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CGM/MGM-13 Mace
CGM-13 test launch at Cape Canaveral.
Photo: USAF Museum Photo Archives
Role Surface-to-surface tactical missile
Manufacturer Glenn L. Martin Company
First flight 1956
Introduced 1959
Retired Early 1970s
Status Retired
Primary user United States Air Force
Unit cost $452,000
Developed from MGM-1 Matador

The Martin Mace (designated as TM-76 tactical missile until 1963, then as MGM-13 for mobile-launched and CGM-13 for container-launched versions) is a tactical surface-to-surface missile developed from the MGM-1 Matador. Development began in 1954 with first launch in 1956. Mace was launched from a mobile trailer or a hardened bunker using a solid fuel booster rocket for initial acceleration and an Allison J33-A-41 turbojet for flight. Deployment began in 1959 with the missile remaining in service until the early 1970s. Some missiles were used as target drones because their size and performance resembled aircraft.



  • Mace A - equipped with ATRAN (Automatic Terrain Recognition And Navigation) terrain-matching radar navigation.
  • Mace B - inertial navigation system, increased range.


Below is a list of museums which have a Mace missile in their collection:



General characteristics

  • Length: 44 ft 6 in (13.6 m)
  • Diameter: 4 ft 6 in (1.4 m)
  • Launch mass: 18,000 lb (8,200 kg)


  • First stage:Thiokol solid fuel booster rocket
    • Thrust: 100,000 lbf (445 kN)
  • Second stage: 1× Allison J33-A-41 turbojet
    • Thrust: 5,200 lbf (23 kN)

Technical information

  • Launch platform:
    • MGM-13A: mobile trailer
    • CGM-13B: silo


  • Cruise speed: 650 mph (570 kn, 1,000 km/h)
  • Operating altitude: up to 40,000 ft (12,000 m)
  • Range: 1,400 mi (1,200 nmi, 2,300 km)


  • Warhead: Conventional or nuclear

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