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The Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council was founded in 1996 with the objective of bringing together representatives from all of the water agencies (supply, groundwater, stormwater, water quality, and wastewater), regulatory agencies, citizen groups, and businesses with responsibilities or interests in the Los Angeles watershed. The vision of the Watershed Council is that of a sustainable Los Angeles, where we work within our climate and heritage to promote improved water quality and water supply, efficient water resource management, and the enhancement of communities that acknowledge and care for our land and water. These issues are addressed through a collaborative stakeholder approach that works to preserve, restore, and enhance the economic, social, and ecological health of the Los Angeles River and San Gabriel River Rivers Watershed through education, research, and planning.

The Watershed Council’s programs are focused in four major areas: improving water quality; increasing water supplies through sustainable landscapes and stormwater reuse; facilitating integrated planning and management, and educating decision-makers about water issues.



The Watershed Council's Board consists of individuals representing state, regional, and local government; business; landowners (state conservancies); water and wastewater agencies; and non-profit organizations. These include the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Southern California Edison, the Southern California Building Industry Association, TreePeople, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the County of Los Angeles, the Cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach], and the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, among others.


Major funders for the Watershed Council include the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, County of Los Angeles Flood Control District, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, County Sanitation District of Los Angeles County, United States Bureau of Reclamation, California Department of Conservation, California Department of Water Resources, Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, the California Coastal Conservancy, and the Annenberg Foundation.

Strategic areas

The Watershed Council's programs and projects are built upon three key strategies outlined in the Watershed Council’s Strategic Plan: education and outreach, research and monitoring, and integrated planning and management.


Education and outreach

The Watershed Council work sto influence policy change by providing leadership and promoting understanding and awareness of the importance of a watershed approach to resource management issues among policy-makers in government, business, and community organizations.

Research and monitoring

The Watershed Council informs and improves watershed protection, restoration, and revitalization through sound science and research-based monitoring.

Integrated planning and management

The Watershed Council provides leadership, guidance, and assistance, working with other agencies and organizations, to affect sound watershed assessment, planning, and management.

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