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Loki and Helmut Schmidt in the Bundeswehr Hospital in Hamburg in 1981

Hannelore "Loki" Schmidt, née Glaser (born March 3, 1919) is the wife of Helmut Schmidt, the Chancellor of Germany from 1974 to 1982.


Life and work

Schmidt was born (as Glaser) in Hamburg. In 1942, she married Helmut Schmidt, who became a politician and, in 1974, chancellor of Germany.

In 1976, she founded the Stiftung zum Schutze gefährdeter Pflanzen, which later became the Stiftung Naturschutz Hamburg und Stiftung zum Schutze gefährdeter Pflanzen. For this work she was awarded the title Professor by the University of Hamburg. She is an honorary doctor of the Russian Academy of Science in St. Petersburg and the University of Hamburg.

The Puya loki-schmidtiae, the Pitcairnia loki-schmidtiae and the scorpion Tityus lokiae are named in her honour[1]

Loki and Helmut Schmidt married on June 27, 1942, and had one son (who died as an infant) and a daughter.

In 2009 she was awarded the honorary citizen award (Ehrenbürgerschaft)—the highest decoration—of Hamburg.[2]


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