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Longinus of Selinus (Latin: Longinus Selinuntius; died in 498) was one of the Isaurian leaders in the Isaurian War of 492-497.


The Isaurian War started as a revolt of the Isaurians against the Empire after the emperor of Isaurian origin Zeno had died (491) and had been succeeded not by his brother, the Isaurian Longinus but by the senior officer Anastasius I. After two major defeats, in 492 and 493, the Isaurian rebels were forced to close themselves in the fortresses on their mountains.

Since 494 Longinus, born in the Isaurian city of Selinus, was able to supply the rebels in their fortress with food and equipment obtained through the port of Antioch, until 497, when the war ended with the death of its leaders.

In 498 Longinus was captured at Antiochia Lamotis by Roman general John the Hunchback, sent to Constantinople to be paraded at Anastasius' victory celebration, then tortured and beheaded at Nicaea in Bithynia.



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