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Luna Hideki Mitani
In Los Angeles, USA (2007)
Born December 22, 1963 (1963-12-22) (age 46)
Kushiro, Hokkaidō, Japan
Nationality USA
Field Painting, Drawing, Creative Director
Training *Dhoto University, Japan
*Oregon State University, USA
*Nieuwmarkt of Fine Art, Netherlands(Holland)
*Hollywood Art Center, Hollywood, USA
Movement Surrealism
Works 'Urban Night'
'Classic Illusion'
'Crystal Soul'
'Glory & Defeat'
'Snow Church'
'Saxophone's Dream (Secret Place)'
'Saxophone's Whisper'
'Daisy Dukes'
'Midnight Conversation'

Luna H. Mitani (born December 22, 1963) is a Japanese-American artist. He works in the field of neo-surrealist painting and pen & ink drawing.

During 1980s, many talented surrealists came to the USA. New surrealism styles, such as Metaphorical Realism/Metaphorical Surrealism, became very popular among Americans. Mitani's style was also one of those new surrealistic styles. During the 1990s, Mitani established his current painting style, and since then, Luna's surrealistic style has been known as "Neo Surrealism", and he has been known as one of the avant-garde surrealists.

After art traveling through more than 33 countries in Europe including England and Ireland, Mitani began his fine art training in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After completing training, he became interested in commercial art, and moved to the USA to study commercial art, while beginning his career as a professional artist for the publishers and entertainment industry. He was soon called upon to design and create LP-record, music tape and CD covers for artists such as Chet Baker, Wayne Henderson, Don Moretti[1], Cole Johnson, The Highland Project, Rue Davis[2], and Bobby Warren. His CD covers led to work designing posters, magazine covers, and comprehensive packaging design.

Mitani has been featured in several exhibitions in Los Angeles, California. After that, he has received a great deal of attention in Japan for his American works and was appointed Head Advisor for the Yoyogi Animation School, the largest animation school in Japan. Mitani has been featured many times in magazines, newspapers and on television in the Europe, United States and Japan.




Pen and ink drawings

'Urban Night (NY Times Square)' ('00) by Luna H. Mitani
'Glory & Defeat' ('99) by Luna H. Mitani


  • 1985: Had a first exhibition in the USA at Rebel Gallery in Hollywood, California.
  • 1986: Had exhibitions in Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Downtown L.A., Melrose, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Studio City, and Westwood.
  • Was awarded "The Best of Mask" at Mona Lovins Mask Contest.
  • Created cover art for a monthly magazine, The Lady.
  • 1989–1991: Created cover art for all 36 volumes (every month for three years) for the first English/Japanese bilingual real estate magazine in the USA, The Real Estate, published from Pioneer Promotion West.
  • 1990: Created CD cover art for Chet Baker and Cole Johnson.
  • 1991: Created CD cover art for Dan Moretti, Highland Project, and Robinsons Family.
  • 1991: Created magazine cover art for special issue "Golf & Travel" of Golf Digest.
  • 1992: Created CD cover art and poster for Wayne Henderson (Crusaders).
  • Created poster for Spritzer's Albuquerque Balloon Festival.
  • Was appointed Head Advisor for the Yoyogi Animation School in Japan. Had an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, sponsored by Yoyogi Animation School.
  • 1994: Had exhibitions in Ginza and Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1997: Had an exhibition at Park Hotel in Hokkaidō, Japan.
  • Created mural (70 meters long) for L.A. Racing Pole Position (an amusement park in Japan) and also created logo and poster for it.
  • Created logo for a boxing gym opened by a former World Boxing Association Light flyweight champion, Katsuo Tokashiki (Tokashiki Boxing Gym).
  • Nissin Steel (日新製鉄) (one of the biggest steel companies in Japan) introduced printable steel, and they used his paintings as model art.
  • 1998: Was featured in a documentary TV program, "Human Gallery" (KDOC-18/UTB). This program introduce a successful/influential person in Los Angeles.
  • 1999: Received an honor letter from Bill Clinton, the President of the United States at the time, for many outstanding contributions to the music industry. Created cover art for a book 'Machigaidarake no Ashibumi Kenkouhou' published by Fukushodo, Japan [3]
  • 2000: Was introduced in numerous US art magazines, such as Art Business News, Art World News, Décor, and Art Trend.
  • Was introduced in music magazines such as BRE, in the basement (England), Voice (England), and Soul Express (Finland) as a CD cover artist and creative director. Created cover art for a book 'Teppou Kiku Ichidaiki' published by Fukushodo, Japan [4] Created cover art for a book 'Kafunshou Kakumei' published by Fukushodo, Japan [5] Created cover art for a book 'Ijigen Energy no Keifu' published by Fukushodo, Japan [6]
  • 2002: Created cover art for a book 'Kyousha Jyakusha ha Fukurahagi de Kimaru' published by Fukushodo, Japan [7]
  • 2004: Created cover art for a magazine, FEALY, published by Fukushodo, Japan, and also was featured in the magazine in all 13 color-page as one of the most influential artists today.
  • 2005: Had an exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan and displayed more than 40 pieces of his limited editions.
  • Was featured in a weekly magazine, "Shyukan Asahi", in all 7 color-page.
  • 2006: Directed and designed a CD cover art for Bobby Warren’s “Pioneers & Legends”.
  • Was featured in a monthly magazine, "Wing Sapporo", in 2 color-page for 2 months.
  • Directed and designed a CD cover art for The Carter Brothers’ “Singing The Blues”.
  • His paintings were introduced at the exhibition in Dairen, China; it was a Japanese art collector’s exhibition.
  • 2007: Directed and designed a CD cover art for The Patterson Twins’ “Take Us Higher”.
  • Was featured in a magazine, “Insight”, in 3 color –page.
  • Directed and designed a CD cover art for Harold Cagler's "Shadows Are Blue".
  • 2008: Directed and designed a CD cover art for Rusty Jackson's "It Must Be Love".
  • Directed and designed a CD cover art for Crystal cooley & the stars of faith's "Come see about me".
  • 2009: Fine Art Book and Poem "Camouflage" was published by Fukushodo Publications.


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