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Love Ne Milla Di Jodi
A promotional image of "Love Ne Milla Di Jodi".
Format Romantic Drama
Created by Shakuntalam Telefilms
Directed by Arshad Khan
Country of origin  India
Language(s) Hindi
Producer(s) Shakuntalam Telefilms
Running time 24 minutes
Original channel STAR One
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
Original run June 22, 2009 – February 26, 2010
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Love Ne Milla Di Jodi is an Indian television romantic drama that airs on STAR One. The show premiered on June 22, 2009. The story revolves around six characters: three sisters - Damini, Avni and Roshni - and three brothers - Prithvi, Sameer and Varun.

The three girls are the daughters of rich and famous businesswoman Ila Gujral whose head of security was, at the beginning of the show, the father of the three boys, Balraj Saxena.


The Saxena Brothers-Prithvi (Gaurav Khanna), Sameer (Karan Tacker) and Varun (Dishank Arora) live in Manali with their mother. Their world turns upside down when one day they get the news of their father, Mr. Balraj Saxena's arrest, who works as a chief security officer at the Gujral Mansion in Mumbai. Prithvi and Sameer immediately leave for Mumbai in order to find out the truth and bail out their father but before they are successful in their attempt, their father dies in prison under mysterious circumstances which the police label as a suicide. Varun and their mother join them in Mumbai for the funeral soon after which their mother is admitted in the hospital due to the shock of her husband's death. Prithvi and Sameer come to hold Ila Gujral responsible for the death of their father and decide to seek revenge from her by exploiting her of her happiness which are her three daughters- Damini (Chandana Sharma), Avni (Perneet Chauhan) and Roshni (Simran Kaur). The elder brothers also include Varun in their plans who is a simple guy at heart and is not at all happy about hurting anybody's feelings. But he gets under the pressure of his brothers constantly reminding him of what Ila Gujral has done and he finally agrees. So they enter the lives of the three sisters separately. Prithvi enters Damini's life as a stable manager and manages to impress Ila Gujral with his honesty and strength and she eventually makes him Damini's bodyguard. Damini is really furious about this. Prithvi finally makes a plan to hurt Damini by breaking her engagement with Inder by revealing his true colors to Damini. Damini goes under depression after she breaks up with Inder but regains herself and starts having feelings for Prithvi. Ila Gujral sensing this, asks Prithvi to marry Damini and seizing this to be a good opportunity to ruin Damini's life and hence finish Ila Gujral and her 500 crores worth empire, agrees to marry her. But before they get married, Prithvi falls in love with her but sticks to his revenge ignoring his feelins for her.

Meanwhile, Sameer enters Avni's life as her childhood friend, Jai Chawla, who has just returned from America with the prospect of marrying Avni. She is reluctant at first when Sameer tries to charm her but later gives in and they get married in private and keep it a secret from everybody except Pritvi and Varun. Soon after Prithvi and Damini get married and its on their wedding day that everybody gets the news of Avni's pregnancy. Everyone is shocked and Ila Gujral asks her who is the fsther of her child and Avni reveals the entire truth of her secret marriage to Jai (Sameer). Jai refuses to accept the child as his own and blames Avni for getting hooked up with some random person and blaming him for it. He leaves leaving Prithvi mad at him once again. The night of Damini and Prithvi's wedding becomes a nightmare when Avni tries to commit suicide and is admitted into the hospital. Sameer feels sorry and Prithvi asks him to ask forgiveness from Avni and her family and own his mistake. Sameer is not ready to do that but does it anyway just to keep his brother from getting even more furious. Avni and Sameer marry in a private ceremony despite the fact that her family is not happy with Jai a.k.a Sameer. But before getting married, Avni makes a 9 month deal with Jai saying that soon after her delivery 9 months later, they will part ways. She marries Jai just in order to save her family from humiliation of being a single mother somewhere down the road.

Roshni, on the other hand, is smitten by Varun and she offers him a job in her company. Varun does not know that she is the daughter of their arch enemy, Ila Gujral, as Roshni introduces herself with a different last name. But later she reveals her identity to Varun thus making it even easier for him to live up to his brothers' expectations. He, however, backs out of the plan after realizing how sweet Roshni really is and it would be wrong to hurt her. He tells his brother's that he would find a different way of seeking revenge from Ila Gujral rather than hurting his daughter. Sameer starts falling for Avni in the course of time.

Prithvi is made the Managing Director of Gujral empire and he slowly starts disrupting it. Inder gets to know that Prithvi, Sameer and Varun are actually brothers and he joins hands with them because he is also after the Gujral property. The brothers' are not happy about this but relent anyway because of the fear of losing their respective beloveds when their true identity is revealed. Meanwhile, Varun discovers that Ila Gujral is innocent and that she had no connection whatsoever with their father's death. He reveals this truth to his brothers' who feel sorry for what they've done, all the trouble, hurt and tears that they've given to their respective wives and decide to reveal their true identities to them but circumstances prevent them from doing so.

At a press conference arranged by Ila Gujral in honor of PRithvi, Inder brings their truth into the limelight. The entire Gujral family is devastated to know the truth and Ila Gujral is hospitalised. Damini, Avni and Roshni resolve to be strong in order to take revenge on the Saxena brothers' for the condition of their mother. Ila Gujral however forgives Prithvi as she realizes that Prithvi is really sorry for what he has done. She asks the brothers' to find out the actual killer of their father since she has been trying to do that for a long time too. The brothers' finally learn that Inder is the murderer of their father and he is arrested. But before going, he reveals to Damini that she is the half sister of Avni and Roshni. Damini is heart broken on learning this and Prithvi consoles her. Ila Gujral is on her death bed and she entrusts the responsibility of her daughters and business to Prithvi and dies.

In comes Prithvi's Mausi (antagonist) with her two evil pawns- Munna and Rani. Rani has feelings for Sameer since they were kids but when she learns of his marriage to Avni and also that she's pregnant, she breaks down. Mausi does not like the rich and spoilt Gujral girls and she plans to oust them from the lives of her nephews and thus a battle begins. In the meantime, Prithvi's mother is shifted from the hospital to their home because they don't have enough expenses to afford hospital care for her. Mausi with her evil intentions hands over their mother's responsibility to Damini who willingly takes it up. Little does she know that Mausi is plotting against her and her sisters. The evil trio are lucky for a fairly good amount of time in proving Damini wrong at every event possible. Rani also tries to kill Avni's baby by poisoning her water but Roshni drinks the water instead and is hospitalised. Damini gets suspicious of them and tries to uncover the truth but in vain. The circumstances created by the evil trio make her believe that Mausi is in fact innocent and cares for her.

In due course, the boys' mother expires and Sameer is dejected with his mother's death. Mausi poisons his mind against Damini and he starts hating her for it. This creates a rift between Prithvi and Sameer. Damini on the other hand is also made to believe that her mother-in-law expired because of her. She goes under depression and decides to reveal the truth to Prithvi but is scared of the consequences. Meanwhile Munna reveals to Mausi and Rani in a state of intoxication that he is the actual murderer of his aunt. Mausi is shocked to hear this and to save the neck of her own son, adds fuel to the fire so that Sameer is convinced that Damini is utterly responsible for his mother's death.

On the other hand, Munna starts blackmailing Roshni. She keeps quite because she's scared that if she opens her mouth, her MMS will be shown to the entire world. Mausi and her evil pawns create circumstances in a such a way that Damini herself owns up that she is the murderer of their mother. Prithvi is heart broken on hearing this and he goes against his heart and throws her out of the house. Damini is depressed when Munna comes to her and reveals everything and threatens to destroy her sisters' lives. Damini fears for her sisters. She meets Roshni outside the house who saves herself just in time from Munna and bumps into Damini. Damini consoles her and she tells her everything. Roshni tells her how Munna is blackmailing her and also how she chanced upon Mausi and Rani's plans on how they are going to get rid of Avni and her baby. Both the sisters get into Avni's room and warn her of the danger to her baby. Avni is shocked to learn the truth and the sisters' plan on teaching the evil trio a lesson and being their true identity in front of everyone.

The tables turn and the sisters' are successful in teaching them a lesson. And also it is finally revealed to everyone that Munna is the actual murderer of Prithvi's mother. Prithvi slaps Munna and hands the three of them to the police thus bringing and end to all their suffering. Sameer apologizes to Damini and they lives as one big happy family.

The show takes a leap of 4 months in the last episode wherein the marriage of Roshni and Varun takes place alongside Avni's delivery. And after a leap of another two years, they show Avni and Sameer with their crying two year old boy, Damini and Prithvi's new born daughter and Varun and Roshni as a happily married couple.

Character Sketches

  • Prithvi Saxena - Prithvi is the elder of the three, Strong, silent and a short tempered guy. He is a chivalrous guy who basically feels that it's a man's duty to protect women. Actually he is not clever or street-smart, he is just simple at heart. He is a loving and protective person towards his brothers & family. He gets married to Damini and at the end of the show, it is shown that he has a baby daughter.
  • Damini Gujral Saxena - Damini is arrogant, strong headed and thinks she knows it all. She works with mother and looks down upon the poor. Her redeeming factor is that she is very protective of her mom and sisters. She has actually tried to become the man of the family - a son to her mother, and an elder brother to her sisters. She is emotional about her family and misses a strong man by her side or a father figure, but doesn't show any weakness. Engaged to a rich guy who pretends to love her. She gets married to Prithvi and by the end of the show, she has given birth to a baby girl.
  • Sameer Saxena - He is the Casanova of the three brothers. He is a charmer, boisterous and happy. He is also bright and has all ideas for everything. He wants to make it big with the least bit of effort. Loves his brothers, and he thinks they are both too naïve. He deceitfully gets married to Avni but ends up falling in love with her. At the end of the show, he has a baby boy.
  • Avni Gujral Saxena - She is mousy and does not believe herself to be a good looking girl. She looks after the house and ensures everyone eat properly at home. She is sure that she will not find love, but has guy friends but knows they don't look at her as anything other than a friend. Has actually lost out on her teenage years due to her sense of responsibility and has never had any 'fun'. Sameer thinks she will be easy to charm, but turns out to be his toughest challenge. Avni gets married to Sameer thinking he is her childhood best friend. After finding out the truth, she forgives Sameer and she ends up having a baby boy.
  • Varun Saxena - Varun is an ace student and an achiever in sports and other activities. He wants to live up to his brothers' expectations and sacrifices a lot for him. He's very sure about the kind of girl he wants to be with but cannot stand the blonde and gossipy variety, which happens to be exactly as Roshni is. And no matter how much he runs, fate and the girl keep ensuring that he does fall for her, and then when the truth comes out he's shattered. He gets married to Roshni at the end of the show - in the last episode.
  • Roshni Gujral Saxena - Roshni is the baby of the family. A spoilt brat and acts like a princess. She is a hardcore romantic and lives in a world of her own. She's always looking for Mr. Right, but so far has only found Mr. Wrong. She is used to a lot of attention from boys and surprised when she doesn't get any from Varun. At the end of the show, she and Varun get married happily.
  • Ila Gujral (DEAD) - Ila Gujral is the mother of Damini, Avni, and Roshni. She used to be the manager of Gujral Industries.
  • Suman Saxena (DEAD) - Suman Saxena is the mother of Prithvi, Sameer and Varun. She is murdered by her sister's son but her sons (initially) think that Damini has killed her!
  • Munna - Munna is the son of Suman Saxena's sister and one of the antagonists. He murdered Suman Saxena and cunningly framed Damini for the murder. He lusts for Roshni and is blackmailing her with a MMS clip. Arrested after he is exposed in the episode of 24 February 2010.
  • Mousi - Suman Saxena's sister and one of the antagonists. She is trying her best to separate the Gujral-sisters from the Saxena-brothers. Arrested after she is exposed in the episode of 24 February 2010.
  • Rani - A pawn of Mousi's evil game. She wants to marry Sameer and hence to separate Avni & Sameer.She also wants to kill avni's baby. Arrested after she is exposed in the episode of 24 February 2010.
Main Cast
Actor Role
Gaurav Khanna Prithvi Saxena (2009–2010)
Chandana Sharma Damini Gujral (2009–2010)
Karan Tacker Sameer Saxena (2009–2010)
Perneet Chauhan Avni Gujral (2009–2010)
Simran Kaur Roshni Gujral(2009–2010)
Dishank Arora Varun Saxena(2009–2010)
Sujata Sehgal Ila Gujral (2009-2009)
Minor Cast
Actor Role
Sulbha Arya Mausi (2009–2010)
Anil Lalwani Munna (2009–2010)
Nikita More Rani(2009–2010)
Sumit Soni Vivaan (2009-2009)

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