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M'Sila Province
ولاية المسيلة
Algeria 28 Wilaya locator map-2009.svg
Map of Algeria highlighting the Province of M'Sila
Province Code 28
Area Code +213 (0) 35
Capital M'Sila
Districts 15
Municipalities 47
Basic statistics
Area 18,718 km² (7,227 sq mi)
Population 991,846[1] (2008)
Density 53.0/km² (137.2/sq mi)

M'Sila (also spelled Msila, M'sila or MSila) (Arabic: ولاية المسيلة‎) is a province (wilaya) of northern Algeria. It has a population of 1 million people and an area of 18,718 km², while its capital, also called M'sila, home to M'Sila University, has a population of about 100,000. Some localities in this wilaya are Bou Saada and Maadid. Chott El Hodna, a salt lake, crosses into M'Sila. However, most of the region is semi-arid and undeveloped.

M'Sila is primarily known for its farming.

Additionally, M'Sila was the location of the first village constructed as part of a government-run program to transition nomadic Algerians to sedentary life using local materials. The village, now complete, was dubbed Maader and consists of houses, public and trading areas, and a mosque.


Administrative divisions

The province is divided into 15 districts (daïras), which are further divided into 47 communes or municipalities.



  1. Aïn El Hadjel
  2. Aïn El Melh
  3. Ben S'Rour
  4. Bou Saâda
  5. Chellal
  6. Djebel Messaâd
  7. Hammam Dhalaâ
  8. Khoubana
  9. M'Sila
  10. Magra
  11. Medjedel
  12. Ouled Derradj
  13. Ouled Sidi Brahim
  14. Sidi Aïssa
  15. Sidi Ameur


  1. Aïn El Hadjel
  2. Aïn El Melh
  3. Aïn Errich
  4. Aïn Fares
  5. Aïn Khadra
  6. Belaiba
  7. Ben Srour
  8. Beni Ilmane
  9. Benzouh
  10. Berhoum
  11. Bir Foda
  12. Bou-Saâda
  13. Bouti Sayah
  14. Chellal
  15. Dehahna
  16. Djebel Messaad
  17. El Hamel
  18. El Houamed
  19. Hammam Dhalaa
  20. Khoubana
  21. Maadid
  22. Maarif
  23. Magra
  24. M'Cif
  25. Medjedel
  26. M'Sila
  27. M'Tarfa
  28. Ouanougha
  29. Oued Chair
  30. Ouled Addi Guebala
  31. Ouled Atia
  32. Ouled Derradj
  33. Ouled Madhi
  34. Ouled Mansour
  35. Ouled Sidi Brahim
  36. Ouled Slimane
  37. Oultene
  38. Sidi Aïssa
  39. Sidi Ameur
  40. Sidi Hadjeres
  41. Sidi M'Hamed
  42. Slim
  43. Souamaa
  44. Tamsa
  45. Tarmount
  46. Zarzour
  47. Zerarka


  1. ^ Office National des Statistiques, Recensement General de la Population et de l’Habitat 2008 Preliminary results of the 2008 population census. Accessed on 2008-07-02.

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