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Ludmila Bereznitsky an art historian and critic targeting establishing of interactive connection between contemporary art from Eastern Europe, Asia and Western Europe. Her efforts directed onto creating of new frameworks for cultural exchanges on international level. Ludmila Bereznitsky is also a President of the EIDOS Foundation which supports young artists. Furthermore she works as tutor for art history and theory at the Kiev State Art Academy, and is also head of two galleries for contemporary art.

She was born in Kovel, Ukraine.


2003-now Associate Professor for Cultural Politics at the Faculty of Art History and Theory, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Ukraine 1993 Doctor of Philosophy Degree, Thesis: “Communication as mechanism of the realization of moral relations” 1986 Research Fellow at the Chair of Ethics, Aesthetics and Theory of Culture. 1977-1983 Master Degree at the Kiev National University, Faculty of Philosophy, Master thesis: Problems of Art Development

Since 1996 Ludmila Bereznitsky has been teaching history, world and Ukrainian culture in Kiev Linguistic Institute. Beside her work as tutor at the professorship for “Theory and History of Art”, she starts to organize Exhibitions on the basis of Ukrainian art at the beginning of the 90s. Later she started to work with Ukrainian artists who belong to the “New Wave” movement.

In 1994 Ludmila Bereznitsky found the L-Art Gallery, today's Bereznitsky Gallery in Kiev. During a decade she was collecting soviet art. This unique collection consists of over 500 works. Furthermore she extensively exhibits Ukrainian artists of the New Wave - Ukrainian transavantgarde. Among those artists are Alexander Gnilitsky, Arsen Savadov, Ilya Chichkan, Maksim Mamsikov, Visilij Tsagolov, Alexander Roitburd, Viktor Sidorenko, Igor Gusev and many others. As a result of this extensive work, Ludmila published a catalog “From Red to Yellow and Blue”, which presents the best works of the Soviet ideological art and presents art movements such as postimpressionism, neobaroque, neoprimitivism, Ukrainian metaphysics, postimpressionism and the Ukrainian New Wave. The Bereznitsky Gallery plays a very important role in integration of Ukrainian contemporary art into international art scene.


In 2005 Ludmila Bereznitsky together with Lubov Michaylova and Peter Bagriy founded the “EIDOS Arts Development Foundation”. The main objective of this non-governmental, non-profit organization is to create a base for representation and sponsorship of young Ukrainian artists and to give them an access to the international art scene. In 2006 EIDOS conducted the first Visual Art International Competition. The Competition’s main task is to search for new ideas and names, as well as support young artists’ initiatives which could appropriately represent Ukraine in the world art community.

Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin [2]

An increased interest to contemporary art and a rapid development and fundamental changes of the art market creates an opportunity to collaborate with other cultures and countries. In 2006 Ludmila Bereznitsky opened the Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin. It is the first space in Berlin to represent contemporary Ukrainian art. The gallery presents the most exciting Ukrainian artists working today, making Eastern Europe’s lively yet neglected art scene accessible to a Western European audience for the first time.

Projects organised and curated by Ludmila Bereznitsky

2008: Public Space, Kiev, Ukraine

2008: Semantic Dislocations, Curator, Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin, Germany

2008: Ukrainische Kunst im Wandel, Auswaertiges Amt, Berlin, Germany

2007: Ukrainische Kunst im Wandel, Bonn, Germany

2007: Visual Arts International Competition, Kiev, Ukraine

2006: Conference "Contemporary Art – New Spaces", Kiev National University, Kiev, Ukraine

2006: Cultural Journalism Seminar, Eidos Fund, Goethe-Institut, Kiev, Ukraine


2007: Samo-Oborona (Self-defence), general idea and conceptual vision, catalog of Eidos Competition for Young Artists, Kiev, Ukraine

2007: Museum of Contemporary Art – laboratory of creative ideas and visual improvisations, curatorial statement and article by Ludmila Bereznitsky, Kiev, Ukraine

2006: Eastern Neighbors, exhibition catalogue, curator text for Ukrainian presentation, Maastricht, NL

2006: Contemporary Art – New Spaces, Conference Report, compilation and article by Ludmila Bereznitsky, various authors, Kiev National University, Ukraine - in collaboration with MATRA-Program, Goethe-Institut, Alliance Francaise Culturelle.

2005: “From Red to Yellow and Blue”, book on private collection of Ludmila Bereznitsky, 667 pages, Kiev, Ukraine

Articles about projects and exhibitions curated or organised by Ludmila Bereznitsky

- Art Monthly, 07/08/2008, S.32/33, Apartment Exhibition – Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin

- Art Monthly, 06/2008, S.7-10, Behind a theoretical iron curtain

- Art Review:, 05/2008, S.141, Semantic Dislocations, exhibition series Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin

- Flash-Art, 12/2006, Kiev, Ukraine

- TAZ Berlin, 27. December 2006 insight 175 – Ludmila Bereznitsky – galerist

- The Day Weekly, 28. Februar 2006, Orange Revolution for Export

- What's On, 05/2006, Pop-Art that answers back

- Expert, No.2/2005, REP

- Delovoi Zhurnal, 03/2004, Dengi v isskustvo

- Berliner Zeitung, 22. September 2006, the young art and their spirits

- TAZ Berlin, 29. September 2006, Gib dem Käufer Zucker



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