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Lowell Police Department
Abbreviation LPD
Motto "To Serve and Protect"
Agency overview
Superseding agency Massachusetts State Police
Employees 347
Annual budget $22 million
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* State of Massachusetts, USA
Legal jurisdiction City of Lowell, Massachusetts
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Lowell, Massachusetts
Police Officers 239
Civilians 108
Agency executive Kenneth E. Lavallee, Superintendent of Department
Parent agency Massachusetts State Police
City Jails 1
Patrol Vehicles Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Patrol Boats 21' Boston Whaler
Lowell Police Department
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Lowell Police Department (LPD) has the primary responsibility for law enforcement and investigation within the city of Lowell, Massachusetts. Lowell is the fourth largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Community Policing Philosophy[1]

The Lowell Police Department serves its community in the following ways:

  • Providing emergency responses to crime
  • Working with neighborhoods and businesses to identify and solve problems
  • Sponsoring comprehensive recreational and educational programs for youth, including the in-school DARE program, the DARE Summer camp, and other collective efforts with community organizations
  • Developing specialized responses to crimes such as domestic violence and gang activity
  • Ongoing training of police personnel to best address community needs
  • Community-based policing, with neighborhood precinct stations, immersing police into the neighborhoods to most effectively interact with residents
  • Specialized foot, bike, horseback and boat patrols to improve visibility of officers
  • Use of technology to enhance the delivery of public safety services
  • Mobile van command center to address pressing needs throughout the city.

Mission statement

To work with the community to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and improve the quality of life in the city of Lowell.

LPD Operations

The Lowell Police Department is made up of 185 Police Officers, 29 Sergeants, 13 Lieutenents, 9 Captains, 2 Deputy Superintendent, and a Superintendent (or Chief). Making a total of 239 sworn officers.[2]

Geographic Responsibility

Through a strategic planning process known as Geographic Responsibility, as well as input from the people of Lowell, it was determined that Crime and Disorder could be most effectively fought with the presence of a constant officer in neighborhoods. This method also seemed to be the most logical thing for supervision and accountability of each officer. There was frustration experienced by both officers and residents regarding the ability of officers to investigate neighborhood crimes. It was determined that officers who have the knowledge of a specific area and a relationship with the residents were to be assigned there, where they could best police the area. With this assignment method it is hoped that officers and residents will become more readily acquainted and will be more helpful to each other. Geographic assignment, the final phase of the Reorganization of the LPD, commenced on 17 January 1999. The city has been divided into three sectors which is each commanded by a Captain who has overall responsibility for the administration, neighborhood problems and concerns, as well as the success of his/her sector.[3]

Sectors and Precincts

East Sector Commanded by: Captain Thomas Kennedy

  • Back Central
  • Downtown
  • South Lowell

West Sector Commanded by: Captain Kevin Sullivan

  • Acre
  • Highlands

North Sector Commanded by: Captain John Flaherty

  • Belvidere
  • Centralville
  • Pawtucketville [4]

Housing Authority

  • Housing Authority Precinct

Special Services

SPECIAL OPERATIONS UNIT Commanded by: Sergeant Russ Taylor

  • River Unit (Boat)
  • Mounted Unit (Four Officers)
  • Motorcycle Squad
  • Honor Guard
  • K-9 Unit (3 Officers)


  • Criminal Investigation (Criminal Detectives)
  • Special Investigation (Vice Unit)
  • Cross Border Initiative (Works with DEA)

Traffic Division Commanded by: Lieutenant Timothy Crowley

  • Special section desgined to reduce motor vehicle violations and traffic accidents within the city.

Line of Duty Deaths

Since its inception, the Lowell Police Department has lost four police officers in the line of duty. In 1978, Officer Christos Rouses, was shot and killed while responding to a silent alarm at a local pharmacy. In 1980, there was a memorial depicting an officer with his hand on the right shoulder of a young child placed in his honor directly in front of Department headquarters at JFK Plaza. The memorial, which sits in the center of a fountain has the names of:

  • Officer George F. A. Pearsall, killed by gunfire on 24 April 1957
  • Officer Christos G. Rouses, killed by gunfire on 17 November 1978
  • Officer Patrick F. Leavitt, died after Heart Attack on 18 December 1941
  • Officer John J. Winn, Killed by assault on 3 May 1971[5]

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