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Lycopodium clavatum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Lycopodiophyta
Class: Lycopodiopsida
Order: Lycopodiales
Family: Lycopodiaceae
Genus: Lycopodium
Species: L. clavatum
Binomial name
Lycopodium clavatum

Lycopodium clavatum (wolf's-foot clubmoss, stag's-horn clubmoss or groundpine) is the most widespread species in the genus Lycopodium of the clubmoss family Lycopodiaceae.

It is a spore-bearing vascular plant, growing mainly prostrate along the ground with stems up to 1 m long; the stems are much branched, and densely clothed with small spirally-arranged leaves. The leaves are 3-5 mm long and 0.7-1 mm broad, tapered to a fine hair-like white point. The branches bearing spore cones turn erect, reaching 5-15 cm above ground, and have fewer leaves than the horizontal branches. The spore cones are yellow-green, 2-3 cm long and 5 mm broad. The horizontal stems produce roots at frequent intervals along their length, allowing the stem to grow indefinitely along the ground. The stems superficially resemble small seedlings of coniferous trees, though it is not related to these.

It has a subcosmopolitan distribution, with distinct subspecies and varieties in different parts of its range:

Although globally widespread, like many clubmosses, it is confined to undisturbed sites, disappearing from farmed areas and sites with regular burning. As a result, it is endangered in many areas. In the UK it is one of 101 species named as a high priority for conservation by the wild plant charity Plantlife.[1]

Other common names

Common clubmoss, Stagshorn clubmoss, Wolfpaw clubmoss, Foxtail clubmoss, Running clubmoss, Running ground-pine, Running pine, Running moss, Princess Pine, and others.


The spores of this moss, "Lycopodium powder", are explosive if present in the air in high enough densities. They were used as flash powder in early photography.


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Lycopodium clavatum


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Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Subdivisio: Lycopodiophyta
Classis: Lycopodiopsida
Order: Lycopodiales
Familia: Lycopodiaceae
Genus: Lycopodium
Species: Lycopodium clavatum


Lycopodium clavatum, L.

Vernacular names

Български: Бухалковиден плаун
Deutsch: Keulen-Bärlapp, Wolfsklaue
English: Stag's-Horn Moss, Running clubmoss, Wolf's Foot Clubmoss, Ground Pine
Español: Caminera, Colchón de Pobre, Licopodio
Français: Lycopode Officinal, Lycopode en Massue, Herbe aux Massues
Italiano: Licopodio Officinale
Lietuvių: Vaistinis pataisas
Magyar: Kapcsos korpafű
Nederlands: grote wolfsklauw
日本語: ヒカゲノカズラ
‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Myk Kråkefot
Polski: Widłak Goździsty, Babimór
Sámegiella: mattlummer
Suomi: lieko
Svenska: Mattlummer
Українська: Плаун булавовидний



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