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Lorentz is a name derived from the Roman surname, Laurentius, which mean "from Laurentum".

Lorentz may refer to:

In literature:

In physics:

  • Hendrik Lorentz (1853–1928), Dutch physicist and Nobel Prize winner
  • Lorentz factor, Doppler effect
  • Lorentz Force, the force exerted on a charged particle in an electromagnetic field
  • Lorentz transformation, the formula that provides the mathematical backbone for Einstein's theory of special relativity, though Einstein re-derived the transform in a different and much more elegant way.
  • The Lorentz group, the group containting all Lorentz transformations
  • Lorentz-Cauchy Distribution, a distribution used in fitting peaks in a spectrum

In other fields:

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  1. A surname.
  2. Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate

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German botanist. (1835-1881)


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