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Lovari also known as "Lovara" is a subgroup of the Romani people, who speak Lovari Romani (a sub-branch of Vlax Romani. They live throughout Europe, in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, and Greece. There are also large populations of Lovara in North & South America.



Most Lovari are Catholics, although the individuals born or living in the Balkan region (Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Albania) and Russia are known to be Orthodox Christians.


Their historical trade was horse-trading and fortune-telling. Nowadays they are busy in trading cars and expensive things and especially show-business.


Lovari's traditional costume is based on Hungarian national costume and is seldom used nowadays. They also have very strict contamination customs.

Famous Lovari

  • Guszti Bodi, Along with his family whom are his band members, he is a world famous Singer Among The Lovari Romani People.
  • Lovari, U.S. recording artist, actor, director
  • Janos Sarkozi, theatre "Romen" artist
  • Patrina Sarkozi, film and theatre actress

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