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Lo-Fidelity Records is a record label founded in 2002 by Jeffrey K.. (aka Jeffrey Kotthoff)

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Lo-Fidelity specializes in limited edition releases, special edition reissues, and DVDs for artists.


Artists That Have Released CDs or DVDs Through Lo-Fidelity

Label Discography

  1. Adam Again - Ten Songs By Adam Again, Re-Release (2002)
  2. The Lost Dogs - Green Room Serenade, Part Tour (2002)
  3. Terry Scott Taylor - Songs for the Day After Christmas (2002)
  4. Derri Daugherty - A Few Unfinished Songs EP (2003)
  5. The Lost Dogs - The Lost Dogs... Via Chicago DVD (2003)
  6. Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes Of Love - Need To Bleed EP (2003)
  7. at the close of every day - The Silja Symphony Limited Edition Vinyl (2004)
  8. at the close of every day - Live In Amsterdam Limited Edition CD (2004)
  9. The Lost Dogs - MUTT CD (2004)
  10. The 77s - DVD retrospective DVD (2006)
  11. Terry Scott Taylor - Songs for the Day After Christmas (limited edition re-release) EP (2006)
  12. The Lost Dogs - Via Chicago (All We Left Unsaid) DVD/CD (2006)
  13. The 77s - Ninety Nine (limited edition [40 produced] 4-track EP; of 1999 live performance) (2007)
  14. The 77s - Ninety Nine Live CD (8 track CD expanded from 4 track EP for full production run) (2007)
  15. The Lost Dogs - The Lost Dogs... Via Chicago (limited edition re-release) DVD (2007)
  16. The Lost Dogs - We Like To Have Christmas Christmas CD (2007)
  17. The 77s - Holy Ghost Building CD (2008)

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