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Lyulka AL-7F turbojet engine at the Polish Aviation Museum
Type Turbojet
Manufacturer Lyulka
First run 1952
Major applications Sukhoi Su-7
Tupolev Tu-28

The Lyulka AL-7 was a turbojet designed by Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka and produced by his Lyulka design bureau. The engine was produced between 1954 and 1970.[1]


Design and development

The AL-7 had supersonic airflow through the first stage of the compressor. TR-7 prototype developing 6,500 kgf (14,330 lbf, 63.7 kN) of thrust was tested in 1952, and the engine was initially intended for Ilyushin's Il-54 bomber. The afterburning version AL-7F was created in 1953. In 1957, Su-7 'Fitters' equipped with AL-7F exceeded Mach 2 at 18,000 m (70,900 ft), which lead to production of Su-7B and Su-9 'Fishpot' equipped with this engine. The engine was adopted for Tu-128P 'Fiddler' in 1960, and it was used in the AS-3 'Kangaroo' cruise missile. The Beriev Be-10 jet flying boat used a non-afterburning AL-7PB with stainless steel compressor blades.

Specifications (AL-7F)

General characteristics

  • Type: Afterburning turbojet
  • Length:
  • Diameter:
  • Dry weight:



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