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Long Service Leave is an additional employee vacation payable after long periods of service with an employer in Australia and New Zealand.


Rates of Accrual for Long Service Leave

In Australia, unlike many other countries, employees are generally entitled to additional leave, known as Long Service Leave, over and above their annual leave if they stay with a particular employer for a certain length of time. A common entitlement in Australia is that employees who remain with a particular employer for 10 years will receive an entitlement of eight and two-thirds weeks' (two calendar months) paid leave and more on a pro-rata basis the longer they stay with that employer. This amount was originally 13 weeks (three months) after 15 years in most states until recent years.

In Victoria, an employee is entitled to pro-rata Long Service Leave after seven years.


Within a limited number of industries, such as the construction industry, the coal-mining industry or within the public sector, it is possible to transfer long-service leave entitlements from one employer to another. This is mostly done through specific legislated schemes which employers in those industries pay into, and which administer the funds for employees.

Current Issues

The Institute of Actuaries of Australia estimated that the total value of Long Service Leave benefits in Australia was around $16.5bn in 2001.[1]

There has been a debate in Australia about the protection of employee entitlements (including Long Service Leave) in the event of employer insolvency, with some high profile cases involving employees losing benefits that had been accrued.

History Citation Labour Ministers Council Research Papers "Flexibility in Long Service Leave" at

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