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The Dibang Valley is a district of Arunachal Pradesh[1] named after the Dibang River[2] or the Talon as the Idus call it. The river originates in the mountains of China and flows through the length of the valley, named after it. The major population of this district consist of the Adis (padams) and the idus.

The Idus have a story narrating the first journeys undertaken in course of migration. The story conveys names and location of the Cheethu-Huluni or the twelve rivers that the Idu people came over in the region and settled around. The first accounts of the Idus or the Mishmis as the Ahoms called them are found in the narrations given by the neighbouring Ahoms. The Mishmis inhabited the deep jungles of what is now the Dibang valley.

The district has been divided further into lower and upper Dibang Valley for administrative convenience. The headquarters of the two districts are Roing[3] and Anini respectively. Roing is a newborn town in the plains of the Mishmi hills. It is a beautiful place with picturesque nature and beautiful climate. However Anini is a hilly place lying in the mountains close to the frontiers of China.


Coordinates: 28°42′N 95°42′E / 28.7°N 95.7°E / 28.7; 95.7



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