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Luke Caraccioli (born June 6, 1978) is an American-born singer of Italian descent. He is currently the lead singer for the rock band, Rewind Yesterday, but is best known as the controversial former lead singer for the nu metal/Alternative rock band Adema from early to mid-late 2005.


Early life

He was born and raised in West Huntsville, Alabama. Later on he moved to Bakersfield, California. In Bakersfield, he was recruited to the indie rock band, Rewind Yesterday as their lead singer. He is a former Marine of four years.

In Rewind Yesterday

In 2003, Luke joined the band Rewind Yesterday. They played various shows in Bakersfield and Hollywood. The band found some success winning a few Battle Of The Bands within the area. They had only a few songs; about three, but were still rather successful. Around 2004, Adema drummer, Kris Kohls contacted Luke via cell phone that Adema was holding auditions for a lead singer following the departure of their former lead singer Mark Chavez and he wanted Luke to come try out after listening to a 3 song demo of Rewind Yesterday. Unfortunately, Kris didn't get in touch with him until 2 weeks thereafter. Apparently, Luke's phone had been turned off because he hadn't paid the bill. However, Rewind Yesterday won a Battle Of The Bands contest and got paid. With the money, he turned his cell phone back on and got the messages from Kohls and agreed to come try out. Luke auditioned for the role which Adema tried out 40 other vocalists with only 10 making it to studio. Luke made it to the final four and soon won the role as their vocalist. After this, Rewind Yesterday went on hiatus as Luke was now the lead singer of Adema.

In Adema

As Adema's lead singer, Luke brought an entirely new sound to the band. The band was often labeled as a nu metal band, but Luke helped Adema redefine their sound to that of an Alternative rock sound. At that time, Adema was signed to Earache Records. Soon after, Adema finished their debut album for Earache records, Planets. It was rather successful, selling more albums than Adema's previous records, the self-titled Adema, the EP;Insomniac's Dream and Unstable. Soon after the album debuted, Adema headed off to Iraq to perform in the Persian Gulf Tour provided by the USO (United Service Organization). They actually made headlines in the New York Post and the Metro New York hyping the tour. Adema returned to the USA and on April 10 began a headlining tour to promote Planets. The band toured for the rest of the year. One of the albums singles, Planets was featured in the movie Cry Wolf.

Leaving Adema and return to Rewind Yesterday

On October 25 of 2005, it was informed that Luke was no longer going to sing for the band. This came as a huge shock to the fans as Luke had only spent a year with the band and the band still had shows scheduled. Dave DeRoo, the bassist of the band however stated that Luke had planned on leaving the band long before it was announced. This left the band and fans alike feeling betrayed by Luke. Soon after on the band's official message board, DeRoo and Luke got into a rather heated argument over his departure. The argument was viewed by the fans to be a terribly sad moment as they had respect for both men and were very disappointed to see two men that were good friends over the past couple of months fight like this. Soon after, the band replaced the departed Luke with their current lead singer, Bobby Reeves. The band has also gotten back on good terms with their former lead singer, Mark Chavez following the incident. Not long after his departure from Adema, Luke rejoined his former bandmates in Rewind Yesterday. The band was happy to have Luke back and began playing shows in Bakersfield soon after. Currently the band remains unsigned and has only a couple of songs finished. However they are working on new material.

Leaving Rewind Yesterday

It was recently announced on the Myspace page of Rewind Yesterday that due to personal reasons, Luke would no longer be singing for the band. The band wish to continue without him but wish him luck in his choice to leave. The band has since taken a hiatus and is not sure about future recordings. Before leaving Rewind Yesterday Luke started a new band called The Death Of Ignorance which can be located at That band is currently writing and recording scheduled for a summer release in 2008.

Personal life

Luke was married once. The two have separated and he is currently single. The song "Tornado" on the Planets album, was about the relationship with his wife.

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