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Lo Último de Mecano
Studio album by Mecano
Released 1986 (Spain)
Genre Pop
Label CBS Records
Producer Mecano
Luis Cobos
Mecano chronology
Mecano: En Concierto
Lo Último de Mecano
Entre El Cielo y El Suelo

Lo Último de Mecano (English: Mecano's Latest) is an album by pop group Mecano. It was released in 1986. This is not an official album, it was published by CBS Records. It has 4 unpublished songs in studio: 3 of them on 1982 and 1 song on 1984; and 4 live-songs of 1985 of the Tour at "Frontón De Segovia".

Track listing

Tracks [1]:

  1. La Extraña Posición
  2. Napoleón
  3. Viaje Espacial
  4. Super Ratón
  5. No Pintamos Nada (Live)
  6. La Fiesta Nacional (Live)
  7. Busco Algo Barato (Live)
  8. Me Rio De Janeiro (Live)


  • Songs 1, 5, 6, 7 y 8 by Mecano
  • Songs 2, 3 y 4 by Luis Cobos


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