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Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer is a scientific instrument on the Terra satellite launched by NASA on December 18, 1999. The device is designed to measure the solar radiation reflected by the Earth system (planetary surface and atmosphere) in various directions and spectral bands; it became operational in February 2000. This data has been proven useful in a variety of applications including climatology and monitoring terrestrial processes.

The MISR instrument consists of an innovative configuration of nine separate digital cameras that gather data in four different spectral bands of the solar spectrum. One camera points toward the nadir, and the others provide forward and aftward view angles at 26.1°, 45.6°, 60.0°, and 70.5°. As the instrument flies overhead, each region of the Earth's surface is successively imaged by all nine cameras in each of four wavelengths (blue, green, red, and near-infrared).

The data gathered by MISR are useful in climatological studies concerning the disposition of the solar radiation flux in the Earth's system. MISR is specifically designed to monitor the monthly, seasonal, and long-term trends of atmospheric aerosol particle concentrations including those formed by natural sources and by human activities, upper air winds and cloud cover, as well as the characterization of land surface properties, including the structure of vegetation canopies, the distribution of land cover types, and other terrestrial properties.

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Misr may refer to:

  • Misr—the romanized Arabic name for the country of Egypt
  • Misr al-Fustat, the Muslim-founded capital which succeeded Alexandria, and was later absorbed into Cairo
  • NASA's MISR remote sensing instrument
  • Misr assault rifle, a Kalishnikov variant produced in Egypt
  • MISR, Multiple Input Signature Register (e.g. used for BIST)


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