva University. She has won three Emmy awards and two Overseas Press Club awards, and is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.[2]


On 25 May 2008, Trotta expressed on Fox News an apparent desire that presidential candidate Barack Obama be assassinated prior to the 2008 United States presidential election.[4][5][6] While speaking about Hillary Rodham Clinton's reference[7][8] to Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, Trotta said:

... and now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama. Um, uh, Obama. Well, both, if we could.[9]

Trotta apologized the next day.[10] A petition demanding that Trotta be fired was soon up on Care2.[11][12]

On 5 July 2009, Trotta criticized Sarah Palin (who had just resigned as Governor of Alaska), saying that she was "inarticulate and under-educated."[13]


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