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Lynda Cheryl Lyon Block (8 February 1948 in Orlando, Florida – 10 May 2002 at Holman Correctional Facility, Alabama) was an American convicted murderer.

On 4 October 1993, a passer-by expressed concern to Opelika police Sergeant Roger Motley about Lyon's son, who was in a parked car with her common law husband, George Sibley, and looked as though he wanted help. By Sibley's own account, he was explaining to Motley, who had asked for his driver's license, why he did not "need" one when he observed Motley placing his hand on his service revolver. Sibley then drew his gun. Motley took cover behind his patrol car; witnesses stated Sibley fired first. Lyon was at a payphone when she heard gunfire. Witnesses stated that she was in a crouched position when she fired; she claimed that she fired just as she stopped running toward Motley. Motley, who had given his bulletproof vest to a rookie officer, was mortally wounded in the chest.

Part of the anti-government Patriot Movement, Lyon and Sibley had renounced their citizenships and destroyed their birth certificates, driver's licenses, and Social Security cards. [1] They refused to cooperate with their court-appointed attorneys, maintaining that they had acted in self-defense. They also maintained that Alabama did not have the authority to try them as it was not properly re-admitted into the Union after the American Civil War. As it could not be determined who fired the fatal shot, each was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. At the time of the incident, they were on the run from Florida to escape sentencing for an assault on Lyon's ex-husband.

Before the execution, three friends visited Lyon in her final holding chamber for several hours. Lyon also saw a spiritual adviser. She had not requested a last meal, nor made a final statement. Though she was allowed to choose two witnesses to her death, Lyon chose her spiritual adviser, Sally Michaud, as the only person to view her death. Sally did not attend the execution, however. Two witnesses to the execution were members of the victim's family, Motley's sister Betty Anne Foshee, and his mother, Anne Motley.

Near 12:00 midnight, she entered the execution chamber, wearing a white prison outfit. Her shaved head was covered with a black hood. At 12:01 a.m., the current was turned on. 2,050 volts of electricity flowed through her body for 20 seconds, and then 250 volts flowed for 100 seconds. At 12:10 a.m., she was pronounced dead.[2] She was the last person to be electrocuted in Alabama and the first woman executed in the state since 1957.

Sibley filed a hand-written petition asking the Alabama Supreme Court to block his execution, claiming that Lyon had fired the shot that killed Motley. He was executed on 4 August 2005 by way of lethal injection.

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