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Type of site internet subculture and meme wiki
Registration not required
Available language(s) Russian
Owner Oleg Lobachev (Олег Лобачев, nick - oal)
Created by zoi, Oal and Drdaeman
Launched July 30, 2007[1][2] or Lurkomorye (Russian: Луркоморье, a portmanteau of Lukomorye and the English online slang "lurk more") is a Russian-language MediaWiki-powered online encyclopedia focused on Internet subcultures, folklore, and memes.[3] Nevertheless, formally, the range of topics covered is not limited. As of July 31, 2010, Lurkomorye contains 4844 articles.[4] It presents its material in an ironic, humorous-but-factual tone, and is one of the most popular humor websites of the Russian Internet.



  • Finalist of the 2008 ROTOR competition in the humor site of the year category.[5]
  • Winner of the 2009 ROTOR competition in the humor site of the year category.[6]
  • According to the Russian edition of PC Magazine, it's one of the 40 most popular websites of the Russian Internet.[7]


One notable feature of the project is that the IP addresses of anonymous editors in page history are invisible to everyone except for the administrators; normal users will see anonymous edits' authors simply marked as Анонимус ("Anonymous").[8] Registered users also have the option of marking any of their edits as anonymous. Editing for anonymous and new registered users is complicated by the need to solve a CAPTCHA on every edit. Usually a reCAPTCHA consisting of two English words is used. However, on April 1, 2009, it was replaced by a mathematical CAPTCHA which asked the users to solve a simple calculus problem.[9][10]

Topics and categories

The major article categories are:

There are separate categories for articles on native Russian and foreign memes.

Rules and policies

Our rules are very simple and comprehensible.
  • Everything for the lulz.
  • But facts come before the lulz.
  • Do not lie.
  • Be yourself.
  • The Creator of the Internets is always right.

—The entire text of the policies page[11]

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