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"Love Is a Weapon of Choice"
Flight of the Conchords episode
Love Is a Weapon of Choice
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 6
Written by Paul Simms
Directed by James Bobin
Production no. 206
Original airdate February 22, 2009
Guest stars

Kristen Wiig (Brahbrah)[1]

Episode chronology
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"Unnatural Love" "Prime Minister"

"Love Is A Weapon of Choice", formerly known as "Same Girl" is the sixth episode of the second season of the HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords. This episode first aired in the United States on February 22, 2009.


Plot synopsis

Bret and Jemaine both fall for a woman whose missing dog has epilepsy, leading to a duel, a canine benefit and a couple of new tunes.


Jemaine and Bret are out for a jog when they are stopped by a woman (Kristen Wiig) searching for her epileptic terrier, Charlie. After they go on their way, it transitions into the song "We're Both in Love with a Sexy Lady." They meet up with the woman again, having "found" several dogs of varying breeds. She tells them none of the dogs are her and then shows them a picture of Charlie, who is wearing a kitten costume. She introduces herself and Jemaine hears "Barbara" while Bret calls her "BrahBrah." Jemaine tells Bret that there is no such name as "Brahbrah" She also gives the boys her number to call her in case they find her epileptic terrier.

Both Jemaine and Bret decide to write a song about epileptic dogs. They continually mispronounce the word epileptic as pepileptic and even prophylactic. Brahbrah calls Bret to make plans, then asks to speak to Jemaine. They make a date for both 7 and 8 o'clock respectively. While on the date with Bret, Brahbrah tells him that she thinks Jemaine's glasses make him look intelligent. Bret lets her know of the song he is writing when Jemaine shows up 15 minutes early for the date, carrying flowers. While Bret protests, Brahbrah tells him that they can spend 15 minutes together another time and Jemaine commences his date with her. He mentions that Bret is no good and Barbara says that she really likes Bret's beard as he reminds her of a little puppy dog. Jemaine also tells her of his plan to write a song for epileptic dogs and, not to be outdone by Bret, to hold a fundraiser for them. On a second date, Bret shows up wearing Jemaine's glasses to look more intelligent and tells her that he is creating an antidote for epilepsy. She asks him if he's a vet or a doctor and he says that he isn't but he has thus far had no seizures. Brahbrah says that he doesn't have epilepsy to begin with and Bret thinks it is because of the antidote. She receives a call from someone saying they found Charlie and leaves. When she gets to the bar, Jemaine is there with a pasted on beard and is wearing a sweater to emulate the qualities she enjoyed in Bret. It is obvious that he was the one who called her but she soon leaves to look for Charlie.

The boys are in the studio with Murray to record their song for epileptic dogs. Murray pauses the recording to ask who is playing the piano and seems confused by the idea of a backing track. They begin recording again when Brahbrah shows up. Both Jemaine and Bret try to outdo one another and steal the mic back and forth before wrestling. Murray breaks the fight up momentarily. Bret challenges Jemaine to a duel and Jemaine slaps him across the face with a glove he picked up from the floor. They then play "Love Is a Weapon of Choice."

At the fund-raiser for the dogs, Brahbrah says she has found Charlie. She is holding a little dog, but it appears not to be a terrier. The dog's rightful owner comes up and tells them that the dog's name is "Mocha" as stated on its dogtag. Brahbrah relinquishes the dog and both boys fight to comfort her. They finally take the stage and play their song, "Epileptic Dogs," accompanied by a PowerPoint slideshow by Murray. They remix the song but it triggers seizures in all the epileptic dogs in the audience. Afterwards, Jemaine and Bret begin to quarrel. Murray breaks it up and tells Brahbrah that his lads fancy her and she needs to make a decision. He also says that if she likes him, that's another story and then leaves. Brahbrah tells them that she thought they were both gay. They seem stunned that she would think that when Mel shows up. Mel has created a photograph of Bret and Jemaine as a couple and what their baby would look like. Brahbrah says that she felt obligated to spend equal amounts of time with them because they were gay but if they're straight, she'd rather spend time with Bret. She asks Bret to coffee who then asks if Jemaine can come. She also tells Jemaine that "It's Brahbrah. B-R-A-H B-R-A-H", as Bret had been calling her. They walk away from Jemaine and she mentions that Charlie has actually been missing for six years.


The following songs appear in this episode:


"We're Both in Love with a Sexy Lady"

This is sung after the boys meet Brahbrah, and is how they each describe how they have fallen in love with a girl, before realizing they are both in love with the same girl. The song is a parody of R. Kelly's "Same Girl". Also influenced by 'The Girl Is Mine', a duet by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney in which the singers argue about a girl, both insisting repeatedly that 'the dog gone girl is mine'.

"Love Is a Weapon of Choice"

This is sung when Bret challenges Jemaine to a duel for the love of Brahbrah. Some of the images in the sequence are similar to those in the video for Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

"Epileptic Dogs"

This song is sung by the boys at a charity concert for epileptic dogs. The song is a success, until the end when they perform a "remix" and the stage is lit up with flashing lights, causing the dogs to have epileptic seizures.



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