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Máire is the Irish language form of the English language name Mary. It was and still is a popular name in Ireland, and is sometimes spelt in its Anglicised form Maura. Its overwhelming popularity was due to the Irish devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, but in recent times Irish religious devotion has waned and far fewer girls are being named Máire or Mary.

Legal Status

Anyone who is usually known by the name Mary or its derivatives would have been registered as Máire at school in Ireland as this is the norm with all names where there is a translation. Even outside of school, a woman may, if she so chooses, be known as Máire on all legal documents as an Irish person's name has a legal form in either official language of the State. For example; a woman named Mary Murphy in English would be known in Irish as Máire Ní Mhurchú if she is unmarried and Máire Uí Mhurchú if she is married.

Religious Exception

Due to a very strong devotion of Irish Catholics to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a special exception is made for Her name. In Irish, She is known as Muire and no one else may take that name similar to the way the name Jesus is not used in most languages.

Other Uses

Máire was the pen name of the Irish author Séamus Ó Grianna.

Maire can refer to:

  • Maire (Netherlands), a former municipality
  • A number of trees or shrubs native to New Zealand, especially the Nestegis species:
    • Nestegis apetala, the coastal or broad-leaved maire
    • Nestegis lanceolata, the white maire,
    • Nestegis cunninghamii, the black maire
    • Nestegis montana, the narrow-leaved maire
    • Leionema nudum, the mairehau
    • Syzygium maire, the swamp maire
    • Mida salicifolia, the willow-leaved maire or maire taike,
  • Máire, the Irish Gaelic form of "Mary"
  • René Maire, a French botanist
  • Maire, the mayor of a French commune



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  1. A female given name, equivalent to English Mary.

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