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Lucky Louie
Format Sitcom/Black comedy
Created by Louis C.K.
Starring Louis C.K.
Pamela Adlon
Kelly Gould
Mike Hagerty
Jim Norton
Laura Kightlinger
Rick Shapiro
Jerry Minor
Kim Hawthorne
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (1 unaired) (List of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel HBO
Original run 02010-06-11 June 11 – August 27, 2006 (2006-08-27)
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Lucky Louie is an American television sitcom starring Louis C.K., and Pamela Adlon. It premiered in the United States on HBO on June 11, 2006. HBO ordered 12 episodes of the series which aired during the 2006 summer season. In addition, eight scripts for a second season were ordered.[1] In September 2006, however, HBO announced that the show had been cancelled.[2] This cancellation was unusual because it was not related to ratings, as the show steadily built in ratings, and had a supportive fan-base. According to Louis C.K. and Jim Norton in multiple interviews on the Opie and Anthony show, it was the result of a poor response by critics and press, which HBO feels are important to its image.[citation needed] In Canada, Lucky Louie can be seen on Movie Central on Sunday evenings at 9:30pm PT and on The Movie Network at 10:30pm CST.

Lucky Louie is, at first glance, a classic-style situation comedy. Unlike many of its contemporaries, it features a three-camera shoot in front of a live audience with no artificial laugh track, much like the classic sitcoms of the 1970s, like All in the Family. In premise, Lucky Louie is similar to other classic sitcoms like All in the Family or Roseanne, telling the story of an unsophisticated working class family. Louis C.K. stated in interviews criticizing sitcoms for making the settings too elaborate and decided to have his show's sets look realistic. However, the show aired on HBO, a subscriber-supported network without content restrictions, and deals with serious mature topics like sex, as well as using adult language. Episodes have occasionally displayed full frontal male nudity. Louis C.K. stated on his message board that there would not be female nudity on the show, claiming "Female nudity isn't funny because you can't laugh and jerk off at the same time".

The cast of Lucky Louie is notable for including performers more known for stand-up comedy than acting, including Jim Norton, Laura Kightlinger, Nick DiPaolo, and Rick Shapiro.



The series revolved around Louie who lives with his wife, Kim, and their four-year-old daughter, Lucy. Louie works part-time at the local muffler shop owned by his friend Mike. Kim is a full-time registered nurse at a hospital and is the family's breadwinner. In Episodes 9 and 12, it is made clear that the show takes place in Boston, as the Central Square YMCA in Cambridge and the Fenway neighborhood Italian restaurant Canestaro are used in establishing shots. In episode 13 (unaired) the Somerville Boys and Girls Club located at 181 Washington St. is shown as the location where Louie has a clown performance. Previous hints of the Boston location are the Boston Red Sox t-shirts worn by the cast and other establishing shots of fire escape covered brick apartment buildings reminiscent of Fenway-Kenmore/Back Bay area buildings and an exterior shot of Daniel's Bakery in Brighton.


Actor Role Notes
Louis C.K. Louie Protagonist
Pamela Adlon Kim Louie's wife
Kelly Gould Lucy Louie's & Kim's daughter
Michael G. Hagerty Mike Louie's employer and friend
Laura Kightlinger Tina Mike's wife
Jerry Minor Walter Louie's & Kim's neighbor
Kim Hawthorne Ellen Walter's wife
Rick Shapiro Jerry Kim's brother
Jim Norton Rich Louie's friend


Louis C.K. serves as creator, star, head writer and executive producer. Mike Royce serves as showrunner and executive producer. Other Executive Producers include Dave Becky and Vic Kaplan. For the first season, writers included C.K. and Royce, Kit Boss (Co-Executive Producer), Patricia Breen (Executive Story Editor), Jon Ross (Executive Story Editor), Mary Fitzgerald (Staff Writer), Greg Fitzsimmons (Staff Writer), Dan Mintz (Staff Writer), Dino Stamatopoulos (writer), and Aaron Shure (Consulting Producer), formerly of Everybody Loves Raymond.

The theme, entitled "Lucky Louie Theme", is composed by Mark Rivers.

Andrew D. Weyman serves as the series' main director. Producers on the show are Leo Clarke and Andrew D. Weyman. Associate producer is Ralph Paredes. Consulting producer is Tracy Katsky.


Lucky Louie aired twelve episodes in its sole season, with a thirteenth that was only featured on the DVD release.

DVD release

HBO released the entire series of Lucky Louie on January 30, 2007.[3] It includes an unaired episode "Clowntime is Over". The DVD also includes four commentaries and a look at the taping of an episode.


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Lucky Louie (2006) centers around the life of a middle class couple and their daughter. Stars Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon


Season 1


Rich: What?
Louie: What do you mean "what?"
Rich: I mean "what the fuck?"

Rich: What do think Louie? This morning she just woke up and looked at your dirty freckled cock... and thought to herself 'Oh yeah, I want that stuck in me'

Kim: Stop thinking about money, the only thing you should be thinking about all. this. ASS.
Louie: (to her ass) WE CAN'T AFFORD IT
Kim: Yeah talk to it baby.
Louie: Look. I would love to tap that ass...
Kim: So tap it!
Louie: I want to.. But my dick is too aware that your pussy is a chamber of financial ruin
Kim: Are you serious??
Louie: I'm sorry, I need at least three thousand dollars in an interest bearing account to get fully hard

Louie: You were right. She was just trying to get pregnant.
Mike: So what?
Louie: So? I gotta choose between another kid or no sex for another year.
Mike: Ahh, go ahead. Have another one. That's how life goes.
Mike: (Contemplating) You fuck. You have kids. You eat. That's all.
Mike: (Takes a drag) Look at me.

Louie: The day you get married you realize "Shit! I can't leave now. I wasn't thinking of leaving but now I REALLY can't leave". And then you have a kid and the moment the kid arrives you realize "Shit! I coulda left! I totally coulda left! The door right there and it wasn't even fucking locked."

Mike: See, you're just on your first wife. Now with your first wife you make all the mistakes. With your second wife, you try to correct those mistakes, but you make new, worse ones. But the third wife, heh. Ahh that's a marriage.

Walter: Hey man, I guess it's worth it if I can help one little white girl learn the difference between a black man and a refrigerator.

Kim's O

Louie: Quit throwin your snatch at me so hard. Feels like your gonna rip my dick off.

Mike: All that gratitude pours out of me and it makes her pop.

A Mugging Story

Walter: If white people ain't havin' a good time, what's it all for?

Long Weekend


Flowers for Kim


Louie: Our kid's a fucking asshole.

Get Out



Louie Quits

Kim Moves Out

Louie: cause all marrage couples hate each other

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