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Maschinengewehr 51
7.5mm MG 51.jpg
W+F MG 51
Type General purpose machine gun
Place of origin  Switzerland
Service history
Used by Swiss Army
Production history
Manufacturer Waffenfabrik Bern
Produced 1951-present
Weight 16 kg (35.3 Lbs.) (with bipod)

26 kg (57.3 Lbs.) (with tripod)

Length 1270 mm

Cartridge 7.5mm Swiss, 7.62x51mm NATO
Caliber 7.5mm
Action short recoil-operated
Rate of fire 1000 rounds per minute
Feed system 50-round belt
Sights Iron sights

The 7,5mm Maschinengewehr 1951 or Mg 51 is a General Purpose Machine Gun manufactured by W+F of Switzerland. The weapon was introduced into Swiss service when the Swiss Army initiated a competition for a new service machine gun to replace the heavy MG 11 and the light Lmg 25, adopted in 1911 and 1925 respectively. The weapon is based on the MG42 but instead made from heavier quality machined components and just slightly heavier.

The Pz Mg 51/71 is a vehicle-mounted variant for armoured vehicles like the MOWAG Eagle scout car, the Panzer 68 battle tank and the Entp Pz 65 recovery tank, while the more modern Pz Mg 87 can be found on the Pz 87 "Leopard" tank.

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