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Lizzie McGuire
Lizzie McGuire character
Lizzie and her cartoon counterpart, Animated Lizzie, in a promotional image for Lizzie McGuire
First appearance "Rumors"
Last appearance "Magic Train"
Created by Terri Minsky
Portrayed by Hilary Duff
Gender Female
Occupation Middle school student
Family Sam McGuire (father)
Jo McGuire (mother)
Matt McGuire (brother)

Elizabeth Brooke "Lizzie" McGuire is a fictional character from the Disney Channel TV Series Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie is played by Hilary Duff.



Lizzie is portrayed as a sweet, honest teenage girl who always knows when to do the right thing. She sticks up for her friends, but as shown in some episodes, she sometimes needs reminding in order to do so. She is generally very kind and is even nice to her enemies, such as Kate Sanders/Saunders. At the same time, Lizzie has hurt Kate's feelings and clearly didn't care like in the Halloween episode where Kate cried after Lizzie, Miranda, Gordo, Matt, and Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez played a practical joke on her. Lizzie will even hurt Matt's feelings. All Lizzie wants to do is get by in life, one step at a time. She is always trying to impress her crushes, such as Ethan Craft. She often has the urge to try to become part of the "popular crowd," as exemplified by her arch enemy and former best friend Kate. Sometimes when she does something that gets her temporarily popular she decides that this sort of life is not for her and gives it up, such as the time she became a teen model[1] and the time she dated a celebrity.[2] Lizzie is allergic to strawberries[3] and oyster sauce[4], and she sometimes says that she hates her brother Matt so much that she is allergic to him. As a running gag, Lizzie shows that she is clumsy by falling over, tripping into a trash can, or being smacked on the face by a locker or door. Many times she is disappointed at her parents for treating her like a little kid, which she does not like. She wants to show them that she is old enough to do many things on her own.

Athletic abilities

It is shown in episodes such as "I've Got Rhythmic" and "One of the Guys" that Lizzie is very talented at Rhythmic gymnastics and excels in athletics. She also shown her amazing gymnastics skills in "Lizzie's Eleven". However, she often thinks negatively of sports so that people won't judge her as a "tomboy," and she doesn't really enjoy them that much.

Animated Lizzie

Animated Lizzie is an animated character in the show. She represents the title character's inner thoughts, addressing the audience directly in the manner of a Greek chorus. Animated Lizzie is also voiced by series star Hilary Duff.


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