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ATACMS missile firing

The MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) is a surface-to-surface missile (SSM), range over 100 miles, with solid propellant, 13 feets height and 24 inches diameter, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. It has some variations in munition payload and range. The Block I missile contains 950 M74 submunitions with a range of 128 km. The Block IA missile contains 275 M74 submunitions and a greater range than the Block I.[1]

A new Block II variant in development has revamped the missile with a 500lb warhead and new guidance systems that allow for a near vertical attack vector, providing greater utility in mountainous or urban terrain. The Block II ATACMS missile can optionally carry a payload of 13 BAT (Brilliant Anti-Tank) munitions.[2]

The ATACMS can be fired from MLRS launchers, including the M270, M270 IPDS, M270A1, and HIMARS. An ATACMS launch container has a lid patterned with six circles like an standard MLRS rocket lid.

The first use of the ATACMS in a combat capability was during Operation Desert Storm, where a total of 32 missiles were fired from the M270 MLRS.

During the Operation Iraqi Freedom more than 450 missiles were fired.[3]

A recent test of the Block II missile was shown on an episode of Future Weapons.

The South Korean Army has purchased 111 ATACMS Block I and 110 ATACMS Block IA missiles.

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