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London General WVL38.JPG
Start Warren Street Station
End Putney Heath
Via Piccadilly Circus
South Kensington
Frequency About every 6 minutes
Length 7 miles (11 km)
Operator(s) Go-Ahead London
Garage Putney
Vehicle(s) Volvo B7TL 10m/Wright Eclipse Gemini
PVR 33
† peak vehicle requirement
Transport for LondonPerformance

London Buses route 14 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. The service is currently contracted to Go-Ahead London.



From 1949 the route was running from Hornsey Rise to Putney (Monday to Friday) and beyond to Kingston at weekends with a joint allocation between Putney Bridge Garage (F) and the original Holloway (Holloway Road) Garage (J) using RT type buses. A RTW allocation was introduced at Putney Bridge from May 1955. On 6 May 1953, the route was extended on Sundays beyond Kingston to Hampton Court, for the summer months (May to October). This Summer Sunday extension continued annually until 1965. On 26 November 1958 the Monday to Friday service was withdrawn between Kingston and Putney. Following the closure of Putney Bridge garage, part allocation of the route also transferred to Putney (AF) Garage. By 1965 the whole route had a Routemaster (RM) allocation, and by 1968 the route had gradually converted to the longer RML type.

On 18 April 1970, Putney's Sunday allocation was withdrawn, although this was reintroduced on 2 January 1971 when the route was withdrawn between Putney and Kingston, being replaced by the re-introduced Sunday route 85. During September 1971 Holloway (J) garage closed, and the associated part allocation transferred to the previously named Highgate (HT), now renamed Holloway (Pemberton Gardens), Garage.

The late 1980s saw revisions to the Northern end of the route, on 7 February 1987 the main route was cut back to run between Putney Heath Green Man and Euston (or Tottenham Court Road Station Monday to Saturday evenings). The Sunday services consisted of a morning extension to Hornsey Rise, and a further extension to Turnpike Lane, via Crouch End, on Sunday afternoons, with meal relief journeys running to Wood Green Garage. The withdrawn Euston to Hornsey Rise section was replaced by a new route 14A (now route 91). On 26 September the off peak Monday to Friday service was withdrawn between Tottenham Court Road and Euston. The Sunday afternoon service was withdrawn between Crouch End and Turnpike Lane on 26 March 1988.

On 24 February 1990 Sundays Putney allocation was withdrawn again, with Holloway running the full Sunday allocation until April 1993, when Victoria ran the Sunday service before returning to Putney during July. On 10 October 1992 the route was withdrawn between Euston and Crouch End, being replaced by route 91 and on 29 January 1994 withdrawn further between Tottenham Court Road and Euston. During 1996, the late evening and early morning service was operated using OPO buses, although by September 2001 the Sunday daytime service had been reverted to Crew operation. Two School day journeys were introduced on 4 September 1999 starting at Elliot School, Putney, and running via Carslake Road and Westleigh Avenue to Putney Hill, and then as route 14.

The rear view of a route 14 Gemini on diversion

Following the withdrawal of the Routemaster type bus from London, the 14 was duely converted on the 23 July 2005, along with route 22, to one person operation using 25 low floor Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Geminis. On 13 January 2007 the route was extended from Tottenham Court Road to Warren Street Station, for University College Hospital, the route now requiring 34 buses.

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Route departing Warren Street Station

Route departing Putney Heath

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