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EastEnders character
Lloyd Tavernier EE.jpg
Lloyd Tavernier
Portrayed by Garey Bridges
Duration 1990–92
First appearance 5 July 1990
Last appearance 9 June 1992
Date of birth 12 April 1975
Home Norwich

Lloyd Tavernier is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Garey Bridges.

Lloyd suffered from sickle-cell anaemia which made the rest of the family a bit over-protective.


Lloyd arrived in Albert Square in July 1990 with the rest of the Tavernier clan: father Celestine, mother Etta, grandfather Jules, older brother Clyde and twin sister Hattie.

Lloyd suffered with the degenerative disease sickle-cell anaemia and because of this his entire family tended to 'wrap him up in cotton-wool', which often left him feeling smothered. His father's strict rules only sought to alienate him further so he spent most of his time on the square attempting to rebel against them. His condition meant that he became easily tired so he was forbidden from getting a job as his parents feared that he would over-exert himself. Lloyd ignored his family's wishes and secretly got a job as a paper boy. He regretted his defiance however, as during a delivery run he collapsed and was rushed to hospital frightening his family with a near death experience. The incident underlined the seriousness of his condition and only sought to increase his parents overbearing concern.

Lloyd soon grew sick of his 'limited existence' and he eventually began to turn his back on education and the 'sanctimonious preachings' of the church that his parents held with such high regard. In an attempt to rebel he neglected his studies and turned to petty crime. He and his friends hi-jacked a car in April 1992 and took it for a joy-ride, which culminated in him getting caught and arrested by the police. His expedition earned him a suspended sentence, much to his father's shame. His older brother Clyde took him under his wing, however, and helped him straighten his life out.

Lloyd eventually moved to Norwich with his mother and father. His last appearance was in June 1992.

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