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lipase A, lysosomal acid, cholesterol esterase (Wolman disease)
Symbol LIPA
Entrez 3988
HUGO 6617
OMIM 278000
RefSeq NM_000235
UniProt P38571
Other data
EC number
Locus Chr. 10 q23.2-23.3

Lysosomal lipase is a form of lipase which functions intracellularly, in the lysosomes.

Clinical significance

A deficiency is associated with Wolman disease.

Chlorpromazine is an inhibitor of lysosomal lipase.[1]


  1. ^ Sauro VS, Klamut HJ, Lin CH, Strickland KP (1985). "Lysosomal triacylglycerol lipase activity in L6 myoblasts and its changes on differentiation". Biochem. J. 227 (2): 583–9. PMID 4004781.  

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