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Lord Changping of Chu (昌平君; ruled 223 BC-223 BC) was the last sovereign of the state of Chu in the last days Warring States Period of Chinese history. Although most state that his brother and predecessor King Fuchu of Chu was the last monarch of Chu, and he never bored the title of king (wang). He was the son of King Kaolie of Chu. Lord Changping's three predecessors were all his brothers, starting with King You (楚幽王), King Ai (楚哀王), and King Fuchu (楚王負芻).

After Shouchun, the capital of Chu after Ying, was sacked by the Qin army, Lord Changping was declared King of Chu by general Xiang Yan at Huainan. He made Lanling (蘭陵) his capital. But in the same year, the force of Qin under Meng Wu defeated the last of the forces of Chu and the last monarch of Chu died from an arrow wound, marking the collapse of the state of Chu.


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