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Más Sabe el Diablo
Mas Sabe el Didablo poster 2009.jpg
Format RomanceAction, Telenovela
Created by Jimena Romero
Lina Uribe
Developed by Telemundo Studios Miami
Directed by David Posada
Danny Gavidia
Leonardo Galavis
Starring Jencarlos Canela
Gaby Espino
Miguel Varoni
Theme music composer Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Opening theme Más Sabe el Diablo de Amor
Más Sabe el Diablo de Amor (Remix)
Amor Quedate sung by Jencarlos Canela
Country of origin United States
Language(s) Spanish, English-subtitles (on mun2)
No. of episodes 182 (120 "Remix" English subtitled)
Executive producer(s) Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Producer(s) Martha Godoy
Editor(s) Hader Antivar Duque
Location(s) New York City, Miami, Florida, Federal District
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original channel Telemundo, mun2
Picture format HDTV, 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original airing  United States
May 25, 2009 – February 12, 2010
October 31, 2009 – May 3, 2010
March 1, 2010 – November 9, 2010
Preceded by Doña Bárbara
Followed by El Clon
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Más Sabe el Diablo (The Devil Knows Best) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.[1] This melodrama features lovers embroiled in intrigue, betrayal, vengeance and unbridled passion.[2] It stars Gaby Espino, Jencarlos Canela and Miguel Varoni.[3] Telemundo says that about 1 million people tune in each weeknight.[4]

Set in New York (yet mostly filmed in Miami[5]), the serial features the street-wise Ángel, who treats life as a game he plays to win. He tangles with the power-hungry Martín, who is engaged to a stunning, feisty lawyer named Manuela. She decides to defend Ángel, even though Martín wants to destroy him. Neither of the men know that Ángel is Martín's own son. Our hero learns that love is the only key to survival.[1]

Telemundo will likely air the serial from Monday to Friday until the February finale.[2] As with most of its other soap operas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.[3] This show's working title was ¿Por Qué Diablos? ("Why Devils?", though also may mean Why the hell?), which is the name of a 1999 Colombian telenovela it is based on. A compressed version titled “Más Sabe el Diablo the Remix” will air with English language subtitles on the cable network mun2[4].

Telemundo added a subplot at the request of the U.S. Government:[5] Perla Beltrán, a character who got a job for the U.S. Census, is used to promote the census to Hispanic Americans, who were (as of 2009) wary of the U.S. Census. The U.S. Census Bureau met with the producers of the series. Don Browne, the president of the television network, said that it maintained "total creative independence" during the process.[6]

The title of the show is a shortened form of the Spanish saying or refrán, "Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo". It translates approximately to, "The devil knows more because he is old, than because he is the devil." It is meant to underscore the significance of wisdom derived from age and life experience.



The show starts by telling the story of Esperanza Salvador, working as the maid in the Acero household in Mexico. A young Martín has a sexual encounter with Esperanza in secret, which impregnates Esperanza. The Acero family and especially Graciela, Martín's mother, disapprove. Graciela takes Esperanza to an abortion clinic. Esperanza escapes the abortion clinic with the help of the driver and goes to a Graciela's friend's home. Esperanza is granted a visa and lives in Miami; she does this in order to get closer to Martín.

Determined to fight for Martín's love, Esperanza steals money, her passport, and visa from a vault and escapes to New York City to search for Martín Acero. But Esperanza's life starts turning upside down. A group of men surround her and take her purse with her money, passport, and visa. Left with nothing, Esperanza finds herself lost in translation and ends up in a bus station while going into labor. With the help of Sandro, a bystander, Esperanza delivers Ángel Salvador and from there Esperanza would raise Ángel in New York.

Years later, the streets become a second home for Ángel, where everyone knows him as the Devil (El Diablo). Thanks to his trade as a thief and despite his good heart, he is involved in a gang of expert thieves in large criminal acts, which in the end he pays for with a jail sentence. Thanks to the jail sentence, he meets Manuela Dávila, an attractive lawyer, who represents him in his case. She pleads with the judge to let him go free and give him a new opportunity to rectify its path, without suspecting that he will end up splitting her life in two.

Soon after being left released, Ángel is determined to start his life over, free of crimes. But that all changes when he returns to the Cave (La Cueva), a bar near the neighborhood where Ángel lives. Ángel discovers that his mother is indebted to León, the leader of the gang he has always worked for. León paid for Ángel's mohter's medical expenses while he was in jail, and the only way to repay the debt is for Ángel to be involved in a robbery at a charity event. Ángel and the rest of the gang have to steal jewelry and merchandise from the show room. Unable to refuse León's requirements, Ángel's only option is to organize the robbery with a detailed and sophisticaated full plan that is characteristic of his personality. However, fate plays a trick of love when that night changes his life forever.

The robbery brings Manuela and Ángel closer while giving Jimmy strength to find whoever is responsible for his father's murder, on his last day as an officer. Gregorio, the shooter, is later killed by El Cachorro in an attempt to keep him from talking to the police about the organization.

Ángel continues with the series of robberies while being Manuela's messenger and getting closer to her. Ángel eventually wins her heart as she calls off her marriage to Martín. In Ángel's desperation to finish paying his debt to León as soon as possible, Ángel demands that León pay him more to complete a job that he and "El Topo" arranged. The job is to steal computer chips from a shipment in a van. Coincidentally, Manuela arranges a weekend getaway at the Hamptons in her family's summer home. At the same time, Jimmy accepts Virigina's wish to get away from work and spend the weekend with her in the Hampton's, too. In the Hamptons, Ángel spends time with Manuela, even drawing a sketch of her until Jimmy and Virginia walk in on them, to Jimmy's disgust. Jimmy demands that Ángel leave, because he remembers questioning him in the first robbery which killed his father. A storm keeps them indoors and here Jimmy and Ángel get along. Ángel heads home early because of his ailing mother, which he lies about in order to participate in the computer chip robbery. In this case, a surveillance camera catches El Caucho's neck tattoo while unloading the loot from the van to their vehicle. This puts him in trouble and eventually El Caucho turns himself in. In exchange for money, when he gets released he tells the police that El Diablo is the leader of the gang. Police later invade Ángel's home where they find evidence that connects him to the previous robberies. Meanwhile, Ángel's mother has been taken hostage by Martín, who has found out by his mother and León that the famous Diablo is indeed his own son. Martín doesn't care and instead arranges that he commit a robbery at the Hamptons in exchange for his mother's release. Ángel commits the crime for El Hierro but the corrupted police cops are on his tail as he leaves the house. Ángel notices the cops and runs off on a motorcycle leaving behind the papers El Hierro wanted. Romero and Uribe radio in that Ángel has left and that causes Jimmy and Mike to take action by also chasing after Ángel. At a dead end in an abandoned bridge, Ángel surrenders and tries to explain himself but Jimmy tells him to save it. The corrupt cops arrive and fire at Ángel on El Hierro's orders, knocking Ángel off the bridge and into the water where many presumed him dead. But he survived and comes back to get revenge on his father, El Hierro. He hides in the home of a friend, Lucas, whom he met with Manuela at an art museum. Meanwhile, Manuela feels betrayed and lied to, so she marries Martín (El Hierro)trying to forget Ángel, and without knowing he is Ángel's father and a criminal. Later she finds out that she is pregnant by Ángel. She plans on aborting the child but doesn't.

Ángel looks for Manuela and reveals to her that he is Martín's son and that he set him up to make him look bad in her eyes. With doubt about what Ángel tells her she takes it upon herself to take some of Martín's hair off his comb and swabs his mouth to do a DNA test when he is asleep. After she gets the test that proves that Ángel is Martín's son, she decides to hear the whole story... and believes him. She tells her best friend Horacio and he also believes Ángel. At this time, Martín is busy trying to get rid of Jimmy, Manuela's brother in law, who is getting in the way of his macabre plans, and sets him up to put him in jail. At this time Jimmy's fiancée, Virginia Dávila, is desperate as she gets married to Jimmy and only a few hours into their wedding, he gets arrested. Manuela decides to tell Virginia her suspicion about Martín being behind all this and Virginia doesn't doubt it one second; she has never trusted Martín.

Martín secretly asked Carmelo to put a GPS radar into Marina's cellphone. One day, Marina and her bodyguard went to La Cueva and she was secretly kissing Cachorro when León found them kissing, so he told Cachorro that Marina was a man at a younger age. Cachorro didn't care about it, when he started to work with El Principe, since Cachorro didnt have money to pay the drugs he bought, León paid El Principe. One day, Christian had found some papers that tell the whole story of Marina. Then, he went to Marina's apartment and asked her bodyguard to bring something he forgot in the car, while he was looking for the papers Christian "needed" Christian told Marina to break something on his head to make it look like Marina just went by, when the bodyguard came back Marina was with Cachorro already. Hours later, Martín knew every single thing about Marina, while at a far train station, Martín found Marina and Cachorro, then he shot both of them.

While Jimmy was in jail, he was almost killed by some drug dealers. He was going to be transferred to another jail, when Ángel and Topo were the drivers of the transfer truck, as part of a plan to help him escape. When the real transferrers told the police that the other drivers were impostors, Ángel, Jimmy, and Topo were chased by some police, but later they were safe in Ángel's apartment.

Over time, Manuela and Ángel made up and they were a couple again.

Christian Acero, Martín's brother, now tired of covering up for his brother, goes to Horacio and finally confesses to most of Martín's crimes. Horacio asks him to confess in a trial so his brother can be indicted. He also offers to be there for him, as he knows Christian will have to go to jail, too; but Christian decides to leave the country. Martín finds out about this, because their mother, Graciela Acero, alerts him. Martín and Carmelo, his right hand man, look for Christian and find him in a hotel right outside New York. Carmelo sees Christian giving a messenger an envelope and pays this guy to obtain it. He hands it over to Martín who discovers it is a confession made for Horacio that can be used in a trial. Carmelo murders Christian but makes it look like a suicide, he takes Christian's lap top. What Martín doesn't know is that Christian left a virtual copy of this confession and that Carmelo has conspired with León Beltrán to betray him. When Topo was coming down the street, he heard everything that Carmelo and León were saying. Later, he and Ángel sneaked in León's office and succesfully got the laptop.

When a paparazzi reporter told the assistant DA that Salvador Dominguez was Ángel, he went to Ángel's apartment to arrest everybody, but Topo came just in time with Christian's confession, and the assistant DA believed everything they said. When Ángel didn't attend a dinner in Martín's apartment, he sent an artwork with a little camera in it. Then, Martín and El Príncipe had a meeting in Martín's apartment. The next day, El Príncipe had another meeting with El Hierro. Neither one knew that El Príncipe's lover was a DEA agent undercover. Before Martín went to the meeting, he watched the news and saw that Salvador was Ángel, then he broke the artwork and saw the camera he knew he was found out, so he called his mother and told her that they had to leave the country. When Martín did not show up at the meeting with El Príncipe, the police and DEA arrested El Príncipe and his associates. At La cueva, León was with Carmelo when Mike and Sylvana came in. Carmelo shot Sylvana, but she was wearing a bullet-proof vest and was safe. Mike killed Carmelo and arrested León.

When Martín went to his mother's house, he saw that she had committed suicide, then, when he was going out the door, he saw the spirits of Marina, Cachorro, Christian, Graciela, and Mauricio.

Then, Martíin went by himself to the airport to board a private plane, when Ángel remembered that someone at a party had given him a card that has a number to rent private planes. After Ángel left, Jimmy followed him, and he had a gun, just in case. Then Ángel called the Executive Solutions and gave him the adress. When Martín got to the airport, the stewardess told him that they only need the pilot to come. Later, a car came, and Martín thought that the person coming out the car was the pilot, but it was Ángel. When they started talking, Martín pointed his gun at Ángel's head when Jimmy camed and Martín shot Jimmy on the arm, and Ángel punched him in the stomach that he dropped the gun, but Martín kicks Ángel, then Ángel fell down and Martín got in the car and almost hit Ángel. While chasing Martín, Ángel shot out one of the tires,and Martín hit an electricity pole before wrecking the car. Accidentally, the gasoline tank was leaking, Martín didn't see it, and while he tried to jump over the fence, he saw the fire coming from the pole, then the car exploded and Martín was caught on fire, and he burned to death.

Weeks later, Manuela had her baby. One year later, there was a party for Daniel's first birthday, Topo was a policemen, Jimmy was the captain, Ángel didn't go to jail, and he didn't need to be called Salvador Dominguez any more. He was called Ángel Salvador. Virginia was the owner of Dávila Enterprises. While at the party, Ángel, Manuela, Daniel, Topo, Perla, Junior, Camilo, Susy, Sandro, Jimmy, Virginia, Lucas, Ariana, Mike, Sylvana, Horacio & Andres took a happy picture. THE END


After the ending of Más Sabe el Diablo, Telemundo will release a Direct-to-DVD prequel El Primer Golpe (The First Heist) where we discover the origins of Diablo, his early years in the streets of New York and the great tragedy which lead him to meet his lawyer Manuela Dávila, the love of his life. In a series of key events, never before revealed in the soap opera, we discover that Martín Acero is the secret mastermind who controls Diablo's destiny.

El Primer Golpe tells the story of the trip of Ángel Salvador, Diablo, to Miami with his crew of Topo & Gregorio (as gay lovers), El Ronco (as a business man), and Cachorro (as a nerd) to do an important job and steal five million dollars from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida after a failed robbery at a CompUSA. During the preparation of the robbery, Ángel falls in love with a mysterious woman named Rene Cardona, the head of the heist operations and her fake wife on the mission as Beatriz Beltrán, who hides a fatal secret, her deal with Acero to obtain the diamond necklace from one of Blackjack tournament players', Ms. Maria Ponce De León and exchange it with a fake one. But Martín Acero fails to hold up his end of the bargain when he finally obtains the real Star of Rwanda and tells Rene he lied and that the crew won't get out free. Rene fights Martín, immobilizing him and retaining the Star of Rwanda, escaping. Inside the casino, Cachorro and El Ronco get stuck inside the vault due to the alarm, while Diablo escapes to the marina to get the boat ready for his escape. Rene meets up with Diablo on the docks in order to escape with him but Martín in order to get the necklace back shoots her from afar. Police arrive and Martín fearing he'll be caught with a gun in his possession leaves empty handed. Rene dies in Ángel's arms after he throws the Star of Rwanda into the water with police on scene. Police later tell Diablo to freeze or they'll shoot him he is seen mourning Rene's death on the docks. The story ends with a scene inside a room where Ángel is talking to someone about his troubles, it is revealed that person is none other than his lawyer Manuela Dávila who saids that he has to be a better person and that together they'll find out who is behind Rene's death and the mastermind behind all heists.

The prequel also sees the true introduction of Marina into La Cueva as Perla introduces her to the crew and León Beltrán. Marina's night sees her doing a lap dance for El Diablo, whom she likes at first sight...


Main Credits In Order of Appearance

Actor Character Known as
Gaby Espino Manuela Davila Main Heroine, lawyer, in love with Angel, Martin's ex-wife. Marries Angel and has baby named Daniel with him
Jencarlos Canela Angel Salvador/Salvador Dominguez Main hero, son of Martin, in love with Manuela
Miguel Varoni Martin Acero / El Hierro Angel's father, antagonist, in love with Marina, Manuela's ex husband. Dies in a car explosion
Karla Monroig Virginia Dávila Manuela's sister, Jimmy's wife. Pregnant with Jimmy's child at the end
Carlos Humberto Camacho Horacio Garcia Manuela's business partner and friend, was in love with Christian. Boyfriend of Manuela's and Horacio's companys male secretery
Roberto Mateos León Beltrán Boss of the gang, Martin's partner, villain, arrested
Jorge Luis Pila Jimmy Cardona Police Detective, Virginia's husband, new police department chief
Jeannette Lehr Graciela de Acero Martin's mother, villain, commits suicide
Eva Tamargo Ariana Dávila Anibal's wife/widow – mother of Manuela and Virginia. Stays with Lucas
Leonardo Daniel Anibal Dávila Father of Manuela and Virginia, murdered by Martin
Esperanza Rendón Esperanza Salvador Angel's mother
Jimmy Bernal Lucas Santos Artist, friend of Manuela
Angeline Moncayo Marina/Mario[6] Loves Cachorro, Martin's lover, transgendered prostitute, murdered by Martin[7]'
Jorge Consejo Lorenzo Martin's PR Counselor. Quits his job
Jose Guillermo Cortines Osvaldo Guerra District Attorney – Mauricio Lineros' Murder Trial against Jimmy Cardona
Michelle Vargas Perla Beltrán Gregorio's girlfriend, has baby in love with Topo
Alexa Kuve Susana "Susy" Beltrán Esperanza's friend, mother of Perla
Raúl Arrieta Mike Sánchez Detective, Jimmy's best friend. Silvana's boyfriend
Carlos Augusto Maldonado El Ronco Gang member
Juan Jiménez Marco León Beltrán "Cachorro" Leon's gang member and son, in love with Marina, murdered by Martin
Carlos Ferro Gregorio Ramirez Perla's boyfriend, murdered by Cachorro by order of Martin
Alberto Salaberri Mauricio Lineros Associate & friend of Virginia, murdered by Carmelo by order of Martin
Cristian Carabias Jose del Carmen Frank "El Topo" Loves Perla, cares for her child
Carlos Perez Carmelo Gaitan Martin's chauffeur, accomplice and hitman, shot and killed by Mike
Roxana Peña Nina Lazaros Manuela's old secretary
Juan David Ferrer Sandro Beltran Husband of Susy, father of Perla
Ezequiel Montalt Christian Acero Martin's gay brother, was in love with Horacio, killed by Carmelo by order of Martin
Aneudy Lara Marcos "Mocho" Llacome Leon's gang member
Tali Duclaud Silvana Santos Policewoman, daughter of Lucas Santos
Mery de los Rios Lola Perla's rival, dancer at Leon's bar
Cindy Luna Jenny Lola's friend, dancer at Leon's bar
Alex Fumero El Caucho Leon's gang member, accidently killed by inmate 'El Cuchillo'"
Sofia Stamatiades Esperanza Salvador Young Esperanza, mother of Angel

Secondary Casts in Order of Appearance

  • Roxana Chavez
  • Gerardo Riveron .... Jaime Cardona – Jimmy's father, policeman'killed by Gregorio
  • Xavier Coronel .... Captain Hernando Soto – Jimmy & Mike's boss
  • Felipe Garces
  • Paula Arciniegas
  • Esteban Villareal .... Fausto – Anibal's doctor
  • Nelson Tallaferro .... Jose Vega – Jimmy's Right hand detective
  • Marcos Figueroa
  • Elsa Pestana
  • Victoria del Rosal
  • Pamela Perez
  • Tely Ganas
  • Gloria del Valle
  • Johnny Acero .... Jason Torres – El Perro, drug dealer, killed by Romero and Uribe
  • Ramon Morel
  • Silgian Castillo
  • Jhonatan del Rio
  • Leslie Stewart
  • Christopher Santos
  • Isaac Olivera
  • Evelin Fores
  • Elizabeth Barón .... Nelly – "Martin's secretary"
  • Lucho Caceres
  • Ernesto Molina .... Julio Cesar Romero – corrupt detective, arrested
  • Ismael Barrios .... Dario Uribe – corrupt detective, arrested
  • Ivan Hernandez .... attorney, colleague of Virginia
  • John Gertz .... Allan Peterson – A.M.I. Executive, client of Manuela, murdered by Carmelo by order of Martin
  • Sissi .... Gallery Owner, friend of Manuela
  • Carlos Garin .... Tom – Anibal's attorney, estate planner
  • Andrea Romero .... Andrea Romero – TV Meteorologist, Telemundo 47 – New York
  • Vivianne Alvárez .... Vivianne Alvárez – State Farm Insurance agent
  • Salim Rubiales .... Cisco – Carmelo's cousin
  • María Celeste Arrarás .... María Celeste – Telemundo TV interviewer
  • Hector Fuentes
  • Alexander Otaola
  • Itzel Ramos
  • Marco Figueroa
  • Rafael Yau
  • Lidya Valdes
  • Guadalupe Hernandez
  • Adolfo Aguilar
  • Isaniel Rojas
  • Jorge Ali .... Judge – Mauricio Lineros' Murder Case
  • Marcos Miranda
  • Yolly Dominguez
  • Carlos Pitela
  • Leandro Fernandez
  • Carlos Andres Vargas
  • Hernando Visbal
  • Gabriel Abdala
  • Roberto Huicochea .... Evaristo Ortega "El Principe" – Drug Lord, arrested
  • Rodolfo Castera.... El Pirata – Drug Lord's right hand, arrested
  • Nelson Steegers
  • Rafael Robledo
  • Omar Torres
  • Dayana Garroz
  • Alvaro Ruiz .... Agent Daniel Cordoba – NYPD Internal Affairs Investigator
  • Joel Sajiun
  • Jorge Luis Garcia
  • Vivi Pineda... Adamaris Gracia "Ada" – Infiltrate DEA's Police Woman, Drug Lord's Lover
  • Idania Diaz
  • Eduardo Wasveiler
  • Jorge Hernandez
  • Juan Carlos Gutierrez
  • Bladimir Escudero
  • Michael M. Matluck
  • Alex Fumero
  • Enrique Arredondo
  • Jorge Luis Portales
  • Ariel Texido .... Andres Molina – Manuela's and Horacio's secretary. Gay boyfriend of Horacio
  • Carlos Ponce .... Antonio "El Perro" Brando – cross-character from future novel "Perro Amor
  • Eduardo Ibarrola .... Jose – Topo's drunk father
  • Rosanna Montenegro
  • Eduardo de Alba
  • Andres Garcia Jr. .... Diego Robledo – publicist
  • Alvaro Ruiz
  • Jesus Padron
  • Fidel Perez Michel
  • Miguel Sahid
  • Alejandro Acevedo

Message Received From

  • Gabriela Santiago
  • Leticia Martinez
  • Ozmara Cid
  • Scarlett Flores
  • Michelle Camacho
  • Wanda Montanez P.
  • Zoraida
  • Luis Nava
  • Odalys Curbelo
  • Maria Diaz
  • Heidie Garcia
  • Magdalena Agramonte
  • Gregorio Romero
  • Marcial Torres
  • Gloria Resendiz
  • Haydee Jaure
  • Adriana Santana
  • Mabel Nunez


Written by:

  • Jimena Romero
  • Lina Uribe

Original Story ¿Por Qué Diablos? written by:

  • Gilma Peña
  • Nubia Barreto
  • Mauricio Guerra

Screenplay Assistant:

  • Margarita Londoño

Writers Departament Director:

  • Roberto Stopello

Original Music:

  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Theme Music:

  • "Más Sabe el Diablo"


  • Jencarlos Canela
  • Wahero


  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez
  • Iker Gastaminza

Theme Music:

  • "Amor Quedate"


  • Jencarlos Canela


  • Rudy Perez


  • Jose Carlos Del Pino

Costume Designer:

  • Fiorella Garibaldi

Make up:

  • Shirley Nashiro


  • Monica Aguirre


  • Lily Hurtado


  • Alvaro Bohorquez
  • Diego A. Gomez

Scene production:

  • Oscar Cortes Cortes
  • Hernando Gonzalez
  • Mario Soler


  • Joaquin Fernandez Fernandez
  • Rodrigo Maurovich

Edited by:

  • Hader Antivar Duque


  • Gustavo Puerta Serrano


  • Jessica Caldrello

VP of Talent:

  • Joshua Mintz

Production Coordinators:

  • Patricia Uribe
  • Cezyl Szormstein

Exterior Production:

  • Jorge Giraldo
  • Rafael Villasmil

Studio Production:

  • Paola Allegro

Photography Directions:

  • Joseph Martinez
  • Miguel Font
  • Algemiro Saavedra
  • Ignacio Hijuelos

Director's Assistant:

  • Adriana Salas


  • Alejandra Parra
  • Minu Chacin
  • Jose Rafael Oquendo

Art Direction:

  • Oscar Cortes Cortes

Production Planing:

  • Aimee Godinez

Directed by:

  • David Posada
  • Danny Gavidia
  • Leonardo Galavis

General Producer:

  • Martha Godoy

Executive Producer:

  • Aurelio Valcarcel Carroll

An original production by:

  • Telemundo

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