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A local ordinance is a law usually found in a municipal code.


United States

In the United States, these laws are enforced locally in addition to state law and federal law.


In Japan, ordinances (条例 jōrei ?) may be passed by any prefecture or municipality under authority granted by Article 94 of the Constitution.

There must generally be a statutory basis for an ordinance, the ordinance must be in compliance with any overlapping statutes (although it may impose a stricter standard or penalty), and the ordinance must be related to the affairs of the local government in question.

Ordinances must generally be approved by a local assembly and promulgated by the mayor or governor of the local government in question, who may demand a second vote but may not veto the ordinance.

Under the Local Autonomy Law, an ordinance may impose a penalty of up to two years imprisonment and/or 1 million yen in fines, although any penalty under an ordinance must be prescribed in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Hong Kong

Although referred to as Laws, Hong Kong's legislation are referred to as ordinances with a few regulations (mostly to amend ordinances) from the colonial period. The only law not called an ordinance is the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

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