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Luigi Pulci in a fresco by Filippino Lippi.

Luigi Pulci (15 August 1432 – 1484) was an Italian poet best known for his Morgante, an epic story of a giant who is converted to Christianity and follows the knight Orlando.

He was born in Florence. His patrons were the Medicis, especially Lorenzo Medici, who sent Pulci on diplomatic missions. Even so, sometime around 1470 Pulci needed more money and went into the service of Robert Sanseverino, a northern condottiere.

His brother Luca (1431-1470) was also a writer. His works, all in the Italian language, include Pistole, Driadeo d'amore, and Ciriffo Calvaneo.

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LUIGI PULCI (1431-1487), Italian pi p et, was born at Florence, of a well-connected family. His elder brother Luca (d. 1470) was also a poet, author of Pistole, Driadeo d'amore, and Ciriffo Calvaneo. Luigi was patronized by Cosimo, Piero, and Lorenzo de' Medici, and was the author of various works in poetry and prose. He is famous, however, as the first to bring artistic romance into Italian literature in his heroic poem Morgante Maggiore (Venice, 1481), an epic of a giant converted to Christianity, who accompanies Orlando (Roland). (See ITALIAN LITERATURE.)

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