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Lunar Strain
Studio album by In Flames
Released April 1, 1994
Recorded Autumn - Winter 1993
Studio Fredman
Genre Melodic death metal
Length Original: 36:43
Remastered re-release: 49:15
Label Wrong Again
Producer In Flames
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In Flames chronology
Demo '93
Lunar Strain

Lunar Strain is the debut album by Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames. In this release, vocals were sung by Mikael Stanne, the vocalist of Dark Tranquillity, who was a session musician for In Flames at the time. The album is known for its "folky elements" with the inclusion of violins and acoustic guitars.[1][2] In 1999, it was re-released in Japan and included all the tracks of the Subterranean album, under the title Lunar Strain & Subterranean.

In the 2003 Regain Records version of the re-release, the songs order differs slightly with "Clad in Shadows" being the second track shifting the rest down by one. However, the discrepancy is not apparent in album track listing, being mislabeled as the below.

The album was re-released, and remastered with bonus tracks in 2005 under Regain Records and Candlelight Records USA with the same artwork but the more modern logo seen from the album Reroute to Remain to Come Clarity. The bonus tracks are actually from In Flames' 1993 Promo, which contained "alternative mixed versions of the album recordings." The tracklisting was messed up during the re-release of the album. Clad in Shadows is the name of the second song and from there all the songs move one step down.


Track listing

# Title Length
1. "Behind Space"   4:55
2. "Clad in Shadows"   4:05
3. "Lunar Strain"   3:10
4. "Starforsaken"   3:45
5. "Dreamscape"   4:17
6. "Everlost, Pt. 1"   2:57
7. "Everlost, Pt. 2"   2:26
8. "Hårgalåten"   5:33
9. "In Flames"   2:50
10. "Upon an Oaken Throne"   2:54
2005 Rerelease/Remastered
# Title Length
11. "In Flames" (1993 Promo Version) 5:49
12. "Upon an Oaken Throne" (1993 Promo Version) 3:05
13. "Acoustic Piece" (1993 Promo Version) 0:38
14. "Clad in Shadows" (1993 Promo Version) 2:47

Release history

Region Date Format Label
World December 1993[3] CD Wrong Again Records
Japan 1999 CD Toy's Factory
World 2003 CD Regain Records / Candlelight Records
World 2005 CD Regain Records / Candlelight Records


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