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Lost in Oz is a 2002 television pilot for a planned series, an original sequel to The Wizard of Oz, inspired by the Oz books of L. Frank Baum. The series was planned to start September 1, 2002 but was cancelled, perhaps because the special effects required for each episode would have been too expensive. The pilot was made, but not released to television. An unfinished (some of the special effects are not complete) version has leaked onto DVD and VHS and has been sold many times on the bootlegger's market, and has since appeared on YouTube.

The pilot was written by David Hayter, screenwriter of the first two X-Men films, and directed by Mick Garris. Many fans erroneously assume that Tim Burton was involved with this production, as Burton was going to make a movie called Lost in Oz in 2000, but the project was shelved before it was filmed. It does seem that the story was reused for this TV pilot.

Contrary to some fans' ideas, Lost in Oz was in no way based on or referred to Disney's Return to Oz.


The unreleased pilot for "Lost in Oz" featured the adventures of Alexandra Wilder (Melissa George) after a cyclone hurls her into the Land of Oz. She meets World War II soldier Caleb Jansen (Colin Egglesfield), and is given the task of rescuing Princess Ozma from the new Wicked Witch of the West, Loriellidere (Mia Sara). They are joined by Serena, the Patchwork Girl (Sandra Allen), who guides them to Loriellidere's labyrinth. In the labryinth, they find Ozma with Loriellidere, who attempts to kill them, but is held at gunpoint by Caleb, when Alexandra realizes that if the witch dies, she will take her place. Instead, Alexandra uses a gift from Bellardrie (Lynn Whitfield), the Good Witch of the South, to defeat the witch: a glass bottle containing a cyclone. Unfortunately, the cyclone was to be used to return Alex to Kansas. She and Caleb are lost in Oz, Alex possessing some of the Witch's magic, and hoping for a chance to return home.

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