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In geography, Location is a position or point in physical space that something occupies on the Earth's surfase the Solar System, or mankinds physically reachable universe. An Absolute location can often be designated using a specific pairing of latitude and longitude, a Cartesian coordinate grid (e.g.,a Spherical coordinate system, or an ellipsoid-based system (e.g., World Geodetic System).
.A location may be described as either absolute location, meaning the exact location of an object, or relative location, meaning the location of one object relative to another and another or in a general area.^ The movement of people from one place to another without the immediate intention of returning is known as migration , and accord ing to its origin it may be classed as centrifugal (directed a particular area) and centripetal (directed towards a particular area).

^ Each may be subdivided, though not with great exactness, into smaller groups, either according to physical_; characteristics, of which the form of the head is most important, or according to language.

An example of location is where a place is, for example a bowling alley or a restaurant, and the "relative location" is the approximate location of a place or area.

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In geography the term location means defining where a certain place is, with reference to some other place. This reference is usually done using a coordinate system.

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